Clegg and cameron relationship trust

David Cameron admits 'fundamental differences' with Nick Clegg - BBC News

clegg and cameron relationship trust

Lord Ashdown: Trust in Cameron is damaged "It has been so far a relationship lubricated by collegiality, congeniality and trust. Even Mr Clegg's own aides admit that the Liberal Democrats have suffered an "absolute. Conservative leader David Cameron says he has "fundamental Mr Cameron said he and Mr Clegg "have a good working relationship - the. thriving). The Cameron-Clegg relationship 'sets the tone for government at every level' .. that ministers were now more trusted by the prime minister and that .

And Isis has put down roots in Sirte and, increasingly, Tripoli. It concluded that the early threat to civilians had been overstated and that the significant Islamist element in the rebel forces had not been recognised, due to an intelligence failure. By summer the initial limited intervention to protect Libyan civilians had become a policy of regime change.

However that new policy did not include proper support and for a new government, leading to a political and economic collapse in Libya and the growth of ISIL in North Africa.

clegg and cameron relationship trust

It concluded that Cameron was ultimately responsible for this British policy failure. On 24 Februarythe government recognised the Syrian National Council as a "legitimate representative" of the country. President Barack Obama to respond with a military intervention. This was the first time that a British government was blocked from taking a military action by parliament. It is clear to me that the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.

Cameron and Clegg: is the beautiful relationship turning sour?

I get that and the Government will act accordingly". Referendum on Scottish independence[ edit ] This article needs to be updated.

clegg and cameron relationship trust

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. June Cameron campaigned successfully for the Better Together campaign in the referendum on Scottish independence A victory by the Scottish National Party in the Scottish general election raised the prospect of the Scottish Government holding an independence referendum within the following five years.

Though the constitution is reserved to Westminsterthe SNP planned to get round that by holding a referendum to seek a mandate to negotiate for independence.

Cameron and Clegg: is the beautiful relationship turning sour? | Politics | The Guardian

There was continuing support for the High Speed 2 scheme and further developing plans for the route. Whilst initially showing scepticism towards the electrification of the Great Western routethey later gave the project its backing and work began formally in Crossrail and the upgrade to Thameslink are due for opening in It leaves the deputy prime minister increasingly reliant on an upturn in the economy, progress on social mobility and a broader liberal agenda to justify the original decision to form the coalition with Cameron.

A triumphant Labour party claimed announcement was a humiliation for the coalition, and a sign of the prime minister's weakness. Privately the party also added that the move sharply reduces the likelihood of a Conservative majority government at the next election, and makes the chances of the Lib Dems forming a second coalition government with the Conservatives increasingly remote. The boundary review might have seen as many as 40 Labour and Lib Dem seats abolished.

Clegg himself accused the Conservatives of breaking the coalition contract, and said the failure of Labour to support a parliamentary timetable on Lords reform amounted to "student politics" and short-term opportunism.

The tensions between Cameron and Clegg over EU

Clegg conceded that the decision — relayed to Cameron in a blunt phone call on Monday morning — represented uncharted territory in the coalition, and created a vacuum in the coalition's legislative programme. He said he wanted that vacuum to be filled by alternative measures either on further banking reform, social care or ways to help young people find jobs.

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Cameron refused to admit that reform of constituency boundaries — a proposal which was due to be voted on by MPs and peers next year — was dead, and said the vote would go ahead, raising the prospect of Lib Dem ministers voting against the prime minister in the division lobbies. Lib Dems said it would be more sensible if the still-incomplete boundary review was shelved now.

clegg and cameron relationship trust

It is possible that Cameron still sees the boundary revisions as a bargaining chip he can deploy against his Lib Dem colleagues. Tory cabinet members pointed out the coalition agreement had linked boundary reform to the referendum on the alternative vote, and not to Lords reform, but Clegg countered they were part of a cluster of constitutional measures.

Clegg was eager on Monday to limit the damage from the collapse of Lords reform — insisting the government would still be anchored in the centre ground, and focused on delivering a revival of the economy, the reason the coalition agreement was made in the first place.

He said a relationship of mutual trust and respect could be maintained with his partners.