Analyze the character of aunt polly and her relationship to tom

analyze the character of aunt polly and her relationship to tom

Aunt Polly is a kindhearted, rather simple old woman who takes her responsibility for Tom and his half-brother Sid very seriously. Employing whacks on the head. and find homework help for other The Adventures of Tom Sawyer questions at eNotes. Analyze the character of Aunt Polly and her relationship to Tom in The . Aunt Polly returns and strikes Tom for breaking the bowl, though she soon realizes that it wasn't Tom who broke it. Even so, she refuses to admit her mistake .

When she believes Tom is dead, she thinks she might have even carried her role of disciplinarian a little to far -"And God forgive me, I cracked Tom's head with a thimble, poor boy, poor dead boy.

analyze the character of aunt polly and her relationship to tom

But he's out of all his troubles now. And the last words I ever heard him say was to reproach-" In addition to providing discipline, Aunt Polly also attempts to provide spiritual guidance. In an effort to explain her difficulty in raising Tom she justifies -"Well-a-well, man that is born of woman is of a few days and full of trouble, as the scripture says, and I reckon it's so" 3.

Using the Bible, she comes to the unfeminist conclusion that Tom's evil behavior originates in being born to a woman and that it is her duty to fix it. She further reinforces religious values in Tom with a small lesson which references the Edenic apple -"She was so overcome by the splendor of his achievement that she took him into the closet and selected a choice apple and delivered it to him, along with a lecture upon the added value and flavor a treat took to itself when it came without sin through virtuous effort.

And while she closed with a happy Scriptural flourish, he "hooked" a doughnut" By giving him an apple for doing something good, she tries to show that a fruit usually associated with sin will taste a lot better if it is associated with virtue.

Though adults expect children to always follow their strict rules, Aunt Polly's different treatment and expectations of Sid and Tom reveal how inconsistent adult behavior can be. Aunt Polly further reveals her hypocrisy in not apologizing to Tom for falsely accusing him of breaking the bowl. Tom's only relief from Aunt Polly's unfair judgment comes in his leaving the house, and he does so every chance he can get.

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When a maid suddenly opens a window to throw out wastewater, Tom gets drenched. He returns home in a mood so angry that Sid doesn't even dare tease him for being wet.

analyze the character of aunt polly and her relationship to tom

Tom goes to sleep without bothering to say his prayers. To cheer himself up, Tom goes seeking attention. When things continue to not go his way, he reacts by breaking more rules and refusing to pray before bed.

Aunt Polly | fictional character |

Tom's sense of self-importance is so great that it verges on entitlement at times, so that he overreacts to minor setbacks. Cite This Page Choose citation style: Retrieved November 4, Her strong will challenges Tom throughout their courtship.

analyze the character of aunt polly and her relationship to tom

She and Tom get lost in McDougal's Cave together. The Widow is the richest person in St. She is very kind and loving, and is generous with the town's children. She is very religious, in a sincere way. She takes Huck in as thanks for saving her life. Huck is the son of the town drunk and a wild boy.

He doesn't go to school, church, or any other social function. He is loved by the children and feared by the adults because he doesn't conform.

Aunt Polly

He is less imaginative or fanciful than Tom, but more practical. He and Tom witness Injun Joe killing Dr. Robinson and eventually find his treasure.

The villain of the book. He is half-Indian and a hateful, evil criminal who steals and murders without a thought. Robinson and would have hurt Widow Douglas if Huck hadn't gotten help. Aunt Polly's 'colored boy. He does most of the work around the house, including a lot of Tom's. Another of Tom's friends in town, although not as good a friend as Joe or Huck.

analyze the character of aunt polly and her relationship to tom