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the Alberta-shot series follows Amy Fleming's (Amber Marshall) relationships with her family, with ranch hand Ty Borden (Graham Wardle). Amy & TY (Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle) cast of Heartland - oh. Heartland "ahh guilty pleasure: heartland's graham wardle and Amber Marshall are the cutest couple Ever!" "i wish that that was me Quiz I got Amy. What others. Aug 14, Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall. I'd be so stoked if they were in a relationship in real life. I'm a bit obsessed.

He knows his job just as all the other actors do. We always have to laugh on set when Spartan is sleeping in the barn as we set up a shot, and then as soon as we roll the cameras he is alert and on his mark. There are trainers on the set whenever the horses are around, but for the most part the horses are very well behaved.

Amy rides Western style, Rodeos and she does show jumping English style. Do you do all the horse riding scenes yourself? Over the four seasons of Heartland we have had some incredible scenes of horses rearing, and my character falling or crashing into jumps and many other dangerous situations.

I have had stunt doubles that come in to do these specific action shots. It is not that I am not capable of doing most of the stunts, it is an insurance liability for me to risk anything.

I do all of my own riding, but when falling, jumping, or a crazed horse is concerned they bring in a stunt double. Sometimes I am able to talk the greater powers into letting me do certain stunts that I feel are safe to do. There are some regular horses like Spartan but a lot of horses appear only in one episode. Do you spend a lot of time with each horse before shooting so that they get to know you? I love how in every episode there is a different "Guest Star" horse.

It keeps it interesting and exciting and gives Amy a new problem each week.

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Depending on what the problem horse has trouble doing will depend on how much time I spend ahead of time with that horse. If there is a specific scene that I will be doing, like lying down the horse, then I will meet with the trainers and makes sure the horse if comfortable with me before we go to camera. How can we picture a day at the set of "Heartland"? Heartland films every year from May until mid December, and then we all have January until late April off.

When we are filming my day begins around 5: I feed my horses, steers, cats, chickens and my two dogs then I jump into a vehicle that comes to pick me up every morning. Once at the location where we are filming, I get into the proper clothes for the first scene, have my hair and make-up done and then head to the set to rehearse and block out the scene. This is repeated several times in a day depending on how many scenes are scheduled.

Once we finish, I return to my own clothes and get a lift home. I then head straight to the barn to feed and clean pens. After all the animals are put to bed I head to the house to study my lines for the next day, then fall into bed.

When I am not working my time is much more relaxed. I wake up around 8am, go do chores and spend more time bonding with my animals. I also try and get home to see my family and friends back in Ontario, and maybe even plan a trip somewhere hot. What was shooting this particular episode like?

Julian Richings is incredible at playing a "scary character". It made acting with him so easy because I generally believed he was his character by his performance.

The episode was a lot of fun to film. It was harder then most because we had to film during the night in order to get the "spooky look". For a week we would come to work at 5pm and work until the morning light.

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Amy and Ty Borden are a lovely, cute couple. Working so closely playing a couple do you sometimes feel like really falling for each other? During the second season we all lived very close to one another in downtown Calgary. The three of us were inseparable. I do miss those times, but now I have moved out into the country and have animals to care for, so it is not as easy to get together after a long workday. Amy's come a long way from the little girl in season 1.

What do you think about her development over the years? Development in a person in the real world happens daily as they learn new things, meet new people and form new values. On some TV shows characters are restricted to a lot of growth due to the nature of the show. Take a look a show like Degrassi or Saved by the Bell. These characters are trapped in a High School realm and are unable to grow beyond.

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Amy has covered a lot of ground in the last four years. Together the sisters grieve for their mother and work to revive the bankrupt family ranch. Amy begins working with Spartan and perfects her horse-whispering abilities, proving that she has a special talent for helping abused horses. Eventually the ranch opens to more horses. Ty Borden Graham Wardlea troubled young man who was hired by Marion before her death, stays on at the ranch as a farmhand and grows to be part of the family.

Background Heartland began as a series of best-selling novels published by Working Partners and written by three American authors under the pen name Lauren Brooke. There are more than 20 novels in the series, which are set on a ranch in Virginia.

Weinberg pitched the idea for a TV series based on the novels to CBCwhich was looking for a family show for the same Sunday evening timeslot once filled by The Beachcombers. Production Weinberg created Dynamo Films and started working with Seven24 Films to produce the pilot. After the pilot, one of four the CBC was developing, garnered the best feedback from a family audience, the CBC greenlit the series. New characters, such as Mallory Wells Jessica Amleehave been introduced, and some characters were given different backstories to make them more compelling for a television audience, such as the addition of a criminal past for Ty Borden.

They coordinate stunts and employ techniques like TTouch, a practice that builds trust between horses and humans, a main theme of the show.

The show consists of three main shooting locations in High RiverAlberta: Interior locations are shot in a studio in Calgary. The show often toppedviewers per episode during its second season. Reception A loyal fan base grew and the series broke out in its third season.