2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

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2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

Now for , the Valkyrie takes that unmistakable swagger to a whole new level . It's a winning formula: Take a legendary machine, strip it down to the bare engine that produces ground-shaking torque and an unmistakable. There’s no doubt that the Valkyrie was designed to turn heads, and Maximum claimed output is hp and torque peaks at lb. meant for the occasional weekend romp rather than a long-term relationship. The honda gold wing valkyrie is a modern cruiser that has all it needs To enhance the motorcycle's performances, the Valkyrie's engine is Here's the formula: Take Honda's legendary cc flat six and build it into the ultimate cruiser—powerful, awe-inspiring and like no other. Loads of torque?.

A single-disc resides in back. The ergonomics get tweaked, with the footpegs 1.

2014 Valkyrie Development Story

The handlebar is 1. The seat is broad and supportive for the rider, and includes a removable passenger seat.

Those aluminum passenger grab rails are also removable. The headlight, tail light and turn signals on the Valkyrie are all LED units.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

This is Honda, and this is the latest member of the Gold Wing family. If you expected it to be refined and well sorted, you would be right on the money. The new Valkyrie is smooth, fast, handles in a balanced manner, and stops quickly. We had a chance to ride the Valkyrie back-to-back with a full-dress Gold Wing, and that missing pounds makes a huge difference, as one might expect.

Although the engines have a similar feel, the response in the Valkyrie is understandably much quicker, and the chassis feels much more controlled.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

In fact, we found the suspension tuning of the Valkyrie quite firm. The suspension tuning is an excellent compromise, which is a good thing given the fact that it is largely non-adjustable, with the exception of a remotely available spring preload adjuster for the rear shock.

The new Valkyrie provides the perfect platform for testing powerful brakes, with its long wheelbase and extremely low center of gravity.

Gold Wing Valkyrie Overview - Honda Powersports

The brakes deliver with excellent power and modulation. I really appreciated the wider contact patch on the inch front wheel, as contrasted with some of the skinny inch front wheels I have sampled on other cruisers.

It made a huge difference when braking, and particularly when cornering. Speaking of cornering, the Valkyrie can achieve some very impressive lean angles before touching down a footpeg feeler.

Moreover, it has the chassis and rubber to take advantage of those lean angles. When you try to do that, you realize that the Valkyrie needs to take its time, a bit, when it comes to changing directions.

The bike will start to understeer slightly when you try to mimic a sport bike. The original Valkyrie was the love child of an in-house skunk works team at Honda, who knew that the Gold Wing platform had the potential to offer so much more to performance minded cruiser riders. So outrageous was its performance that even American V-twin riders nodded in grudging respect when they encountered one of these cc six-cylinder brutes on the street.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

First released inthe Valkyrie was a strong favourite with press and riders alike, all the way through tilland was renowned for the siren music that emanated from its six concealed exhaust outlets. Then suddenly, it was gone, and legions of fans were left singing their own blues. Well faithful fans, the wait is finally over, the new GLC Valkyrie is here, bigger, badder, and better than ever. Staying true to the original concept, the new Valkyrie is based on a Gold Wing stripped down to the bare essentials.

The glorious cc flat-six is retained, as is the rigid twin-spar aluminum frame and aluminum single-sided swingarm. The rear shock has been retuned to sportier settings and the stout 45 mm cartridge front fork has been lengthened and features upgraded internals.

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Bigger ABS brakes provide the stopping power while one-inch taller wheels and repositioned footpegs increase cornering clearance. At a full lbs less than a Gold Wing, the Valkyrie really hauls and it looks good doing it with LED lights throughout, minimalist bodywork, blacked out engine, shorty exhaust and removable passenger seat.

Dean Groover They held off building the flat-slide system and looked at what the motor would turn with more air going through the stock carbs. The first Dyno reading of horsepower at the rear wheel was a disappointment. The rev limiter was a brick wall, and there seemed to be no way around it. No one offered a replacement ignition and building a custom box was too costly a proposition.

The fender was cut short and tight, and the burly Carlini T-bar from Custom Chrome was adapted to help balance visual proportion. Gregg wanted Hurst controls and was also set on a Headwind headlight housing. The majority of goodies chosen for the Valkyrie were designed for Harleys, and the adaptation process was arduous. The swingarm, frame, rear housing and struts were sandblasted and painted purple by Rick Carroll Restoration. A control box to house the fuel pump and electric shifter switches was created and mounted to the side of the bike.

The tank was finally sprayed to match. Gregg applied an Avon to the rear, which to his surprise fit the factory wheel, and matched it with an Avon on the front.

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A Gunfighter seat from Corbin was the finishing touch. All that was left to sort was the motor. These new modifications brought a meager eight horsepower increase. The danger lies in improper mixture and delivery, which can destroy a whole lot more than your day.

A little oxygen enhancement could go a long way in the hunt for horsepower.