Aquarius man and cancer woman love relationship

Aquarius Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

aquarius man and cancer woman love relationship

Relationships between an Aquarius man & a Cancer woman can start out Cancer women value the emotional connection of sex and tend to expect it in all . Aquarius man and Cancer woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and. Love match compatibility between Cancer woman and Aquarius man. Read about the Cancer female love relationship with Aquarius male.

A Cancer woman takes some time to undermine her own feelings for someone. While they take some time to be sure about someone before dating, an Aquarius man has a more experimental approach to dating.

An Aquarius man respects strong opinions and tastes. But one thing that both have in common is changeability. Both as a couple can adjust to each other with genuine respect, and love can blossom between the two.

aquarius man and cancer woman love relationship

Cancer sign Emotional quotient An Aquarius man has a very unconventional nature which conflicts with the peace-loving Cancer woman's nature. While the Aquarius man's life will be booming with too much information and speed, a Cancer woman would prefer a subtle and empathetic state of mind.

If they have kids and choose to raise a family, then their contradictory attitudes will be wonderful for their children. While a Cancer woman will give her children a warm and comfortable family life, their Aquarius father will provide them with life with no boundaries and a freedom of choice.

Both need to be tolerant of each other's behavior though. If they fall in love, they both will not want to end their relationship quickly.

While the Aquarius man will take it as a challenge to understand their partner and stabilize their lives, a Cancer woman will feel free in life with an Aquarius man. Once, they form a strong bond; they will stick to it forever.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man Aquarius man and Cancer woman on the Love Radar A love match between the couple can be emotionally disturbing between the two. While an Aquarius man is friendly but detached, a cancer woman is self-protective but absorbing. An Aquarius man would love to go to places which are socially charged up. Places like trendy clubs, pubs with blaring music and dance excite him.

A Cancer woman prefers more quiet places with her date, places where she can connect with her date better. If she gets overwhelmed or disturbed, he might even end the date abruptly without being too sympathetic to her condition.

She on the other hand, if finds him too insensitive and irritated by her needs, she also will tick him off her list. A Cancer woman yearns for partners who are more sympathetic to her needs and moods.

She will also only open up to a man after she feels emotionally safe and secure with him. Their date can be disastrous as a Cancer woman will want to talk about personal things like the Aquarius man's family and his roots. An Aquarius man might feel offended by such conversations as they are very private people. They prefer to talk about intellectual topics like arts, space, science, politics, and history.

Such topics might put a Cancer woman out of her comfort zone. Sexual relationship between the Aquarius man and Cancer woman A sexual relationship between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman can be emotionally stressful and profoundly unsatisfying for both of them. A Cancer woman is capable of setting strong boundaries around her and be very distant and cold if she wants to. An Aquarius man, on the other hand, needs sex as a way to vent out their highly energized bodies. They are innovators and are always focused on making changes.

What a Cancer woman needs for sex is a gentler approach and a warm and lovable relationship. An Aquarius man is quite incapable of making his partner feel warm and lovable.

He will have to have a gentler approach if he wants to enjoy his sex life with a Cancer woman. However, if they do allow their basic differences to slide through, then both as a couple can have a fascinating sexual experience.

An Aquarius man cannot have boring and routine sex. If they want theirs to be a successful story, then the Aquarius man will have to compromise on his innovative ways and a Cancer woman will have to enjoy sex without the need of an attached emotional burden. Trust factor A Cancer woman is someone whom you can trust, but in situations where she is afraid of her partner's aggressive reaction or of hurting her partner, she might say a bit of lie at times.

An Aquarius man might get stressed to share personal things, and this communication gap could lead to trust issues between both of them. A Cancer woman is not open to the idea of her Aquarius man being too liberal, and this could lead to mistrust issues.


Though both of them do not lie, yet their different natures pose a threat to the future of their relationship as they don't trust each other.

Their story in a nut-shell The fundamental problem and one of the major issue in this relationship is the clingy and possessive behavior of the Cancer woman. She loves being home and wants her partner to stay at home too. But an Aquarius man is free-spirited and hard to pin down. When under pressure, he becomes the more distant and stressed. For an Aquarius man, the pressure of a verbal commitment is too much to handle.

Nothing else makes sense! I am also aware that that he has some family issues he's processing, but I still don't feel that it' s an excuse to be rude, inconsiderate, or selfish. He says he's looking for his wife, but at the same time, it seems like he's trying to sabotage things between us.

Is he really afraid of having the real deal, or something else??? However, I do see signs of jealousy and insecurity, which are not supposed to be traits of Aquarius men.

If this is who he really is, it's only going to get worse, right? Aquarius Men out there, do you have any advice or tips for me? What do you think is going on??? Most Aquarius males as far as I have known in real life are lonely and unfulfilled, especially when they're older. Although, they tend to always have highs and lows. They can be on top of the world at some point but usually short lived, then, back down hill again and vice versa like a yo-yo. They're intelligently clever people, but sometimes could be impractically unwise and unfocused.

They're idealist and often like to be the best among the crowd, and that goes with the way they act. Aquarius males are like magicians and very good in making up stories, too. His charm draws people's attention and will believe everything he says especially to those who don't know him in real life.

He often likes to portray himself as that person he claims to be in his fantasy, but usually far from reality. When he's falling for someone, he tends to distant from her and becomes aloof only because of his hidden insecurity and the fear to reveal his own real life - he would analyze to work out possibilities before letting it loose on the real world.

The woman will become mystified by him until he will be fully comfortable in his mind through analyzing her that she's not a threat after all, and will be rest assured she accepts him from who he is and where he's coming from, then, he will be open with her. In relationship with Aquarius male - there is always humps and bumps throughout because of these misunderstandings. The sad point about it is that - women often leave them.

Like most men, Aquarian can get hurt very deeply, too, especially with the woman they love. Because men cant handle emotion, it's in their make-up. Aquarian men are no difference. It comes naturally he will have to find an exit and must date a new girl to ease out his pain. Only if they let their guards down and be understood, you will find they are indeed extraordinary people, humble and humane.

In fact, when you know where they come from, you will feel compassion in them? I believe they are lost souls. Although, they are good people.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

Aquarians try so hard to avoid 'feeling' thing in their life. I bet he will be chasing you back. I am a Cancer Woman dating an Aquarius Male. Although there are some differences between us; there are also quite a bit of similarities. It's all about finding a balance. My man is an intellectual, and that is what attracts me to him besides his great butt. He is constantly challenging my opinions and points of view, which is a great eye-opener. With him I have learned so much more about myself.

He has great communication skills and I'm working on mine. He asks my opinions and I give him insight esp. The sex is amazing since we both trust each other; he is adventurous and I am open to new things! Our differing solutions to problems and insights keeps our relationship fresh.

PS-He is an Aquarius but loves to snuggle! Well, im in a relationship with an Aquarius man and I'm a Cancerian. I've been googling all the thing I need to know about Aquarian, and all sums up as; they are individual and don't wanna commit in such a long-term relationship. All you have to do as a Cancer woman is not to be so clingy, not to be so possessive, and jealousy didn't go well in this kinda relationship.

It's just the Aquarians are ashamed to express their feelings and emotions. He was pretty cool and we shared similar values that I felt could bring us together strongly. He's a veteran and is gorgeous. Anyway, long story short, I scared him off. I guess I got too close too fast even though we never met in person, by telling him too much. He stopped talking to me on the week of my bday after I told him. I got no bday text from him.

I waited and gave it some time hoping he would contact me again but he didnt. I thought maybe he was mad or hurt. Many months past and I couldnt stop thinking about him. On his bday I texted him to say happy bday and he answered back.

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I thought maybe he would remember my bday and text me but he didnt. I guess he feels I deceived him. I just don't want to get hurt again. Aquarius seem to pick important days of your lives to hurt you. I am a Cancarian woman of 41 and have just started dating an Aquarius Man Reading up on so many sites about the differnces between our 2 signs fills me with fear from an astrological side of things at how things will work out As long it's is not clingy!

It doesn't matter what star sign you are, we still have to work at our relationship to keep it alive!!. I am falling in love with this man Good Luck to you Aquarian and Cancerian couples If you can beat the negatives of these predictions,, your positives will truly flourish into something else!!!!!!!!!!!! I met him my freshman year in college he was in his second year and we hit it off instantly. I want to give the relationship a chance.

But I believe his is jus trying to turn it around on me. Preparing for a break up with me. Love and confused This is really long, but I think its worth a read. It should be well written and engaging. Give it a try. I am an Aquarius male with a Cancer female. We are not exactly together, we have an incredibly abnormal relationship kind of like friends with benefits. But our friendship is very close and tight nit. I am so loyal to her ever since I met her for the verry first time at She was a very simple, quiet and shy girl.

While I was an obnoxious, over bearing and loud. Somehow she was intrigued by me and I brought out the outgoing girl in her. Over the time of our relationship, we have gotten to know each other me knowing her more than she does me. While my self I am very unique, unopen, uppidy and extravagant.

Our relationship has gotten bumpy at times. Because we are friends, we did our own thing. She did hers more than I did mine. She cared less about how I felt, while I cared more. This is where her extreme sense of selfishness arose. She wants to do what she wants, not what is best. Also, she is less loyal to me. She would be more likely to join in with others when they speak negatively of me. She later realized that the ones she trusted and thought she hit it off with, really did not have her best intentions in mind.

They were not as loyal as I was. She always comes running back and apologizing for treating me poorly. One thing that irritates me though, she always blames someone else for MAKING her do what she did, rather than accepting responsibilty for her actions.

As we got older, the dynamics of our relationship changed. We became closer and we would talk more. I tend to lecture her on why I am so even tempered, and how I do not make the same mistakes she has. We are incredibly honest with eachother.

She has realized that I am the most devoted person in her life and that I have never hurt her. She realized that If I did not act the way I did when things got rough, we would not be 'friends' anymore. I have forced her to change. I lectured her on being rational and less naive.

She always admits, "your always right and its really annoying". The fact that she can do this, shows her growth and how she is willing to admitt fault and that someoen else is right. Not a christmas gift or even a birthday. Whereas, I buy her gifts for occasions and sometimes because something reminded me of her and I just got it. I even buy her, her favorite alcohal to keep around her apartment.

I even went grocery shopping for her. And she said that I did a better job, than if she went for herself. I tend to know what she wasnts better than she knows herself.

But not once have I walked in and she had something that I liked and she purchased it so I can have it. This irritates me incredibly, I am so lavish and sharing with her, yet she never sacrifices anything to make me happy.

One example of this is with a ceaser salad. If she has one and I want some, I can only get the lettuce. She enjoys the chicken too much to give me any. Part of the reason why she feels she does not need to sacrifice for me is because I am always happy, and I don't act as if I need anything which I don't however I appreciate the thought, and she just does not give it to me.

We have different tastes. I drive a luxury SUV, She drives a fuel efficient fast car. My room is very hotel like, her's is more dorm like and usable. I like high end clothing and somewhat expensive stores while she appreciates discount stores with lesser qaulity clothing. I like to make a statement and be unique with what I wear, whereas she likes to be comfortable and somewhat instyle.

I would prefer if she was as esthetically inclined as I was, but she looks good enough for me, and I try not to impose my way of dress on her. However, I am honest. But she like most people isnt used to that. She is expecting me to say yes, she hasnt even realized that she asked me a question. But I explained to her the rational behind this concept, and now she knows if she asks me a question I am goign to answer it honestly.

Her moods have worsened, I never realized how much of a problem they were until I began seeing her daily. One day she is happy, the next she is sad. One day she is horny and willing to have sex, the next day she doesn't want to be touched. She does not know, that over anything I wish for a sense a stability with her. Once she made a complaint to me that: It's because I don't share my emotions with her.

She measures how emotionally attatched I am, by how much I share. I am more likely to share my money and alcohal etc. After she made that complaint, I explained to her that I am a very emotional person, however I am incredibly personal. And also, I am more so involved in my thinking and concepts than I am with my feelings. To know how I think and what concepts I live my life by is to know me. Whereas she believes knowing my past and my experiences constitutes knowing someone.

I hate how annoyed she gets by the stupidist things, She can never just brush anything off. I hate how she takes her anger out on people who have nothing to do with what made her angry I have told her this. I tell her that its irrational. It makes no sense to be in a bad mood towards me, because you had a bad day at work. When I said that to her, she never realized that it wasnt okay. This is part of the rationality That I am trying to insert in her life.

A list of things I try to change in her: There is some middle ground and exceptions to everything She has accepted and agreed to all of these things, however she claims it is easier said than done, its hard for her to not follow her instinct, she doesn't think about her daily activities and interactions that much.

However, I have noticed some changes. Trying to get her to be a more rational person is quite hard. But I know her so well, I know what mood she has to be in in order to accept such criticism and honesty. I have told her personally every thing that I have written here accept for her not buying me anything.

Our we relationship is still weird, and I definetly love her. But her faults, moods, and unwillingness to change sometimes is very irritating. I have noticed myself, slowly drifting away from her.

I feel like I have settled, but for some reason its hard to just let her go. I am too loyal, and I know she needs me to guide her through life. As cocky as that may sound. She does need me, sometimes she admits that and sometimes she resents it. I know I need her, and I admit it easily.

I don't need much from her, just her presence, loyalty and consideration. I need her love as well, I don't feel she loves me, even though she says it sometimes. I fear that one day she's going to come around and finally realize my impo rtance to her and she is going to want to be exclusive, but I wont be there. I see my self drifting, more and more each day.

I want someone with the same morals I have, the same outlook on life. I am willing to accept people as they are as long as their flaws aren't potentially detrimental to their well being or to our relationship. As much as I enjoy trying to mold her and helping her, I want someone who gets it off the bat.

I want someone who isnt so stubborn. I want someone to subscribe to me and make me feel loved so that I can let go of the walls I have built around me. I need the security of knowing, not one negative thing is said about me to anyone else when I'm not around. Thank you for reading. First of all, im an aqua, and currently im having a relationship with a cancer. Well the thing is its my first time with a cancer, and I feel that I cant really understand her much, eventhough I tried my best, I do flirt with her a lot and yea, I can be abit clingy at times, but I try by best to give her some space that she needs which I think she needs nowbut I feel that she's pulling away from me somehow,and I cant stop thinking about her.

I don't want her to feel that she's not the one who should be with me, and im afraid im giving her too much pressure asking lots and lots of questions, cause sometimes I feel insecure and I need to confirm how she feels about me I am a Cancer girl married to an Aquarius guy.

Been married for 16 years. He is a honey does heaps for me and understands me. I give him the freedom to get involved with lots of projects and him me as well, yes us Cancer girls can be a bit moody and we have worked out a lot of that by just comunicating. We both look after each other. We are chalk and cheese but life would be boring if we were all the same.

Are Cancer & Aquarius Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

We have heaps of fun together and laughter is the key. I'm a Cancer woman and this is my second relationship with an Aquarian man, and I must say I absolutely love it!!! He's smart and funny and very intelligent and analytical, which can be a breathe of fresh air, especially when I'm stumped or unable to assess a problem due to all the emotional output I add into the equation.

Aquarian men have a masculine energy that I love and simply can't deny Each sign can learn a lot from each other, this shouldn't be so literal, with mutual love, respect and understanding any relationship can make it I am so moved and inclined to write a response here I so appreciate all the stories and input especially from the Aquarian men. The best of all was the story written from the "very unique, unopen, uppidy and extravagant aquarian" who is having a friends with benefits female he's known since she was Very insightful and enlightening.

As I said I am a Gemini woman of 42yrs I look like I am in my 20's tho I take excellent care of myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and these are the traits that attract me to him. I also have a lot of Cancer traits I am extremely loyal, sensitive, very grounded and love affection and am highly sensual with high sex drive.

I am extremely passionate, compassionate, kind, sweet, positive, open, trustworthy and all about truth and honesty. The stability, family, home and security within a relationship are crucial and non-negotiable for me.

Are these more Cancer then Gemini traits? I am not flighty nor am I wishy washy and I do not like lies and dishonesty. I dislike manipulation of any sort. I am extremely emotional and sensitive but yet I am highly evolved emotionally and mentally and know when to pick my battles The man I am dating or rather, no longer dating He is always sending me confusing signals Yet, now that we are friends When we do get together once a month Even others on the outside looking in, have commented that they can tell he has the major hots for me.

Even when he says he is trying so hard to respect me as a friend and not hurt me in any way, he can't help the chemistry and we end up being intimate and spending the night. He does not want any confinement or to feel obligated to anyone in anyway Ev en the friends with benefits thing he is uncomfortable with. He does not want to answer to anyone or feel like he has to call anyone of see anyone in particular When we first met, he did offer me exclusivity and introduced me to his friends and family members within the first days of our dating He no longer called and texted me times a day and that's when I started to ask what was going on.

I have not asked for any commitment, I have not asked for him to call or reach out more to me I know better now In my mind, we were just friends who can't help the chemistry and passion btwn us I didn't expect anything beyond this nor did I misunderstand the intimate situation recently I was well aware of what we were doing and that it was not going anywhere or changing anything.

I don't understand why he is now asking we be only friends Why is he feeling obligation and confined when I have not asked for anything. He says, it's weird that a guy is asking for no-sex instead of the girl in the relationship.

aquarius man and cancer woman love relationship

I know the sex was amazing I know when I am with him, he loves it I am so confused I can clearly see he is so attracted to me, he says he cares so deeply for me and doesn't want me to get hurt and is trying so hard to be proper and respectful of the boundaries I have not asked for anything at all Can anyone interpret this for me?

Am I crazy or is he really afraid of his feelings for me? Can any Aquarian male shed any light on this situation? Can a female Cancer who's been in these situations shed any light?

I feel like he doesn't appreciate my friendship or who I am. I have so many other men chasing after me Why am I getting so many confusing messages from him Please help me understand this man if you have any insights to share.

I'am a Aquarius man married to a Cancer woman for 3 years this August. We have been together for a total of 7 years. Well let's say the Cancer woman is awesome and independent, but at times very needy. I love the fact that I can play video games with her and she understands basketball my favorite sport. We don't argue that much but when we do it is a nightmare. Cancer women cry at the drop of a hat and that sometimes can be annoying.

You want a woman to be strong physically and mentally. Don't get me wrong crying is good sometimes in certain situations. I have been called heartless by my wife several times which is not true. It just has to be a major issue for a Aquarius man to cry, but we do have our moments. Now in the bedroom before I married her I could get sex whenever I wanted.

Now it seems like I damn near have to beg her to get sex. We struggle with communication issues sometimes as well.

But all and all I love her and will make it work. I did a lot of therapy in the past year to resolve issues with my family and things that made me overly emotional. Now that I have control over that, I find that I get along with the Aquarius extremely well. I also consider him a friend, which helps. We have a very symbiotic relationship. He'd be a loner if it weren't for me, I like having someone to take care of in a very non-clingy way.

Trust is important, obviously, but I find as long as I don't get psycho or clingy I have nothing to fear. When inevitably I feel that kind of emotional stuff coming on, I excuse myself - it's not going to win you any points, and he won't be able to commiserate.

Just let it burn off. Give him some slack, and he always comes back. I offer home cooking Cancer traitsdecorating tips, and I come at the relations hip with an open and curious attitude about him and about the world, e. My Aquarius is deeply sensitive in a not-showing-it, world-wary sort of way. My approach to this is, just be myself, don't be psycho, and over time I've watched him come out bit by bit. When I say bit by bit - we're not talking about a few things I'm talking, we're building the Great Wall of China.

Hi, its the unopen, uppiddy, extravagent Aquarian male. Thankyou for your kind words! Anyhow, your situation is simple and can be interpreted in 2 ways. Aquarians are so unassuming, logical and honest. That we tend to be good readers of people's personalities. When we do make an assumption, they tend to be right. It seems he has you figured out and he just isn't into you. If you were his dream girl, you wouldnt be soo confused and you would know that. We love chasing women! When we feel that we have accomplished getting the girl too quickly, we arent as interested.

Especially if they reveal too much of themselves. Him being too busy to take anyone on in his life, sounds like a white lie in order to spare your feelings we do that sometimes, we're incredibly diplomatic. WE can juggle and handle anything and everything at the same time. We love chaos, because we can find order in it all the time. However, I must say that, you did say something that turned me off brace urself for honesty here.

The '2 consecutive day comment' about that being the reason he feels the relationship was a bit much, we don't like comments or thinking like that. Although you may have meant it sarcastically or snarkily, it violates our ideals. He provided you with the reasoning true or not and you are supposed to take that as why he doesn't want to move forward with the relationship. You seemed to insert your truth, saying: We are incredibly measured, look back on how many times I said words like: People who display certainty on our charachter really turn us off.

Despite, what I've said here; I'm incredibly attracted to you. I love that you have the ability to provide someone with space they need and that you have the desire to be with them at the same time. I want that in my life more than anything. Which brings me to my point: I actaully want commitment! You just need to find the right guy who you crave, and that craves you as well. Someone who is interested in trying to know you, you don't want this lobb sided relationship.

Trust me, it sucks! Look for an Aquarian like me! You seem to be my type of Gemini minus the assumptions, that I assume you make.

The answer to your problem is: In our compatibilty chart, we have the lowest score when it comes to communicating with cancers. It seems that you guys both have the same fears. If you were to allow her to read what you posted here, I think that it can clear the air. Figure out when she is in a good mood, and address the problem. Give her some warnings like: Don't worry about hurting my feelings". Also, "I'm not going to judge you".

Because naturally, she does not want to have the confrontation and she is proabably fearing the worse possible out come of the convo. So you need to find when she is least likely to feel this way. Pour your heart out! Do exactly what you are asking of her. You want to hear what she says so you can understand her. She wants to hear what you have to say so, she can love you. That is how she connects, so allow her into your mind and your heart.

Let her know how much it hurts you when she drifts away.

aquarius man and cancer woman love relationship

She probably drifts away because she doesn't believe that you are devoted to her, so in order to protect herself, she keeps herself from being attatched. Anothjer problem can be, you probably don't show that you need her. Tell her that you need to feel that she wants you, tell her that you don't like when she rejects you. Tell her that you love her for who she is, not for what she can do for you. Her presence is enough to attract you. Hopefully, this works out.

She should answer all your questions or explain to you why she does what she does. Chances are, she is going to love that she can be soo honest without being judged and she is going to love to know that you are affected when she isn't with you. She may also feel bad, that she treated you poorly.

You need to makesure that you alleviate this from her thinking. Cancers go on guilt trips like they're on paid vacation Makesure that you tell her, everything happened due to a lack of communication and a lack of understanding eachother. You need to makesure that she believes this. As a fellow aquarian, Im sure you will keep your cool, but makesure she doesn't get mad!

Aslong as you keep her calm, and you don't take the bate, you will move forward. Seal the deal with a hug, wipe away any tears that may fall, gently rub her back. You should be golden. Remember, finding the right mood and assuring she is comfortable is KEY. I am a Cancer woman who dated an Aquarius once.

It was a long time ago but it was a good relationship while it lasted. What I can remember about the relationship was he completely swept me off my feet. I was dating another guy, and he came in, flirted with me and the next thing I know I'm breaking up with the ex who as a Virgo and going with the Aqua man. I think it was such a successful relationship because he did all the pursuing. I was not suspicious of him, and I let him do his thing. I was always active, had a lot of friends, and was really working hard to get good grades so I could go to school.

I guess with me being busy all the time it was enough to keep him interested. We dated for about a year but he got into trouble and had to leave the state yeah bad trouble. I recently found myself involved with another Aquarius, but this one is very different from the first Aqua guy I dated.

I was and still am deeply, deeply, in love with a Cancer gal. She is just slightly older and recently divorced with two beautiful children whom I adore quite a bit.

Sadly we broke up a month ago. Reading the above experiences is pretty fascinating. I wish I could go back and re-do everything as impossible as that is.

I had never felt this type of love for someone EVER before and after being foolishly aloof for the first few months I suddenly realized I was madly in love with her. But as problems arose our time together waned for many reasons some of which were logistical kids and job I just totally freaked out.

I'm normally very cool about love but feeling the ever widening distance just threw me off. I so wish I had been able to remain calm and collected and rational but as I said before I had never ever experienced such intense feelings for a woman. Feeling her seem to drift away from me caught me off guard and sent me into a tailspin. I now realize how far away from my true self I had drifted mainly due to the sense that I was losing the love of my life. I do hope someday we will re-connect and I will wait years for her if I have to.

What can I say about my Aquarius guy. I'm a Cancer woman and Ive been with my Aquarius guy fro almost six months. Overall my experience has been amazing.

aquarius man and cancer woman love relationship

But im not gone lie there are some rough times One of the biggest conflict in our relationship is communication. Since we are both such strong minded people, it's hard for us to let our guard down and let each other know how we really feel. Other than that we are very compatible we can have fun doing nothing at all. We spend A LOT of time together. Its like we can't get enough. I Love Him So Much As far as the sex,,we haven't done it yet lol.