Chitanda and oreki relationship memes

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chitanda and oreki relationship memes

This one gif basically describes their relationship, Chitanda pulls Oreki out of his . Oreki Houtaro and Chitanda Eru from Hyouka Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes. Houtarou Oreki (折木 奉太郎 Oreki Hōtarō) is the protagonist of Hyouka, a student However, he possesses brilliant deduction skills and he is often forced to use them by the ever-curious Eru Chitanda. to think otherwise and understanding Mayaka's cousins relationship and being able to explain it to Eru. . Quotes Edit. Hyouka memes are what keep me going One thing though is the Soda character Chitanda mentions having been Then again they could become to much of friends to then not be willing to cross over into relationship territory. I hope Oreki ends up with Chitanda because they're perfect for each other.

chitanda and oreki relationship memes

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 - На какое-то время.

  • Houtarou Oreki
  • Eru Chitanda

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chitanda and oreki relationship memes