Buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

15 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Buffy And Angel’s Relationship

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

May 3, Buffy and Angel's tragic love story is one of the most famous in TV. However, there are many secrets about the couple that fans don't know. Aug 2, Buffy's major romantic relationships have always featured the One almost- wedding and dozens of punches later, their latest Even Angel has mentioned that Spike is always looking for someone to save him from himself. Dec 31, Angelus and Buffy rekindle their relationship after a chance meeting change their lives. BAus Timeline: Pre 'Passion'. Of course in Ireland we're already considered married, but it's a custom from Angel's days as Liam.

I'm the one who fights the big villains who threaten to engulf the world in pain. I'm the Chosen One. I'm the Slayer who is in love with a vampire.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

No one knows why Angel and I are so synchronized. It's because I'm the lighter side of him. And he is the darkness I feed my soul with. I still need his darkness to surround me. He is the darkness. I need him so I can glow. How will look like the baby of darkness and light?


I know Angel, my Angel, thinks he can't be a parent. Well, he is not — technically — this baby's father. His evil alter ego, Angelus, is. One day we gave in the sexual tension between us. It was two months ago. And we're still going strong ever since. I realized I was carrying his baby only a week after we conceived it.


I could feel it distinctively, the tiny life growing inside of me. A part of Angel, of Angelus and me, the three of us creating a life that held more power than me, its mother and the slayer, and Angelus, his father and a vampire older than America. Of course, Angelus knew he had 'knocked the Slayer up', as Spike bluntly put, circa the same days I did. It's not fun to date a vampire, I tell you. He can smell blood, fear, desire… and pregnancy's hormones. Not to forget, Angelus hears two heartbeats now, whenever I'm around him.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

So, when I wanted to surprise him, he surprised me. The baby — our baby — had a nursery set up on his daddy's mansion already. I arrive home after a whole night of making out with my boyfriend.

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It's funny how, in three months, Angel went from my boyfriend, to new big bad in town and back to my boyfriend. Okay, so there was always that palpable sexual energy between us. He wanted me bad — I wanted him as bad as he did me. But we weren't supposed to give in.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

And now here we are making plans of leaving town and settling in Europe with our little family — Angelus, me, the baby, Spike and Drusilla. Oh, let's not forget the wedding.

Angelus wants to make me his wife, officially. Of course in Ireland we're already considered married, but it's a custom from Angel's days as Liam.

I'm three months pregnant and managing to hide the baby well from my mom, Giles, Xander and Cordelia.

Willow already knows, for she found me making out with Angelus on my porch. Well, she doesn't know about the baby, and I don't plan on telling her. What will we do?

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

Well… I'll kill Angelus. Knowing Spike, his reaction would not have been as understanding as Angel. He would have had something ridiculous, inappropriate and funny to say about Buffy calling herself cookie dough. This is never more true than when they are put up against Angel and Spike. At their worst they have no trouble killing anything in their path. This all means that the Cullens would be no match for the boys on their best day.

Of course, they did still punch each other from time to time.

buffy and angel relationship timeline marriage

Spike got especially good at this when he was a ghost with time on his hands. On a trip to discover why Buffy was now dating the Immortal, they had to talk their way past his butler and Spike never misses a moment to rub Angel the wrong way.

Naturally, she was surprised to see Spike now a trusted member of the Scooby Gang. That was definitely the last thing Spike wanted to hear. He had to know that the minute he showed up with a soul, everyone would compare him to Angel. There was even a quick second where it seemed like having two vampires with a soul would be a problem, but that was just a trick.