Aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

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aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

Are your signs compatible? Read your Taurus and Aquarius love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus sun sign guide for love match, sex relationship and marriage life. Find out compatibility meter and other personality traits. All zodiacs have lessons on love. Aquarius is about authenticity, they see what is fake, and they will not stand for it. Taurus is about creating life.

It should be considered as 'a part' of the information on which you should base your decision about this relationship, and not the sole reason behind it! With that part being clarified, let us now get into understanding the personalities of the male bull and the female water bearer.

aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

Both are very strong personalities, and quite different from each other. Can they be a happy pair? Will theirs be a case of opposites attract, or, opposites repel?

aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

The following sections will help you oversee the journey of their union, and the possible destination where they are likely to arrive together. Until and unless you cannot relate with a person, the union is not worth a try. A Taurus man and an Aquarius woman do have some similarities, though there are not that many. Both of them are 'go-getters'. Once they have decided that they want something, they will do all that they can to get it.

Another similarity between the two of them is that they both are very determined, realistic, intelligent, loving, and faithful. Their strong personalities and practical outlook towards life is clearly observed in their initial interaction, which is also a contributing factor that brings them closer to each other. Both love to live life abundantly, often indulging in some pleasurable activities such as enjoying the best cuisine, shopping from some of the finest brands, and ensuring that life never has a pleasure-lacking moment.

Also, both of them understand the importance of being goal-oriented in life. They are never really seen living a life that has no aim. A target is what drives them both.

Their practical outlook is what makes them the unbeatable winners of life. Together, they can make a great team when it comes to business projects and undertakings.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover

To begin with, while both of them are determined to get what they want, their thinking and approach is quite different. On one hand, where a Taurus man tends to opt for the traditional path to reach his goal, an Aquarius woman would opt for a radical and unusual path instead. The bull hates to change and is very stubborn when it comes to his point of view. On the other hand, the water bearer believes in changing with time, and is very open to new, creative, and offbeat ideas.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Compatibility Explained

Another potentially problematic difference lies in their idea of spending leisure time. While a Taurus man loves to stay indoors and be comfortable in his own zone, with his own group of friends, the Aquarius woman wants to explore the world outside and socialize with others.

A Taurus' idea of having fun is very boring according to an Aquarian's idea of fun. Also, he is inclined towards the practical and sensual aspects of life, due to the influence of Venus, and she is intrigued by the intellectual and freedom-driven aspects of life.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

To sum it up, the bull is happy with the existing and known realms around him, contrary to which, the water bearer is constantly willing to flow into the unknown, unexplored, and unconventional realms hidden in the nooks and crannies of the surrounding. A unity of earth and air is bound to be a little inconsistent and fluttery.

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To top it all, both are born with fixed traits. They will get attracted to each other like a butterfly gets attracted to a flower. The flower admires the beauty of the butterfly and gets intrigued by its ability to fly and roam as and when it wants, while the flower stands firm at one spot. On the other hand, the butterfly admires the support that it gets when with the flower. The firmness, stability, and soothing fragrance of the flower enthralls the butterfly.

aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

Obviously, the firm flower is the Taurus male, and the free butterfly is the Aquarius female. When a Taurus man is in lovehe would give his lover a lot of emotional and materialistic support. Initially, the spark of their chemistry gets as spark-i-licious as it could be.

aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

Both of them enjoy exploring each other's version of life. However, in the long run, it ain't about the spark, it's all about compromises. There is another scenario — you know the saying about love being blind?

Where they may encounter turbulence… Where do we start? One says black the other says white — both are fixed signs which means their opinion is the only one that counts.

This inability to communicate without sounding judgmental or impartial is the trigger for many a fight. Taurus gets all blustery and know-it-all whilst Aquarius blows a fuse and walks away.

Why a Taurus and an Aquarius Click Romantically | PairedLife

As an earth sign Taurus plants, their feet firmly on the ground and will defend that patch — be it a home, family or a belief system to the bitter end. They love a good stoush which is unfortunate and uncomfortable for conflict avoider, Aquarius. As an air sign the water bearer blows like an erratic wind when pushed and can end up crying, laughing and yelling all at the same time.

Taurus and Aquarius sexual compatibility… This might be where they do their best work — but once again negotiations and compromises are required.

aquarius and taurus relationship compatibility

When Taurus lets people in they are sensual and intimate and when Aquarius takes time out from saving the world to fall in love they unleash the same amount of passion that the world gets. Taurus and Aquarius marriage compatibility… If this pair can still stand each other after a couple of years, why not give marriage a go?

Their home is filled with priceless antiques and fitted with solar panels.