China and syria relationship

China May Be the Biggest Winner of All If Assad Takes Over Syria

china and syria relationship

The other thing in China's favor is its long history of friendly relations with. In an interview with the private Chinese broadcaster Phoenix Television that. China–Syria relations are foreign relations between China and Syria. Diplomatic.

Beijing has taken a hard-line stance against alleged militant attacks from the Uighur community, and experts said it has shaped China's role in Syria. China has not shared Western concerns about human rights under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has already begun to focus on rebuilding the country he has mostly retaken. This ongoing peace process, based in the Kazakh capital of Astana, has been cautiously accepted by the West, which has preferred ongoing talks in Geneva.

In another departure from the West, China has already begun to secure its economic stake in the reconstruction of the war-torn country. In Beijing, a Syrian businessman speaks during a meeting with Chinese officials and businessmen to discuss reconstruction projects in Syria, on May 8, With stability returning to many parts of Syria, foreign investors see business opportunities.

China–Syria relations

The Chinese are in awe of this. They don't understand it. They see it as an opportunity," Aronson told Newsweek. With the Chinese, the flag follows the trade. Read more China condemns US-led airstrikes in Syria, calls for restraint and dialogue As well as imposing sanctions on Syria and impeding investment for reconstruction, there are ominous signs that American, French and other NATO allies are trying to extend military pressure to carve up the country into occupied zones.

There have been reports of increasing French troop numbers joining US forces in northern Syria. That relationship prevails today. And most Syrians support President Assad.

China to step up aid to Syria as war winds down | South China Morning Post

Western machinations over Syria have been a failure. The illegal war that Washington, Britain, France and their regional partners prosecuted has been a miserable waste. But if China steps in with its colossal economic power, the attempted Western isolation of Syria will only turn out to be another huge loss. Ever the shrewd strategists, China can turn Western depredations into an immensely rewarding opportunity.

If Syria gets back on its feet with peace and stability, it will be China, Russia, Iran and the entire Eurasian region that are the big winners. Think your friends would be interested? The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

China to Move Troops to Syria

However, most of the smaller Asian countries like Myanmar and the Philippines have very little security presence in Damascus. When the war in Syria began, most Asian countries shut down their embassies with the exception of China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Philippines had a consulate open because of the large number of domestic workers which are still to this day working in Syrian homes.

china and syria relationship

So now these countries are increasingly relying on China to help resolve the gaps in their own security relationships with Syria, and monitor the links between the war and their own militancy problems at home. Reconstruction efforts Another dimension of the Chinese ascendancy in Syria has been economic.

With the war in Syria apparently reaching its final stages and the Syrian government now in control of 11 out of 14 provincial capitals, there has been an active push for reconstruction efforts in cities like Homs, Hama and Aleppo.

china and syria relationship

While Russia and Iran seem the obvious candidates to rebuild, both countries have economic problems of their own and it remains to be seen whether they could impact the Syrian economy and benefit from trade deals other than defence contracts. Sinceboth India and China have thrown their hat in the ring for economic projectssending several high-level business delegations and taking part in trade expos not just in Damascus but also in the coastal cities of Latakia and Tartous.

The Dragon and the Lion: China's growing ties with Syria | Middle East Eye

This March, President Bashar al-Assad gave a high-profile interview to a Chinese media company in which he confirmed the visiting trade delegations and expanding academic links to China.

China has also backed the Syrian government, voting and lobbying on behalf of the country at the UN at all the various forums and workshops.

china and syria relationship

Syria has benefitted immensely from a continued increase of Chinese interest in Damascus. An all-encompassing relationship between Damascus and Beijing which focuses on security, economics and geopolitics has slowly put China in an interesting position in the Levant.

For China, there has been a very measured increase in their presence and relations with Damascus while it still sits on the sidelines of the actual conflict. Soft-soaping Assad On the softer side, Assad has been portrayed in the Chinese media as a liberal who believes in the potential of China in the Middle East, something affirmed by a Chinese presenter asking him soft questions such as why his son is learning Chinese.

china and syria relationship