Brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship test

15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman's Relationship

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship test

Were the events of last week enough to sever the business relationship between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman? It seems like it might have. You will be surprised to know the Godfathers of Brock Lesnar's children. ICC Rankings Home · ODI Rankings · Test Rankings . We are going to start with the most obvious superstar, Paul Heyman. was one of the conditions that Lesnar kept before returning to WWE in and this shows how deep their relationship is. On His Relationship With Brock Lesnar: “Brock Lesnar and I, for how different we are, we have the same core values both personally and.

I try to find ways to redefine the role and expand it into places it has never gone before. Your role with each has been so different. How much do you think about which Paul Heyman you need to be for each distinct character?

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship test

Almost like, if you were a real agent, your relationship with each client would be different. Any agent in real life does have different relationships with each and every one of his clients. So, if this were a docu-drama, my relationship with Brock Lesnar would be far different than my relationship with CM Punk.

My off-camera friendship with Brock Lesnar has always been different than my off-camera friendship with CM Punk. But I could not tell you that I am closer to either one of them or either one of them is closer to me.

Like any compelling show on television, what works best in WWE is relationships.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship test

Because off-camera relationships would be different, so should on camera ones. How did you come to be friends? You guys are as opposite as they come on the surface. What makes you friends? What brought you together as people? Brock Lesnar and I are as different as any two people can be. What drew us together was the love of the actual performance aspect of what we do. He hates everything else that goes along with it. But the actual act of performing or fighting is something the man truly loves.

And I share that passion with him.

Paul Heyman Talks About His "Clients," His Relationship With Brock Lesnar & More | PWMania

And, despite the trappings of fame and fortune, we both have, at our core, a very similar value. You only have to look at the size, the ability, and the in-ring prowess of McIntyre and feel that the world is his oyster in this, his second run with the company. Eventually McIntyre will surely branch off and fulfil the destiny which was once bestowed on him as a future world champion.

With Heyman by his side, McIntyre could reach heights his career has always promised it would reach. The Scotsman continues to show he is a world class in-ring competitor - you only have to look at the quality encounters he has been involved in against Seth Rollins and Finn Balor in recent weeks.

Heyman could be the missing piece of the jigsaw that would see McIntyre eventually become world champion.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship test

Bobby Lashley Bobby Lashley is desperately in need of a mouthpiece - and Heyman perfectly fits that bill Despite coming up short in his number one contender match against Roman Reigns for Brock Lesnar's Universal title, Bobby Lashley was beginning to be legitimised as a real threat on Raw. Fast forward a week later and Lashley was in a more-comical segment with Elias that albeit saw him get the upper hand in what would appear to be the start of a feud between the two.

You'd like to think Heyman would be the mouthpiece Lashley is crying out for. During his successful run with the three-man trio, alongside Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, Big E is known to be the exuberant entertainer.

Paul Heyman defines the art of the wrestling promo

We have seen a more serious side to Big E but only in glimpses - most notably during his in-ring promo on The Usos before the two teams faced each other at last year's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. On that occasion, you could hear a pin drop in the crowd as Big E delivered a passionate and fired-up promo.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship test

This side of Big E hasn't been brought out on a consistent basis and probably only will be once The New Day go their separate ways. Big E is a fantastic competitor who has the presence and makings of a world champion - a world champion that could be taken to greater heights under Heyman.

From her highly-praised debut match at WrestleMania, to what is set to be yet another show-stealing performance at SummerSlam against Alexa Bliss for the Raw's women's title. We have seen what 'determined babyface' Rousey can do and yes it is awesome.