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Charles Aznavour was often described as France's Frank Sinatra and in , and finally Ulla Thorsell in , and fathered six children. 'Ulla Thorsell' (11 January - present); 3 children as his most favourite picture and Charles Aznavour as his most favourite singer. The relationship lasted until his death in , though they never married. He was twice was the Mystery Guest on the popular television quiz show "What's My Line" (). N sta aktivitet r att Ulla Thorsell stlund kommer till biblioteket Kramfors och ber ttar sin Our thoughts and prayers go out to Charles Aznavour family. Music Sports Sex Relationships Holidays Entertainment Features Podcast Quiz Princess.

He made his professional acting debut aged 10 alongside Davy Jones, lead singer of the Monkees, in a production of Oliver! Direct descendant of John Alden, who came to America on the Mayflower in Charles Alden was the eighth generation Alden and the last generation to live in the same house; occupied by his family for almost three hundred years.

American 'quick-change' specialist in vaudeville who was one of the stars at the first Royal Command Variety Performance in London in His son, born Charles T. Twin brother of 'John Christopher Allen'. Is a retired U. Federal Marshal who served as technical adviser, to ensure accuracy, on "Justified" and "In Plain Sight" Mexican actor, who in changed his name to "Charlie Aplin" and began imitating Charlie Chaplin's tramp routine, until Chaplin put a stop to this by suing.

Charles Andre was under a Players Term Contract at Republic Pictures from February 26, to August 25,but he did not appear in any film from that studio and Republic did not pick up on the contract's 6-month option. Other brother of Nelson Angelil and Eddy Angelil. Holds the record for the most performances with the Metropolitan Opera.

In 57 seasons with the Met, he appeared 2, times. He retired from acting and began importing and breeding French Charolais cattle at his ranch on Orcas Island in Often played gossips and snoops. Has been a member of the nWo and the Filthy Animals. Konnan is a huge name in Mexican Wrestling.

Made his wrestling debut on January 6, But he hated working for WWF and quit after two weeks. He was replaced by Paul Diamond but, the gimmick was dropped 2 weeks later.

Konnan has said he will never work for Vince McMahon again. Finishing move submission hold "Tequila Sunrise". Cousin of 'Robert Ashenoff Jr. Was the biggest draw in wrestling in the world in the s. Of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent. Principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. Is currently a sergeant with the Houston Police Department. Chopra's Syrius radio show in July After listening to his music, he wrote a few days later a letter to Charles-Henri qualifying him as "a talent beyond belief".

He grew up in a 12th century Knights Templar castle in the greater Carcassonne area Francewith a dungeon full of giant bats that were the last species of their kind in Europe. One of the seven original members of the 'Keystone Kops'. Entered films with Biograph, later with Keystone and Paramount. He is an Armenian-French singer-composer born in Paris but very popular among the French culture especially in Quebec. Seda, 'Patricia Aznavour' and 'Katia Aznavour'.

Patrick and 'Mischa Aznavour' Micha Aznavour. Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in At the start of autumn inAznavour initiated his farewell tour, performing in the US and Canada, and earning very positive reviews. ForAznavour has concerts scheduled all over Japan and Asia. He has repeatedly stated that this farewell tour, health permitting, will likely last beyond At age 75 years old, he continued to act in movies, writes songs and record.

One album was entitled "Jazznavour," which featured new versions of his old classics recorded with a group of American jazz musicians. Known for his "faits de societe" songs which dramatizes social issues.

He has written songs about everything from AIDS and traffic accidents to divorce and weight problems. Of Armenian descent, the performer founded the relief organization "Aznavour for Armenia" following the earthquake in his homeland. On July 5th, was invested as an honorary officer of the Order of Canada.

The honorary status is a special designation reserved for non-Canadians. February He became Armenia's ambassador to Switzerland, where he resides. He was granted Armenian citizenship in December It's the highest Honor bestowed by the Government of Quebec. Played a character named Ed Saroyan in two unrelated movies: However, the character in the first one is named Edouard French spelling and the character in the second one is named Edward English spelling.

As of Julyhe was retired from show business, residing in Texas and raising horses. Charles once directed a starkly brutal P.

The film, however, went on to win him the praise of countless rape survivors across the United States. One of Charles' best strengths is his use and manipulation of new and emerging technologies, however, when he writes, he does it in longhand in a loose leaf binder rather than on a word processor.

It was called "Silent Storms" and only ran a few episodes. Once worked for fellow Ohio showman, Marilyn Manson, video taping his Antichrist Superstar tour and the often times crazy Christian protesters. Is a building company director.

Father, with 'Kate Sachs'of daughter 'Georgina Baillie'. Ex-son-in-law of 'Andrew Sachs ' and 'Melody Lang'. Ex-brother-in-law of 'William Sachs' and 'John Sachs'. Announced that he would enter the Hall as a Philadelphia 76er. He was voted one of the NBA's fifty greatest players of all time. One of their outdoor basketball courts carries the name "Charles Barkley Court" in his honor. Nearly made the US Olympic basketball team, but was cut on the final day by coach Bob Knight for making snide remarks about Coach Knight "wearing his granddaddy's shoes.

Wore number 34, his college number, for most of his career with Philadelphia and Phoenix, but switched to 32 in his last season with the 76ers as a tribute to Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who was forced to retire before that season due to being HIV positive.

Played 16 seasons in the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers toPhoenix Suns toand Houston Rockets to Only player on the original U. Olympic "Dream Team" of whose NBA team finished the previous season with a losing record and out of the playoffs. His best friend is 'Michael Jordan '. They were born only three days apart. Other inductees included 'Dominique Wilkins' and 'Joe Dumars'. Husband of 'Julie Gibson '. His mother, Ivarene Cornelius Bateman, died on January 14, at the age of Charles Batton, a 35 year-old policeman from Louisburg, N.

C on Saturday, June 20th, He learned to yell as a young boy on deer hunting trips with his father and grandfather. Founded the Crescent Film Co. Founded the Bison Motion Picture Co. Founded the Reliance Motion Picture Corp. Co-founded, with 'Carl Laemmle' and 'Mark M. He is the Chiarman of J. May Mayfair, London, England His early death was a particularly shocking and distressing one - he suffered from a degenerative aging disease which gave him, at age 38, the appearance of a centenarian.

It has been speculated that he was suffering simultaneously from Pick's Disease and early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. A busy and prolific writer for most of his adult life, he found it virtually impossible to work in his last three years, although friends sometimes completed work for him without credit. Charles literally went from being a production assistant for a project to it's lead writer the next morning.

Armed only with a 3 man crew and an 8 hour deadline. Charles shot, edited, acted in and co produced a pilot for lifetimes development pipeline. Bedaux was an efficiency expert and explorer who organized an expedition to cross northeastern British Columbia, Canada, in He brought along a Hollywood cinematographer, 'Floyd Crosby'and a large entourage including his wife and his mistress. Unfortunately, weather, poor planning and financial problems plagued the expedition.

Although the planned route was not completed, the group managed to travel through Canada's subarctic bush and wetlands, and over mountain passes, from Edmonton, Alberta to British Columbia. The unexpected amount of rain disabled the Citroen half-track vehicles, and they were abandoned in favor of horses.

Bedaux returned to BC again in to build a road for a new planned expedition to use, but that never happened. His collaborationist activities resulted in his being arrested by American military authorities in North Africa in and he was sent back to the US. While awaiting trial in a Florida prison inhe committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

Father of 'Charles Bedaux Jr. He acknowledges the three "slices of the pie of life". The first two slices being the two smallest pieces - i. Takes pride in the fact that he makes life decisions based on decreasing that piece of the pie of the stuff he didn't even know he didn't know. Performed stand-up comedy for a year before pursuing acting. Has supported Lionel Jospin's presidential campaign. Linguist; grandson of founder of the Berlitz language schools. At the request of his grandfather, changed last name to "Frambach-Berlitz"; later dropped "Frambach".

A researcher of UFO's and related phenomena and authored many books on the subjects. A speaker of 32 languages and Heir to the famous language school Dynasty. Grandson of Maximilian D. Berlitz, who founded the Berlitz chain of language teaching schools and centers.

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He has also chaired the Academy Awards Rules Committee since Lived in the United Kingdom for 3 years. Was a Shriner's patient in Tampa, Florida for surgery during late teenage years.

Served in the Armed Forces during the years to During Summer battled a staph infection in his right leg where he lost over 25 pounds. While living in Saudi Arabia was held at gun point. Close friends with Jessica Grace Orr.

Friends and works with Brooke Sikkema in local musical production. Was raised by his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in a Soul Food restaurant in Florida owned and run by his great-grandmother, the legendary Miss Sally Pearl Famborough Jackson. November Directing short "First and Last Visit" while healing from severe infection. July Encouraging two younger sons as they embark in their passions in the entertainment field as actors. Increasing Voice over and Ventroliquism skill. Daughter Doris Bickford b.

Son Rex Bickford b. Is one of 8 actors who have received an Oscar nomination for their performance as a priest.

Charles Aznavour

The others, in chronological order, are: Tracy, Crosby and Fitzgerald all won Oscars for their performances. Bickford never placed all his eggs in one basket when it came to his financial security. At one time he owned a gas station and garage, a half interest in a pearling schooner, a pair of whaling boats, a hog farm, a chicken ranch, a lingerie shop, and purchased an island off the coast of the Indonesian island of Java where coconuts were harvested.

Amomg his outside interests were painting and a gold mine in San Bernadino. While rehearsing a scene for Universal's East of Javahe was mauled by a pound lion on his neck and shoulders, very close to his jugular vein. He was billed as Charles A. Bickford early in his career.

The "A" stood for Ambrose. Singer, recording artist Son of Charles Biddle Sr. Moved to Canada in and became a Canadian citizen in Important jazz musician in Montreal for nearly 50 years He was awarded the C. Member of the Order of Canada on January 19, for his services to Music in Canada at the investiture ceremony in Canada. Jean Baptiste Society, for his contributions to music. French journalist mostly sport. Has his look-alike puppet in the French show "Les guignols de l'info" Older brother of 'Lori Black'.

Younger half brother of Susan Agar. Cousin of 'Marina Black '. Elvis Costello recorded "She" for the film Notting Hill. The three singers performed a variety of carols, medleys, and duets, and the concert was televised throughout the world, as well as released on a CD internationally. Aznavour started with concerts all over Japan and Asia.

Aznavour had repeatedly stated that this farewell tour, health permitting, would likely last beyond ; after that, however, Charles Aznavour continued performing worldwide throughout the year. At 94, 60 years on stage made him "a little hard of hearing". Armenian president Robert Kocharyan and French president Jacques Chiracat the time on an official visit to Armenia, were in front-row attendance. On 5 Julyhe was invested as an honorary officer of the Order of Canada. He performed the following day on the Plains of Abraham as a feature of the celebration of the th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City.

It was released on 27 November In August Aznavour released a new album, Aznavour Toujours, featuring 11 new songs, and Elle, a French re-working of his greatest international hit, " She ". The shows in New York were cancelled following a contract dispute. PetersburgParisLondonAmsterdam and Monaco. Filmography Aznavour had a long and varied parallel career as an actor, appearing in over 80 films and TV movies.

In the version of Die Fledermaushe appears and performs as one of Prince Orlovsky's guests. There is a square named after him in central Yerevan on Abovian Street, and a statue erected in Gyumriwhich saw the most lives lost in the earthquake. On 26 DecemberPresident of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan signed a presidential decree for granting citizenship of Armenia to Aznavour whom he called a "prominent singer and public figure" and "a hero of the Armenian people".

First I hesitated, as it is not an easy task. Then I thought that what is important for Armenia is important for us. During the French presidential electionswhen far-right nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen of the National Front made it into the runoff election, facing incumbent Jacques ChiracAznavour signed the "Vive la France" petition, and called on all French to "sing the Marseillaise " in protest.

Aznavour with Armen Martirosyan and Djivan Gasparyan in Yerevan He frequently campaigned for international copyright law reform. Extension of term of protection would be good for European culture, positive for the European economy and would put an end the current discrimination with the U. In May the French Senate approved one of the strictest internet anti-piracy bills ever with a landslide —14 vote.

Charles Aznavour : pourquoi sa femme Ulla n'était pas à ses côtés le jour de sa m0rt

Aznavour was a vocal proponent of the measure and considered it a rousing victory: If the youth can't make a living through creative work, they will do something else and the artistic world will be dealt a blow There will be no more songs, no more books, nothing at all.

So we had to fight