Calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship quiz

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calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship quiz

Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) in CSI: Miami. Find this Pin and . Jonathan Togo & Adam Rodriguez CSI Miami Ryan Wolfe and Eric Delko. Find this Pin. Take the Quiz: Calleigh Duquesne. This quiz is about my NEXT>. 3. Calleigh had a relationship with Jake Berkeley. True. False Frank Tripp. Eric Delko. Jul 27, character Calleigh Duquesne's long-running love troubles. She's had an on- again, off-again relationship with fellow cop Eric Delko (played.

In fact, the episode was based on the real-life convicted serial killer William Richard Bradford ; Nika LaRue was one of the women photographed by Bradford for his collection. Bradford would photograph women he met in bars under the guise that he would assist their modeling careers. Natalia had secretly begun seeing Nick again and admitted later in the episode that their relationship was "complicated.

Horatio, the night-shift lab and Calleigh's ex-boyfriend Detective Jake Berkeley must find evidence to clear Natalia. Natalia admits to Berkeley that she was outside Nick's house. She was handcuffed by Jake at the beginning of the episode.

calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship quiz

Earlier on, Nick and Valera went on a lunch date. Valera ignored Natalia's warnings about Nick being dangerous, so Natalia went there to watch over her. She sees Nick trying to force Valera into the bedroom and watches Valera push him and run out of the house. Thinking that she killed Nick, Valera tries to admit to Jake, but he denies her confession.

It is later discovered that another man murdered Nick over a pair of earrings that Nick had stolen from a crime scene which linked the man's wife to said crime.

At the end of the episode, Natalia leans on Horatio's shoulder and sobs quietly as they both look at a picture of Nick and Natalia in happier days, a reminder that Nick had not always been the abusive person he had become. In the episode "Tunnel Vision", Natalia is late to a crime scene and explains to Calleigh that she "had to add a new accessory to her wardrobe.

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In the season 8 episode, "Count Me Out", Natalia and Ryan walk into a booby-trapped house containing a meth lab. As the lab explodes, Natalia is trapped beneath debris. Though telling Ryan to save himself, Ryan stays and tries to free her. Along with Horatio who arrives Ryan called him just before entering the housethey free Natalia and Horatio helps her to safety. Though claiming to be fine and not willing to admit her injury, Natalia experiences hearing problems towards the end of the episode as well as flashbacks of the explosion, showing how shaken she truly is.

Later in "Die By the Sword", Natalia's hearing problem almost costs her life while searching a victim's house. The victim's son, spooked by officers invading his house takes a samurai sword and sneaks up on Natalia. Not hearing the boy, Natalia continues to search through a closet. Just before the boy [Kenny Turner] strikes, Ryan sees him and shouts to Natalia.

Kenny runs but is caught by Tripp. Afterwards Natalia thanks Ryan for "having her back". Ryan, on the other hand is furious that she was almost killed and urges her to see a doctor. Later, Walter gives her the card of a good doctor and after expressing her fear of being "stuck behind a desk" for the rest of her career she agrees to go see the doctor.

After a series of tests, it is concluded that Natalia had a preexisting injury, caused through domestic violence. In the same episode, Natalia through her hearing aid also discovers Eric is wearing a wire and quizzes him over it, saying she knows what it means due to her past "mole" experience.

She agrees to keep his secret, but is crestfallen as she sees Eric's reaction to her overly warm admonishment to "please be careful".

calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship quiz

They'd been lovers in the past and clearly it was a relationship that Eric didn't want to return to as, not wanting to confuse her or lead her on, he quickly exits her company. Her lingering feelings for him tears at their friendship when later that evening she refuses to go for after work drinks with the team because of his presence with new love Calleigh Duquesne.

In "All Fall Down", the season 9 opener, Natalia falls victim to a poison attack in the lab, her survival was uncertain until the season 9 premiere. She did survive thanks to Horatio's intervention, and is devastated when she unsuccessfully attempted to revive Jesse, who died while falling. She plays an active part in his murder case, trying to warn Melissa PhD student of Sterling, the killer about him.

Eric Delko Meets Calleigh Duquesne

She also helps Eric and Horatio decipher hieroglyphic symbols left by the killer. She later participated in a basketball game with Walter and the rest of the CSIs. In "Sleepless in Miami", Natalia goes undercover to investigate a psychic that was linked to a case involving someone who dreamed about a murder victim. The psychic saw the listening device attached to her hearing aid that Natalia was using so Ryan could record the interaction.

The psychic drugged Natalia using a laced candle that Natalia was to breathe from, then had her drive to an abandoned warehouse to draw Wolfe and Caine away from the psychic while she fled.

Natalia, believing she was back at the lab and seeing Nick her deceased ex-husband trying to attack her, attempted to fire at "Nick", not realizing it was actually Lt. She was then hospitalized for the drugging, not remembering the incident other than that it was dream-like. Horatio and Ryan later removed any evidence that Natalia had used her firearm to fire at fellow MDPD officers, without her knowledge, saying that no one could be allowed to know.

In "Happy Birthday", Natalia shows confidence while investigating the case and a true member of the team when Horatio uses physical force to interrogate a suspect. Though not quite comfortable with the situation, she entered the Hummer instead of leaving when Horatio gave her an out; looking out for bystanders when the suspect cries out when Horatio leans down on his dislocated shoulder.

In "F-T-F", Natalia learns from a new trace tech that she was a case study at the local university. She also shows superiority and a scientific knowledge when showing the tech how to analyze a piece of evidence. She and Walter also set up a meeting with a suspect who believes they are a teenage girl over the internet.

The meds were found inside the home, but little had been taken. The house was a disaster area, typical of a care taker who's depressed. All of the family members had been shot with a shotgun, except for the toddler. She had blood from her two brothers on her, but she was fine.

The gun cabinet inside the garage had the wife's fingerprints on it, and her death was made to seem like a self inflicted wound. It turned out that the father was the parent who'd had enough. Though the man spent little time at home and dealing with any of the problems, he was tired of his wife's phone calls of complaint.

Their teenaged son had shouldered the main brunt of taking care of the family, and had an ulcer to prove it. The husband called his wife and asked her to check the gun cabinet, he claimed he believed it was left unlocked. That event left her finger print on the gun cabinet. Then he came home, called her from his cellphone inside the garage, and went in with a shotgun in hand. The teenage son tried to save both his sister and the baby boy. He died shielding the baby. Strangled Mac Taylor arrives at a crime scene in New York to find that an undercover cop has been strangled to death.

A wallet was found, but no ID was inside. As he checks it, Horatio introduces himself. Horatio is surprised to find that Nick was killed, and they figure that the real murderer stole the man's identification, used the identity to rent a car, and killed the two victims in Florida. They make a deal to have the real murderer prosecuted in Florida so that Horatio can give Laura the daughter of the victims piece of mind.

They find a partial whirl of a fingerprint and do a search on it. Question by author GameMaster Steve Steve and Gina answered Patrice's ad for the boat. Gina claimed, at first, to have never even been on the boat. She changed her story when Delko asked for a sample of her lipstick- off of her lips.

He wanted the lipstick and the DNA. After matching the bullet casing print to Steve's fingerprints, Steve confessed to shooting Patrice. He said his first plan was to just throw her off of the boat and steal it, until he found the gun belonging to Micheal Boland. Gina claimed that Patrice was asking a half of a million dollars for the boat, and that she and Steve couldn't afford it. This hearse was located within Calleigh's proposed five mile radius, at the Livingston home.

CSI: Miami - TV Guide Cracks Delko and Calleigh Romance Mystery

Where were the Livingstons when the police and CSI arrived? Livingston and his family had been upstairs when the Mala Noche getaway car crashed through their front gate. So, Dale Livingston rushed his wife and two kids into the panic room. We later find out he'd had it installed after the gang had forced him into a life of organized crime against his will. Sadly, he'd left his housekeeper Celia alone downstairs to confront the gang. Miami" Season Two Part 2 click to play it.

Oxycontin He sent his assistant to the Golden Triangle to buy more, and the assistant took a reporter along with him so the reporter could get a story. However, the deal ended badly when the dealer thought they were cops and started shooting, killing the assistant. His watch Eric took off his watch and put it on Calleigh's hand to show that he was there with her but had to leave. The names and numbers of individuals who had made death threats against the victim After Calleigh's angry tirade, Ryan called her back in order to give her the "names and numbers" of individuals who had phoned the news station to make death threats against the carjacker.

Appearing remorseful and worn-out, Ryan added, "Hopefully, one of them is your guy". But before the adoption is complete, Calleigh tells Eric that there is another couple wanting Austin and Patty, and that she thinks her chances are low.

Upon hearing this Eric goes to the adoption counselors and informs them that Calleigh would be a great mom and has the support of the rest of the team to raise the kids, thus helping Calleigh gain custody. Relationships Calleigh's relationship with her parents is a strained one.

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Her mother wanted to be viewed more as a friend then an authority figure. Her father, Kenwall "Duke" Duquesneis an alcoholic defense attorney who has tried to rehabillitate himself many times but has failed. Her father sometimes calls her "lambchop" episode" Dispo Day ".

Calleigh sometimes has to pick him up and drive him home when he is too drunk to do so episode" Double Cap ". When he comes to her lab and confesses that he may have killed someone while driving drunk, Calleigh risks her job by lying to her boss, Horatio Caine, to protect her father episode" Under the Influence ".

Calleigh reveals that she once dated a Marine Corps Special Ops sniper, now retired, who helps Horatio understand the mindset of a sniper on a spree in downtown Miami episode" Kill Zone ". Calleigh has a brief relationship with Detective John Hagenformer partner of Horatio's brother Raymondin season 2; they break up when he goes on leave for a "bad back.

In the season 3 finale, a deeply-depressed Hagen steals a crucial piece of evidence from a crime scene, possibly to produce it later and look like a hero. Unfortunately for him, Calleigh notices the void when she comes to photograph the scene, and Hagen come up from behind, pulls his gun on her, and flees.

Though at the time she does not know that he is the perpetrator, she remembers vividly the sound of the gun cock, and recognizes it moments before Hagen commits suicide in the ballistics lab. She finds the missing evidence in his jacket pocket as the coroners wheel out his body episode" ".

calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship quiz

Hagen, in jealousy and hostility, tells Elliot to back off from Calleigh. Elliot goes on to become engaged State Attorney Monica Westbut neglects to inform Calleigh of this, continuing to offer warm overtures to her.

Natalia Boa Vista

Calleigh is naturally upset and angry when his fiance walks in and introduces herself, though Elliot tries to defend himself by saying that he was going to tell her soon episode" Urban Hellraisers ".

Later, when the lab is under investigation by the FBI, Calleigh determines that Elliot was the last person to handle the money that went missing from evidence, and that it is Monica West who is leaking false information that discredited the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, as well as stealing the money episode" One of Our Own ".

Despite their falling-out, Calleigh and Elliot remain friends, and she calls him in to determine the authenticity of money they confiscated during the course of a case episode" Death Pool ". Ryan Wolfe's first case upon joining the lab investigates the possibility that Calleigh's father killed a man while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, Calleigh and Ryan's relationship begins on a bit of a sour note episode" Under the Influence ". However, Calleigh soon grows to accept him as a colleague.

She is often caught in the middle of verbal sniping between Ryan and Eric Delko, at least until they grow to trust each other episode" Nailed ".

calleigh duquesne and eric delko relationship quiz

Though Calleigh confronts Ryan about his participation in the very Death Pool they are investigating the source of the fake moneyshe does not follow up officially, and Ryan destroys all his "winnings" shortly afterward episode" Death Pool ". During an investigation inanother of her former love-interests surfaces: Unfortunately, she wrongly became convinced that Berkeley had become too enamored of his role in a weapons-dealing, drug-using motorcycle gang, and at one point Calleigh suspects he murdered his clean partner, Ken McCartney, though this assumption is later proved false episode" Going Under ".

They resumed their relationship by the end of season 5 episode" Born to Kill ". In fact, Calleigh goes to Antigua with Jake on her "first vacation in a long time," so it can be presumed that they are involved in a significant romantic relationship episode" Dangerous Son ". After the details of their relationship are leaked, Jake suggests that they should take a break from each other in order to continue working together episode" Deep Freeze ". It isn't a break that lasts for long, as they are soon holding hands just outside of the lab episode" Sunblock ".

After a pleasant brunch in which they both enjoy mimosas, Calleigh is involved in a shooting, leading to her being investigated by IAB.