Charlie chauhan and kunwar amar relationship problems

Charlie Chauhan and Kunwar Amar spill the beans on their love story

charlie chauhan and kunwar amar relationship problems

Yes, you heard it right. So who is he dating? Well none other than beautiful and gracious Charlie Chauhan. They have been in a relationship. Recently, Charlie Chauhan and Kunwar Amar were spotted holidaying in Shimla, Himachal Pradhesh. Charlie was visiting her hometown. Kunwar Amar Charlie Chauhan (Instagram) He was not too sure in the beginning about our relationship, because Trouble in paradise.

Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message Now Reading: However, the news reports about his break-up were not confirmed till sometime back but looks like the Navya actor has finally opened up about his break-up.

Popular couple Kunwar Amar and Charlie Chauhan Broke up

He wrote a heart wrenching post on Twitter on how he has lost the one he loved and now he doesn't care about the hatred coming his way. According to reports, the two actors, parted their ways amicably some eight to nine months back and reasons behind the break-up is still unclear.

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Charlie and Amar who were last seen together on dance reality show 'Nach Baliye' in are currently mum about their break-up. However, close friends and people who know them are aware about their break-up. The news of their split came to the spotlight when Charlie recently shared a picture on Instagram that read Single and unavailable.

charlie chauhan and kunwar amar relationship problems

All our efforts to reach Charlie and Kunwar proved futile Television couple Vaishnavi Dhanraj and Nitin Sahrawat, who tied the knot in December following a two-year courtship, have filed for a divorce. According to sources, the two have been staying separately for a long time now.

Says a source close to the estranged couple, "There were compatibility issues, but that's common in any relationship.

charlie chauhan and kunwar amar relationship problems

However, differences escalated and when things came to a head, Vaishnavi decided to move out of Nitin's home. They don't wish to talk about their problems as they want the divorce to come through without any hassles. The couple from the popular TV show, Parichay, have agreed to part ways amicably after being together for three years, reports Bombay Times.

The report quoted Aarti as saying that, it took three years for them to come to terms with the fact that they are two different people and that they have difference of opinions.

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She further stated that they had tried saving their relationship but nothing seemed to help. He is serious about his work but there are certain things he should take seriously A crazy moment spent together?

A-We were going to Goa on my birthday. On our way I was driving really fast.

charlie chauhan and kunwar amar relationship problems

On the highway I touched a speed of Suddenly when I was overtaking a truck suddenly came the same lane and within a blink we were under the truck. Luckily the truck was higher form the land so we managed to escape under it. We just escaped death. When we realized we were alive we burst out laughing. A-Charlie lost her mother when she was young. She grew up with her father, sister and brother. She just loves her family and can do anything for them just like how I think of my family.

I talk to everyone in his family. Most memorable date and why? A- I think the first time when we went to Goa.

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C- Our very first date. The starting dates where we feel that awkwardness, nothing to talk about was cute and amazing. Sweetest thing your partner has done for you? A-She gifted me Troy pet dogwhich I think is the most wonderful thing that she has done for me.

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C- He himself is very sweet. He cares for me like my mother. C- Indore and Shimla with our families no big dreams, his family and mine. A-I am a very calm-aggressive person. In anger I will be very calm and stubborn and about Charlie, She's dumb laughs. It shows that it happens naturally, his fingers get crossed.

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