Beneatha and walter relationship test

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beneatha and walter relationship test

Beneatha Younger (“Bennie”) - Mama's daughter and Walter's sister. Her marriage to Walter has problems, but she hopes to rekindle their love. She is about. Formulated Response This will be a 2nd part of the test—you will turn in the first part before starting What does Walter tell Beneatha she should do with her life? What is Beneatha's opinion about a relationship with Asagai? 6. this game to review Literature. Mama slaps Beneatha because Beneatha. Q. How could you describe Walter and Beneatha's relationship? answer choices.

What are his dreams, his frustrations, his problems? By the end of Act I, what have we learned about Ruth?

By the end of Act I, what have we learned about Beneatha? What positive aspects may help them resolve their problems? Act II, Scene 1 1.

A Raisin in the Sun Teacher’s Guide

What is the setting at the beginning of this scene? How is it different from the end of Act I? How does this definition present conflict for Beneatha? How do Walter and Ruth describe their relationship? What news does Mama bring home, and why do Ruth and Walter react as they do? Why is this both good news and bad news? Act II, Scene 2 1. Explain the disagreement between Beneatha and George regarding studying or education.

How does the argument end? Beneatha thanks her mother for understanding her. Specifically what understanding does Beneatha mean?

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As a result, what does Walter try to do? When Walter returns, what does Mama learn?

beneatha and walter relationship test

Describe the fantasy world that Walter paints to Travis when he tells him of his plans for the future. Act II, Scene 3 1.

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What is the atmosphere at the opening of the scene? How has the Younger family changed at the end of the week? What dream does Mr.

beneatha and walter relationship test

Why does Lindner claim to want them not to live there? Also, explain the symbolism in what she states. How is the gift appropriate for Mama?

Walter in A Raisin in the Sun: Character, Quotes & Monologue

What news does Bobo bring to Walter? Besides the money, what else will the loss mean for the family? Why is the ending scene appropriate to the Younger family and to Mama in particular? What is the symbolism of her idea? According to Asagai, Beneatha should be grateful to Walter. What does Ruth say to Mama when Mama starts talking about calling to cancel the moving van?

Why did he call Lindner? When Lindner arrives, what does Walter tell him? What causes Walter to say what he does to Lindner? What are the dreams of all major characters?

His wife and sister simply don't believe his friend can be trusted.

beneatha and walter relationship test

Since Walter's mother is in control of the insurance check, she initially refuses to give him the money to invest in the liquor store. Instead, she decides to use a chunk of it as a down payment for a house in a white neighborhood. This decision completely infuriates Walter. Feeling depressed because his family isn't supporting his dream, Walter refuses to go to work and even stays out drinking for three days straight.

A Change of Plans When Lena, Walter's mother, sees how devastated Walter is about not getting the money, she finally gives it to him. There is only one condition: Walter agrees, and Lena gives him money.

The audience sees another side of Walter here.

beneatha and walter relationship test

He is kind to his sister and his mother, and takes his wife out on a date. He even stands up to Mr. Lindner, a white man who tries to pay the family to stay in their own neighborhood instead of moving to the white neighborhood. The possibility of being a man that can take care of his family excites Walter and improves his attitude towards the people in his life.

beneatha and walter relationship test

Unfortunately, these good vibes between Walter and the family don't last. Walter breaks his promise to set aside some of the money for Beneatha's medical school tuition and instead gives it all to his friend for the liquor store.