Buffy and faith relationship

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buffy and faith relationship

There's also something to be said in regards to Buffy and Faith, as the two would often make reference to a relationship between them. Buffy herself never. Also during this ep, Faith and Buffy compare past boyfriends. It is obvious that neither of the Slayers has had a decent relationship, and this is because they are . prettyprettycolors asked: What are your thoughts on the Buffy-Faith relationship on Buffy? I'm not sure if you mean the dynamic in general or the.

They wanted to address the issue that regardless of whether the creatures a Slayer kills are good or evil, she is still a professional killer. He notes that Faith believes her contributions to society relieve her of any legal or moral responsibilities, a view which Buffy does not share.

Petrie claims "I connected with Faith early on. I love that character. If you took that away, she would be a monster. But she's so lonely and so desperate, and all of her toughness comes out of trying to cover that. That's what real monsters are made of. No one thinks they're really a monster. She's not a stable girl, but a fun one.

She doesn't trust herself or anyone around her. We try to do that a lot with our monsters. It's much more fun if you look at it from their point of view. The writers wanted to make both Faith and the mayor as human as possible by showing their need for connection and love as passionate as the heroic characters. Dushku asserts that Faith's bond with the Mayor is due to his being one of the few people in her life who doesn't put her down, which is something she battled with her whole life.


Dushku goes on to say Faith's misplaced trust in the Mayor "leads her into being more crazy". Actor Boreanaz explains, "I think having a character like Faith come back at a pivotal point when she finds out Angelus is loose is really, for her character, a way of saying: Faith is such a complex, beautiful character.

Vaughan explains what attracted him to the character. Note that I have never said that Faith is strictly a lesbian-she could be bisexual. She was simply horny, and the one she usually shares her lust with -Buffy- wasn't there. It's obvious Faith doesn't place any importance on this liaison, and neither will we. I'd say even more: The heart on the window?

The banter between the two? During a chemistry test, Faith appears and draws on the window a heart pierced by an arrow, and smiles in such an alluring and wheedling way that any hardened monk should melt, an obvious sign of love declaration that some would have seen as a simple invitation to patrol Sometimes, they are so narrow-minded I even heard a nebulous interpretation saying this heart would be intended to Xander Do you really believe that Faith could fall in love with Xander?

buffy and faith relationship

No, there is only Buffy, and besides, she doesn't hesitate: As for the lascivious dancing scene in the Bronze, we could almost skip the comments and limit ourselves to some bestial mumbling expressing our excitement seeing those two sexy girls dancing and handholding And when we think Angel is the one who's going to make the most of Buffy's same excitement, we can only pity Faith and consider bombing the American virtue leagues Because she loves her, and she wants to help her.

And why did she do this? Because she loves Faith and couldn't bear to be apart from her. I know, you're all wondering why Faith would want to leave Sunnydale, since she loves Buffy so much. She was afraid that after she freaked out and accused Buffy of murder, Buffy wouldn't love her anymore. She didn't want to see the pain she caused the one she loved, so she decided to get out of town before she hurt her love any more than she already had.

And when Buffy came after her, Faith was still so insecure that she thought she had to become evil. Faith regrets her actions. And this is the ep where we also find out that Faith is definitely still feeling something for Buffy, even if she is evil now. Eeverything Faith does in this episode is designed to hurt Buffy; stealing her boyfriend, torturing her, etc.

Buffy & Faith - Hanging By A Moment

Faith still can't get Buffy out of her mind. She hates her simply because she loves her. On Buffy's part, she is horrified by Faith's betrayal and so tries to forget about her feelings. But whether she was acting or not, her speech to Faith when she was tied up: A low point in the girls' relationship, but sexual tension abounded, i. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever given her.

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She loved that knife more than anything. However, at the end of the episode, Faith gives up her knife to save Wesley. She didn't have to, but she saved Wesley to make Buffy happy. Also, Buffy said that she was staying in Sunnydale because Faith was no longer fighting evil for them.

She's really staying in Sunnydale to be near Faith. The Mayor said, " to Buffy So, you're the little girl who has been causing me all this trouble. I guess you just kinda have strange tastes in women. Angel responded, but he just didn't realize that the Mayor was talking to Buffy, not him.

Things That Even Diehard Fans Didn’t Know About Buffy's Faith

Because even the Mayor knew that Faith loves Buffy, and he felt that the two of them could work out their problems. The look of longing.

buffy and faith relationship

I know Buffy killing Faith doesn't really prove anything. But I have two theores on that. First of all, Faith's not dead. Did we see her stop breathing? Too bad Buffy's a whore. My theory - Buffy loves Faith.

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And Faith loves Buffy. However, because Faith is now working for the Mayor, Buffy doesn't feel that she and Faith can be together. And Buffy also thinks that she is going to die in the Mayor's Ascension. Because she and Faith can't be together in this life, Buffy killed her so that they can be together in the next one. Kate's theory - See, Faith is bad. And unless Buffy stops her, she'll continue to do bad things.

buffy and faith relationship

And the only way for Buffy to stop her is to kill her. It's like a rabid puppy You know, you have to put down Old Yeller Sometimes, you have to hurt the ones you love So there you have it. The Slayer pair off. And although Buffy killed her, Faith smiles, jokes, and laughs with her. And when Buffy wakes up from their shared dream, she goes into Faith's room and smooches her. I don't know about you, but that looks like love to me.

To begin with, throughout her entire coma, Faith has been dreaming of who? Buffy has invaded even her subconscious. This includes the character's backstory, behind the scenes secrets regarding original plans for the character that did not exactly fall through accordingly, and specific things that the character is up to now in the comic books that fans won't know about unless they read them.

buffy and faith relationship

Many of these secrets can be uncovered by reading below this list to learn more about everyone's favorite bad girl Slayer. After all, not only did Willow once compare Faith to a werewolf villain by the name of Veruca -- the same Veruca who stole her boyfriend, Oz, away from her -- but she once called her a "big, selfish, worthless waste" to her face.

Despite their history, the two become good friends in the comics. While on her road to redemption to make up for all of the evil that she committed in the past, Faith worked closely with Willow to restore magic to the world after all of it was erased. After they succeed, Willow expresses her gratitude to Faith before they part ways and she expresses that she's proud of the much more mature hero that Faith has developed into.

Things took a dark turn when Buffy watched Faith kill a human in cold blood. From then on, Faith and Buffy were on a course to becoming bitter enemies. Their story continues in the comic books and their path together is as rocky as ever, frequently butting heads at almost every turn.

The two aren't able to see eye to eye until they both lose their Slayer powers. When they were gathered with the rest of the Scoobies in Tibet to track down the Big Bad, Twilight, the two finally made peace with each other and seemingly formed a friendship. For anyone curious on the number, Faith's body count is surprisingly low at