Business and community relationship

business and community relationship

Community relations departments reach out to establish relationships with business, government and community in order to foster business. Franchising World, November Creating a strong brand identity through the power of networking. By Bill McPherson, CFE. Community relations refers to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which.

The Community in Business: Strategic Relationship Between Companies and Environment and Marketing

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business and community relationship

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business and community relationship

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Community Relations - benefits, Types of community relations programs

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business and community relationship

In the very nature of things, it is always difficult, in such cases, to distinguish "generosity" from "corporate pride. Under such a program, the company publicizes information about its activities.

If it expands, it presents adding jobs in a favorable light.

business and community relationship

If it closes an operation, it presents its out-placement and employee counseling activities in the most favorable light. Anything even remotely associated with the community is interpreted as a contribution whether it is or not.

Responsibilities of a Business' Community Relations Department

The driving force in these cases is "perception," and the philosophical underpinning is that "perception is reality.

Thus companies sometimes engage in or even initiate program activities, exploited to the maximum by using public relations, in order to counter a single unfavorable event or a chronic problem.

A major fire blamed on poor supervision may be the triggering event; the chronic problem may be the production of toxic wastes or a strong odor that occasionally rises from its factory. This description clearly shows that community relations is a conscious expression of corporate will and that the motives behind it become visible to the public over time.

The more free the activity is, i.


Despite their good intentions, however, some 70 percent of survey respondents admit they fail to consider community goals in business unit plans. The discontinuity between beliefs and actual behavior, however, as reported by Boston College, may be due to two factors. First, businesses may be principally motivated to participate in programs by the personal and humanitarian inclinations of owners and executives—not for business reasons unless some problem needs to be addressed.

business and community relationship

Second, data are very difficult to find that produce immediate and direct linkages between, say, charitable contributions, organizing volunteer programs, providing vehicles for a clean-up event, or the establishment of a scholarship program—and the bottom line.

Enhancing the Possibility of Partnerships. Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College.