Caliban and ariel relationship advice

caliban and ariel relationship advice

Shakespeare uses disturbed master and servant relationships to illustrate power. Caliban and Ariel are two of Prospero's servants (or slaves). They He offers advice to the nobles, but they deride him for it. He is their. at the main ones identifying their key attributes and relationships and analysing their part in the play. in Milan and also rules over the inhabitants of the island, Caliban and Ariel. Ariel - although the magical spirit argues with Prospero in Act 1, later Prospero takes his advice about becoming tender towards his enemies. The other is Caliban, son of Sycorax- the witch who used to 'own' the island; The fact that Prospero listens to his advice shows he respects Ariel's opinions.

They torture, opress, control, desire power but at the same time they want to be loved just like Prospero.

caliban and ariel relationship advice

The Ariel character stands as a servant symbol for masters. He and Prospero have a master- servant relationship. Ariel does whatever Prospero tells him to do. He's kind and uses language more properly but we see that he wants his freedom from Prospero. He has doubts and reveals this by asking Prospero: Before you can say 'come' and 'go,' And breathe twice and cry 'so, so,' Each one, tripping on his toe, Will be here with mop and mow.

Do you love me, master? Ariel is also like an instructor, he gives advice to him from the very beginning and throughout the play encouraging him to forgive the past and his enemies. Ariel stands for the servants who have been manipulated by their masters. After Prospero, the most important character is Caliban. In the island Caliban's character representation stands as a symbol for the uncivilized slave.

Prospero and Caliban have a typical master-slave relationship. He is Propsero's slave who is fed up with his situtaion, 4 that's why he rebels against his position and Prospero's power.


Caliban hates Prospero because he overthrowed his mother, became the ruler of the island and made him his slave. Their relationship is based on hatred.

Caliban's idea of power is more materialistic he wants the island, the land back because he wants power too. He misses the old days where his mother was the authority of the island and he was free.

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Prospero pyhsically tortures and manipulates Caliban like a typical master. Caliban can't kill Prospero because Prospero has magic, knowledge and more power over him.

For Prospero and Miranda, Caliban is a slave, a savage and the other. He resembles the medieval wild man, the uneducated and the uncivilized. For them he needs to be civilized. Caliban is also seen as the personification of Native Americans. He stands for the New World Natives and mind. Prospero and Miranda have typical colonist judgments over people who are different. They try to gain power over Caliban because they lack of understanding and empathy towards him.

This sitution can also be seen in American history, between the Native Americans and the New England colonists. While Prospero can be seen as England itself, Caliban can be seen as Ireland which represents the opressed, the other, the uncivilized, drunk and slave.

caliban and ariel relationship advice

Also, Caliban hasn't lost touch with nature, that's why he is seen uncivilized and savage. But maybe Caliban can be the only hope in the play, everybody leaves the island he is the only one left there. He is the only one who remorses and states that he will be a good a person from now on. With the end of Prospero's power and authority, there is no power competiton, no threat and no one to compete with, that's why he thinks optimistic. If there was a threat to Caliban's authority he would also react like Prospero and Alonso.

This situation can be seen in Kafka's ''In the Penal Colony''.


There are arbitrary laws and punishments ''In the Penal Colony'' because this system and its laws are only fond of the creator. Everybody else in this system has to subordinate to the arbitrary laws. Prospero's system functions just like the Penal Colony, with the overthrow of the old commandment Sycorax's authoritya new commandment is re-established. Prospero is the creator of the system and his arbitrary punishments can be seen in the Caliban example.

Caliban is the child of Sycorax the old system's creator, when Prospero creates the new system he puts Caliban in a slave position where he becomes the master. Caliban is punished, tortured pyhsically and he is kept captive in Prospero's prison. He can't defend himself because the laws don't work for his sake. Prospero does whatever he wants to Caliban because he is at the highest of the hierarchical system and he uses his language, books and magic to sustain his power. Caliban's punishment is an example of arbitrary laws and punishments.

Prospero's daughter Miranda is at the center in the play. She stands as a symbol for women who are sold to dukedoms to restore their father's power. Miranda has an important role in the play she is the only woman. She is the epitomy of chastity and fertility. Without Miranda, all the men in the play have nothing. Prospero sees Miranda as an oppurtunity to restore his dukedom.

She's the only woman in the island who is white. There is no other woman mentioned at all in the play. Prospero has created an order, authority over Miranda since she was a child and because Miranda has never seen something else she is used to this power and authority. She is locked up like a prisoner in her father's sovereignty. With the shipwreck incident and Ferdinand on the island she is able to perceive and experience something different.

She falls in love with Ferdinand and now she isn't fully submissive to her father, she disobeys his command and meets with Ferdinand and reveals her name to him. He is a powerful magician who was once the Duke of Milan. He was usurped by his brother, Antonio, and forced to flee Milan with his daughter on a barely sea-worthy raft. When the play begins, he has lived on the island with Miranda for twelve years. During that time he has learned magic and has become master of Caliban and Ariel.

caliban and ariel relationship advice

He looks after his daughter and is protective of her. In the end Prospero is forgiving rather than vengeful. Although he makes it clear to Antonio and Alonso that what they did was wrong, ultimately Prospero is merciful.

Character attributes Powerful — Prospero once held power in Milan and also rules over the inhabitants of the island, Caliban and Ariel. Or rather the manipulative master of Dr Faustus in a subordinate disguise. The first meetings of the characters in the master-servant relationships are essential to how their relationships are shaped. In the Tempest the formally Sycorax-owned island had only a few remaining inhabitants, one of them being Caliban.

How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Whilst their first meeting seemed harmonious, the events that took place shortly afterwards set a negative tone for their relationship. Prospero accused Caliban of raping his daughter Miranda.

It is questionable whether he did take advantage of Miranda or not as it was not uncommon for a coloniser to accuse a native of raping one of his women, whether this was due to fear or to simply keeping the man in his place is subjective.

caliban and ariel relationship advice