Beck and jade relationship poems

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beck and jade relationship poems

Bade also has its own wikis: Bade Wiki, Bade Fans Wiki, and Beck and Jade Wiki . When Jade says they aren't about to break up, Beck sometimes replies with Sinjin wrote Jade poems on his slap page and she gets mad that Beck never . Beck comforts and reassures Jade after she's upset about their argument. Victorious - Rated: K . Beck decides to let them in on his relationship. Victorious . Beck and Jade's Relationship Advice are video segments on TheSlap about Quotes. Jade: (Referring to the camera) Don't turn on that. I got something in my.

When the two broke the kiss, a large smile on Vega's face, Jade grabbed her stuff and stormed out of the room, not wanting anyone to see her weakness. Beck had apologized over and over again throughout the day, not getting anywhere with Jade and receiving angry glares from Cat. Finally, Beck decided that he needed to talk to Jade alone. He walked over to her, grabbed her arm, and literally dragging his stubborn girlfriend into the janitor's closet. You could have said no, you could have changed the subject.

But you knew what Vega was doing. You don't need to lie to me.

beck and jade relationship poems

What will it take for you to forgive me? Jade was having a bad day. Tori had gotten yet another lead-this time in a play written by Robbie, a part that was supposed to be Jade because the character was inspired by Jade.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Her parents had been fighting again, neither of them wanting her to spend Christmas with them, and didn't care that she had heard the whole thing.

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Jade didn't respond, just stared straight ahead, glaring at the picture of Tori hanging on the wall across from her. No, but April May. Jade hated feeling this way.

She was not the kind of girl who cried over a guy; who's life feel apart when she was single.

beck and jade relationship poems

But she couldn't help it, everything reminded her of Beck. She couldn't stop thinking about him, and she didn't really want to stop, but everything made her want to cry. It made her angry at herself, at him, at everyone who had ever said that they would never make. She hated that they were right and she hated that Beck broke his promise to her. Jade watched as Beck walked by with Tori, laughing at something the annoying girl had said, and her eyes filled with tears-even through all of her preventing methods, she found herself running to the junior's closet before the tears could spill over.

God, she missed him so much… and that thought alone was enough to cause her walls to crumble around her. She sank to the floor, hugging her knees as she rocked, sobs wreaking her body.

Seeing her, he said, "Oh, crap! Cat didn't really hate anyone, but she had developed a strong dislike for Beck for the person he had managed to turn her strong best friend, the strongest person Cat had ever known, into. This broken girl, the girl who was the complete opposite, was enough for Cat to say that she hated Beckett Oliver; but then she remembered that Jade loved him, and Cat was immediately filled with sympathy for her best friend.

Jade sighed as she entered Hollywood Arts. Beck had had to go to Canada for his great-grandfather's birthday, leaving Jade in LA by herself. She hated it when he was gone, she felt like an outsider looking in whenever he wasn't with her.

Beck and Jade's Relationship Advice #2

She felt as though she was on the outside looking in. She was practically ignored when Beck was gone, so she had started to use those days to further her future career. Walking further into the room, she continued, "You said you wanted to see me!.

If you're not in here in ten seconds, I am leaving! I know you tend to dislike this kind of thing, but anything Disney would be an excellent thing to put at the beginning of your professional resume and I feel like you are the one of my students that is ready for something like this. So, what do you say? Her smile fell when she instantly remembered that she would not be able to celebrate this opportunity with him.

She sighed, folded up the flyer and walked to her locker, tucking the paper safely into her bag and leaving the school. Jade sat staring at her phone, waiting for Beck to call and apologize for not standing up for her when Tori tore into how Jade hadn't deserve to get the lead in the school's production of Kiss Me, Kate.

Beck had left Jade there to take it, and then get in trouble with Lane as she told Tori exactly what she thought about her. But, an hour later, he still had not called. She knew he wasn't busy. She knew he was probably with Tori, helping her "heal" from the truth.

Why couldn't he, for once, just support her, and only her. He was the only person in the world, aside from Cat-who was currently sitting next to Jade coloring in the Tinkerbell coloring book Jade had bought for when Cat was over she had not been happy with Tori's comment and had told her that what she had said was out of line before running to catch up with Jadethat truly cared about her.


That was just it, though. But when Tori acted like a bitch, it was okay, because she never acted that way. He didn't need to stand up for Jade when Tori insinuated that she thought that she was way more talented than Jade, when the whole school whether they would admit it or not, knew that it was the other way around.

Jade sighed, the realization that he was not going to call settling over her, and she fell back onto her bed, her face in her pillows. Cat simply set the coloring book and crayons down and lay down next to her best friend, offering silent comfort.

So she looked up, tears falling down her face, and locked eyes with Beck as she recited the last line of her poem, "Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. Brown's desk before running out of the room, not seeing Beck stand to go after her. He was pushed back into his seat by Cat, who sent him a dark glare before running after her best friend. He slowed his pace as he neared the old dressing rooms behind the auditorium. He slowly pushed the door open and was greeted by Cat demanding to know just what he thought he was doing.

As soon as Cat left, Beck grabbed Jade and shut the door, locking it. Beck just kept tightening his hold on her until she got tired and stopped struggling. Please, take me back? A couple minutes later, they emerged from the room to find Cat glaring darkly at the door. He also told her that she had to stop making Jade with Tots videos and she listened. He is able to calm her down and is the only one who can make her be polite. Although she argues with him a lot, she seems to have a lot of respect for him, and often tries to gain his approval.

This is seen a few times throughout the series, when she denies doing something or is reluctant to tell him she has done something bad because she's worried about his reaction.

Jade seems to be nicer and more sensitive when she is alone with Beck. Even if she still tries to fight with him, he can usually get through to her when they're alone. For example, in their drive by acting video, they were arguing a little, but then Jade asked in a sweet voice "Say you love me? They also seem to act more romantic when they aren't in public. In one of their videos when they were alone, Beck told Jade he loves her and she said "awww" and climbed into his lap, and they started to kiss.

Although he is not possesive of Jade, Beck gets very protective of her when they are in a dangerous situation. For example, in the Pilotwhen Sikowitz told them there was a fire, Beck grabbed Jade and led her to the door.

In Survival of the Hottest, he gave her a water bottle before getting one for himself. Also, in Locked Upwhen the soldiers came in, Beck pushed Jade away from them, wrapped his arms around her, and held onto her until they left. They have dated for around 3 years, but it is unknown exactly how they started their relationship. They both seem to be more interested in acting than singing Beck has only been musical on a few occasions, and Jade often says her dream is to become an actress.

Beck is the only one who can calm Jade down and make her be somewhat polite. Liz Gillies said in an interview that Beck can control Jade, she respects him and obeys him. Beck probably makes coffee for Jade a lot because he said he knew what to do in order to make it the way she likes it in Stage Fighting. Jade knows Beck's login on TheSlap.

He either gave it to her, or she found out and he seems to be okay with that so far. Jade like most people finds Beck's hair very attractive. Often, their aruging ends in them making up by kissing. They say a lot of people come to them for relationship advice and have a relationship advice segment on TheSlap.

Although, in their videos, they have yet to actually answer any relationship questions. This means they are probably a popular, highly respected couple at Hollywood Arts. Beck and Jade seem to have similar fashion styles. Both wear dark clothing, boots, and lots of jewelry.

It is likely that Jade only hangs out with Tori and the rest of the gang because of Beck.