Buddhism and relationship jealousy

Antidotes to jealousy

buddhism and relationship jealousy

An introduction to a special section on jealousy and envy. Jealousy and envy are like toxins, poisoning you from within. negative emotions that can make you miserable and spoil your relationships. Wisdom of the Kadam Masters: Antidotes to jealousy (download) . the practical application of Buddha's teachings in our daily lives and is.

When I went home, I saw crystal clear: I must have gotten very far off from doing my own right work, following my own dreams, cultivating my own happiness. Within a few days, I started making changes.

I surrendered my struggles. I decided things had to change. I got back on my own side again. I started resting, giving myself more reflection time and remembering my dreams.

buddhism and relationship jealousy

I gave Kayla my support in moving forward with the project. I also started to look at how I turned to food to cope with stress, and to develop alternative ways of coping: When you feel jealous, instead of identifying with that feeling or beating yourself up for feeling it, let it serve as an important message.

When you experience jealousy, turn your focus from outward to inward.

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This is hard, this is big, and this is where transformation begins. Ask, what part of me is having trouble witnessing the x success, brilliance, boldness, popularity, beauty, wealth, etc.

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Connect to that part. Focus in on the discomfort. Shine the light there and explore it. What message does that part of me have to share?

What does that part want for me?

buddhism and relationship jealousy

What does it want to create in my own life? What does it feel hurt about, prevented from doing, stuck around? Reflect on these questions by journaling about them or exploring them in meditation.

Feel the feelings fully.

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You can share them with the person you are jealous of, if that feels right in the relationship. Or, share with another supportive listener, journal, or process the feelings by sitting quietly with them and feeling the sensations of them in your body.

Are we really feeling jealous? Are we really feeling possessive?

buddhism and relationship jealousy

Originally Posted by Desiree Since we are not suppose to love for gain, but just simply love without expectation to get anything back Incorrect.

We love for gain. If the employee does not perform the responsibilities of their employment contract, they are fired.

From a Buddhist perspective, relationship is similar.

buddhism and relationship jealousy

Our romantic relationships are primarily based on filial love pema. Originally Posted by Desiree does it mean that I should let my partner to be free and give him freedom to be emotionally or physically involved with other people?

Buddha taught partners have the primary responsibility to be faithful to eachother: The couple sharing responsibility help and serve each other according to the teachings given on the reward of the six directions as follows: A husband serves his wife by: Honoring her in accordance with her status as his wife.

Giving her control of household concerns. Giving her occasional gifts of ornaments and clothing. A wife honors her husband by: Keeping the household tidy.

buddhism and relationship jealousy