About a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice

Marcus' situation at school and his friendship with Ellie by Daniel Krauß on Prezi

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice

RELATIONS BETWEEN THE CHARACTERS-ABOUT A BOY, NICK Couple with two kids Will seems to understand in a better way Marcus than Fiona Excellent advice when preparing any finance presentation. mar Analyse/anmeldelse av Nick Hornbys About a Boy. One exception is Marcus' relationship with Ellie, the rebellious, three year older girl from his school. After advice and guidance from Will, his haircut and clothes are now. Look at a sample exam question and answers for Nick Hornby's About a Boy. An example of a typical exam question with advice on how best to answer it. How does Nick Hornby present the relationship between Marcus and Ellie at this .

The first part is a mini-review of the book and my thoughts on Nick Hornby's take on the suicide of Kurt Cobain. It also contains a few spoilers. It took one pass through any shopping mall in America during the years to to figure out why Kurt Cobain became a martyr for disaffected youth, and why even now the occasional Cobain epithet t-shirt can be spotted in the food court.

Cobain's suicide letter describes the affect of postmodern phlegmatics, with his talk of emasculation and envy of appreciative showman Freddie Mercury. He speaks of "pretending," and being unable to muster real passion from an over-saturation of praise and existential despair.

My friends, if you can't make the connection between that and perfectly normal, healthy, middle class teenagers mutilating themselves with piercings and tattoos while wasting away in the numb sterility of a shopping mall, then you need only pick up a copy of Nick Hornby's About a Boy, a book named for a song from Nevermind and proof that pop writers can have just as much "depth" as "Literature.

Like all great writers, his ideas are layered: His debut novel, High Fidelity, described a man-boy's approach to thirty by reorganizing his record collection and searching for a woman who is more like a worn-in, scratchy LP rather than a perfectly jewel-encased CD.

Here, Hornby turns his eye toward a guy named Will, who is "men's magazine cool, " the closest thing he's ever had to accomplishment. He does, well, nothing: His dad wrote a novelty Christmas song, and the royalty checks roll in, then roll out in the form of cappuccino machines and CD's. His days are filled with shopping and listening to music performed by flame outs; his nights are quests for shags. The true coup is the guilt-free dumping after a month or so "It's not you; it's me, Will.

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You've been wonderful, but I'm just not ready for this. Will finds himself in a complicated situation involving a friend of a potential shag and her twelve year old son, Marcus.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice

Marcus is the nerd, and his needs of coolness are not being met by his "granola" mom, Fiona. Will, of course, tries to help him find his way, and in the process, he finds himself. I know this sounds treacly, and the first two acts of the book are, as condescending lit crits would term it, "breezy" and "delightful. Will's humor stems from his obsessive materialism and shallowness, Marcus' from his bittersweet, but "quirky," eccentricities.

It's all very funny, more so than even in a "quick read" sort of way.

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Yet, the final act of the book takes a darker turn involving the suicide of Kurt Cobain, and this is where Hornby earns his praise, even that bestowed upon him by The New York Times Book Review. Like all great rock movements, grunge stems from youthful rebellion against authority. However, grunge, true to its brief lifespan, is more narrowly targeted.

The 80's saw exponential increases in both American wealth and the divorce rate. It was the era of latch key kids and the have-it-all mom and workaholic dad. Many of us know how these divorce battles go: Proclaimed to be about "the children," they descend into squabbles over money, or worse, the virtual bribing of children with gifts.

The money battle is basically a battle over security: Dad protecting what he's worked for, Mom concerned about taking care of the child. With enough wealth, though, these sorts of things tend to be glossed over with the children; in other words, Why should you be so mad when their are so many starving children in the world?

I think of the scene in American Beauty in which Carolyn slaps Jane, even though their family is a dysfunctional mess, she doesn't appreciate not living in a duplex. But does the family's wealth make Jane's pain any less real? That's the essence of grunge: Check the biography of any lead singer of almost any pure grunge band, and you'll find stories of divorce or parental death mixed with a revolt against the commercial sterility of the Seattle landscape.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice

Hornby presents us with two characters who couldn't be more opposite, except for their love of Kurt Cobain. First, there's Will, whose father was a one-hit flame-out and died of alcoholism.

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His mom was one of several of his father's paramours, and to Hornby's credit, he doesn't wring tears from this. We just have to assume that the result of the experience is Will's never wanting to experience another human emotion, so his life has become a quest to gloss over himself with beer, gadgets, music, and all the rest of the goods listed across the top of Maxim.

Nirvana expressed everything he really felt about life, but instead of facing it, he does exactly what he's done with the rest of his life: Consequently, he can't tell Marcus about anything "that matters," but he can point him in the direction of where to look and let him work from there. Then there's Marcus' crush, Ellie, a punk rock chick with a self-inflicted spiked hair cut, smelly leather jacket, and nose ring worn like a threat.

Ellie's mom wears ratty blue jeans and smokes a lot, apparently getting her comeuppance from a daughter not unlike herself at that age. We never find out what happened to Ellie's father, but we can reasonably assume that he wasn't the most conscientious of folk.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice

Ellie's mom, as Hornby tells us, "has obviously given up on her daughter," which is no doubt why she's assumed her persona of "Ellie," which Marcus describes as a missile that could blow up at any time. She takes to Marcus at first because he's funny, but there's something in him that she wants to know more about: But unlike Will, Ellie's devotion to Cobain is sacrosanct.

"About a Boy" by Nick Hornby

Hornby positions Cobain as a symbol, not of generic rage and rebellion, but as the external face of the internal pain felt against parents who've done wrong to their kids and tried to 1 Bury it with wealth Willor 2 Ignore it Ellie. The words at first suggest that there will be some conversation soon, but the reader is aware that Ellie has a bottle of vodka, and generally, once people start to drink alcohol, they become rather talkative.

This sets up the scene nicely for the reader. When Hornby writes that Ellie might threaten to do things to the people who looked at her when she swore or swigged from her bottle of vodka, the reader feels some empathy for Marcus, as he dealing with an uncontrollable force.

Ellie is unrecognisable to Marcus at this point, and he is feeling extremely uncomfortable and helpless. It is a sign of his beginning to be a bit better at understanding other people, even though he still has a long way to go. Marcus has made his mind up that Ellie and he are too different to have a relationship, but it is an indication of his broad-mindedness that he is willing to accept that, for some people, such a relationship could work very well.

Marcus is becoming more realistic about the time he has spent in the past hanging around with Ellie. But out in the world it was no fun at all.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice

It was frightening and embarrassing. When Marcus thinks of being out in the world he means that he was always in a controlled environment with Ellie before, so she was limited in the amount of damage she could cause; however, now that they are on a train by themselves, he is starting to appreciate just how little he is able to do to keep her calm. He is also frightened by the way that she totally ignores his feelings. When Ellie tells Marcus, I know him better than I know you.

He understood me, Marcus is unable to understand what she means. He is thinking literallyas he always does, and realises that Kurt Cobain could not possibly have understood Ellie, as they never met.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship advice