Bane and catwoman relationship marketing

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bane and catwoman relationship marketing

It played out more like a lovers quarrel then a robbery. She also didn't help Bane steal from the stock market. When Batman asks her what Bane. Bane. Catwoman. That ending! Time to talk about 'The Dark Knight Rises' . But the marketing materials suggested we'd also get a story that. Bane and his goons want Bruce to go broke because A.) They know he's Batman (this is later revealed to be because they're like The League.

However, her husband had kept her jewelry in his private vault, and she had to break into it to retrieve the jewelry.

bane and catwoman relationship marketing

Selina enjoyed this experience so much she decided to become a professional costumed cat burglar, and thus began a career that would repeatedly lead to her encountering the Batman. Selina during her early days as Catwoman. Catwoman's first Silver Age appearance was in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane 70 November ; afterwards, she continued to make appearances across the various Batman comics. Several stories in the s featured Catwoman committing murder, something that neither the Earth-One nor Earth-Two versions of her would ever do; this version of Catwoman was assigned to the alternate world of Earth-B, an alternate Earth that included stories that couldn't be considered canonical on Earth-One or Earth-Two.

Modern Age Version Catwoman and Batman Tangled origins A revision in Catwoman's origin, and the introduction of the modern version of the character, came in when writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli published Batman: In the course of the story, the origin of Catwoman was also re-envisioned.

In this story, Holly Robinson is introduced as Selina's roommate, a young runaway and prostitute Kyle has taken in. The Catwoman limited series collected in trade paperback form as Catwoman: Birch expanded on Miller's Year One origin. Her Sister's Keeper explores Selina's early life as a prostitute and the start of her career as Catwoman.

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This is a dark and tragic period which culminates with Selina's former pimp Stan abducting and violently abusing her sister Maggie. Selina kills Stan to save her sister, and is able to do so with impunity. Catwoman also appears in the Knightfall saga, where she is approached by Bane 's henchmen while robbing a house. Bane asks her to work for him, but she refuses, giving as her reason that Bane broke Batman.

Later in the story, she boards a plane with Bruce Wayne to fly to Santa Prisca. She next appears in the KnightQuest saga. Dark Victory, the sequel to The Long Halloween, implies that Catwoman suspects she is the long-lost illegitimate daughter of Carmine Falconealthough she finds no definitive proof of this.

Selina's connection to the Falcone family is further explored in the miniseries Catwoman: Though more circumstantial evidence is added to the theory of Selina's Falcone heritage, no definitive proof is provided.

bane and catwoman relationship marketing

It has been implied that Her Sister's Keeper was rendered non-canonical by the events of Zero Hour, and subsequent writers have rejected Miller's choice to make the post-Crisis Catwoman a prostitute. In an attempt to harmonize the various versions, some writers have posited that Catwoman, early in her career, pretended to be a prostitute in order to scam lonely men and rob them. However, characters associated with Catwoman's past as a prostitute have remained a part of her supporting cast.

bane and catwoman relationship marketing

Selina is the older of two sisters Maggie being the younger born to Brian and Maria Kyle. Maria Kyle was a distant parent who preferred to spend her time with cats, and committed suicide when Selina was very young. Brian Kyle, a drunken layabout angry at his wife for killing herself, disliked Selina for resembling her mother and eventually drank himself to death. Selina took to the streets for a time before being caught and sent first to an orphanage, then Juvenile Hall Catwoman v.

Maggie's fate at this point in the time-line is not alluded to. However, when Ed Brubaker re-introduced her into the comic, he implied that Maggie may have directly entered an orphanage and promptly been adopted. When she was thirteen, Selina discovered that the Hall's administrator was embezzling funds and confronted her.

In an attempt to cover up the illegal activities, the administrator put Selina in a bag and dropped her in a river to drown like a cat. Selina was able to escape Catwoman v. She also took the opportunity to steal enough money to live on before going back to the streets.

Kyle When the money she stole from the corrupt orphanage administrator ran out, Selina found herself in "Alleytown - a network of cobblestone streets that form a small borough between the East End and Old Gotham" Catwoman v.

Selina was taken in by "Mama Fortuna", the elderly leader of a gang of young thieves, and was taught how to steal. Fortuna treated her students like slaves, keeping their earnings for herself. Selina eventually ran away, accompanied by her friend Sylvia. However, the two had difficulty surviving on their own, and in desperation tried to support themselves by working as child prostitutes.

Sylvia attracted at least one client; Selina apparently never did. The two drifted apart afterwards, with Sylvia blaming Selina for her negative experiences; she hated Selina for not inquiring about what had happened to her at the hands of her abusive first client. Year One story Catwoman Annual 2,Selina now an adult achieved some success as a thief. Following a disastrous burglary, however, she accepted an offer to "lay low" by posing as a dominatrix in the employ of a pimp named Stan.

Their plan was to trick men into divulging information that might be used in future crimes. According to this storyline, Selina trained under the Armless Master of Gotham, receiving education in martial arts and culture.

During this time, Catwoman was given her trademark cat-o-nine tails whip by a client, which Selina kept as a trophy of her time posing as a hooker. This series, written by an assortment of writers but primarily penciled by Jim Balent, generally depicted the character as an international thief and occasional bounty hunter with an ambiguous moral code.

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Storylines included her adoption of teenage runaway, and erstwhile sidekick, Arizona ; aiding the criminal Bane whom she later betrayed to Azrael ; fighting and being hunted Christina Chiles a. Cyber Cat ; and a stint as a reluctant government operative.

The series also fleshed out more of her origin, revealing her beginnings as a young thief, her difficult period in juvenile incarceration, and the training she received from superhero Ted Wildcat Grant. Her plans to use this position to run for mayor are ruined when the Trickster inadvertently connected Kyle to her Catwoman alter ego. Selina then returns to Gotham Citywhich at this time is in the midst of the No Man's Land storyline.

As Catwoman, she assists Batman against Lex Luthor in the reconstruction of the city. After being arrested by Commissioner Gordonshe escapes from prison. Later that year during the Officer Down storyline in the Batman titles, Catwoman is initially the chief suspect. Although later cleared, she displays increasingly erratic behavior throughout the story.

Soon afterwards she disappears and is believed to have been killed by the assassin Deathstroke the Terminatorending her series at Socialite Selina Kyle Catwoman then appears in a series of backup stories in Detective Comics - This storyline leads in to the newest Catwoman series in late written by Brubaker initially with Cooke, later joined by artist Cameron Stewart.

This series met with critical and fan acclaim, especially for its first 25 issues.

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During the Hush storyline BatmanBatman and Catwoman briefly work together and had a romantic relationship, during which he reveals his true identity to her.

At the end, he breaks off their relationship when he suspects it has been manipulated by the villain Hush. This was the second time that Batman's true identity was shown to be known to her. In an early 80's story line Selina and Bruce had developed a relationship.

The concluding story featured a closing panel in which she refers to Batman as "Bruce. When Catwoman appeared again, no mention whatsoever was ever made of the notion that she had apparently figured out who Batman actually is. She is part of a group sent to rescue a U. Mindwiping Revelations Catwoman appears to be completely reformed, and her love for Batman true although brash and unpredictable.

However, she has learned her reformation was the result of a mindwipe by Zatannaa procedure known to deeply affect and, in at least one case, physically incapacitate its victims.

Zatanna gives no reason for her actions, but in a flashback it is shown that she had acted with the consent and aid of five of the seven JLA members who had helped her mindwipe Dr.

Catwoman's response to this revelation is unequivocal: Afterwards, she is seen covering her bed with past versions of her Catwoman costume. Still unbalanced and uncertain of herself in issue 52 the last issue before the jump to One Year LaterSelina is forced to decide whether to kill a supervillain.

The Black Maskin an attempt to "improve himself," threatens the most important people in Selina's life, from Slam Bradley to Holly. The criminal had learned Selina's identity through his earlier alliance with Selina's childhood friend Sylvia, who still harbored a grudge against Selina. Still thinking that Selina adheres to a strict no-kill rule, Black Mask is caught by surprise when Selina shoots him in the head.

Catwoman often pictures a possible marriage between Batman and herself, such as in this scene Nightwing 52shown in one of Catwoman's romantic daydreams. However, a normal life with Batman is out of the question as long as he is fighting crime. Their relationship is also strained by the fact that they sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Holly Robinson takes over as the new Catwoman while Selina, living under the alias Irena Dubrovna, turns her attention to caring for her daughter Selina's alias was inspired by the name of the main character in the film Cat People.

Though she takes her role as a new mother quite seriously, Selina dons the costume for a run through the East End some days after Helena's birth. Having understandably gained a few pounds, Selina finds that her costume is now a tighter fit. In addition, she is easily distracted by a common criminal.

Although the situation is defused through Holly's opportune arrival, the sight of two Catwomen active simultaneously in the city is caught on video. Selina returns home from her adventure to find that the mysterious movie aficionado Film Freak has deduced her alias, joined with Angle Manand grabbed Helena.

After rescuing her daughter, Selina convinces Zatanna to mind-wipe Film Freak and Angle Man whom she had bound and gagged with duct tape after beating them brutally in order to preserve her secret identity.

To save Gotham City from nuclear incineration, Batman Christian Bale jumped into his newest high-tech military grade vehicle — a flying machine dubbed The Bat — and towed an unstoppable ticking bomb into the sky and out to sea. Bruce was finally freed from the pain of the past, from the self-destructive enterprise of Batman, from the ghosts and ghouls of Gotham.

Yes, he represented great values — perseverance; incorruptibility; justice. But Batman was a vigilante. And Bruce Wayne was a damaged man who felt like a monster and so he acted like one.

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Playing this perverse part kept him trapped in a pit of anger and despair that he needed to escape. Batman brought hope to corrupt Gotham — but Bruce degraded himself each time he put on the suit.

Were you bugged by the fake-death chicanery? Very V for Vendettatoo. Nolan and his writers began setting up the idea that Batman is a transferable title in Batman Begins, when Bruce explained his theory that Batman should be a cultural symbol that transcended the man behind the mask.

Rises paid it off nicely. Does this mean that Gordon-Levitt who was excellent is about to get his own Batman franchise? Or might he rechristen himself Nightwing? Bane was just a jacked-up puppet, acting on orders from — and out of love for — Miranda Tate Marion Cotillarda.

The whiplash turn brought the saga full circle, and rightly brought the larger-than-life lout down to human-scale size — but too much so. And his death — he was blasted by Catwoman with a projectile from the Batpod — felt anti-climactic. Bane deserved to be more interesting than he turned out to be. Did you wonder during the movie if Bane was going to be revealed to be someone we knew? I bet Bane could do a wicked funny Goldfinger impression. No, Mister Wayne, I expect you to die!