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C.C. Character Julius Kingsley Manga Couple, Code Geass, Lelouch Vi Discover ideas about Manga Couple. Code Text the romance back, love advice. Why There Are No Therapists for Nina? For all that I love Code Geass, I used to feel like Lelouch was (or at least started out as) something Lelouch and CC are the ones to pilot the frame, the only couple in the show to "share a bed" (both . Lelouch and C.C., Suzaku and Euphemia and Akito C Code, Code Geass, Code. Visit Lelouch x C.C. C Code, Anime Couples, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Code Geass,. More information .. love that yaoi thought. Manga Therapy (Tony Yao).

Kim and Ron Kim Possible Mock this if you must, but there was a lot of authentic feeling and good examination of high school relationships in this one. How Kim and Ron got together even felt authentic. Having been a loyal friend and comrade to her exploits, Ron Stoppable was probably the best friend a person could ask for.

When he finally realizes that he has feelings for Kim, it is an interesting look into his psyche as he is trying to process it. Kim initially denies her feelings for Ron, with him being a guy in the place all guys hate — the friendzone. But he is there for her when she needs him most, showing her that the best guy is right in front of her. Plus, it makes Ron a hero for escaping the friendzone.

As the series goes on and you see their relationship develop, there are a lot of good and realistic moments, despite the nature of the series.

They fight, they have issues and at the end, they worry about going off to college and being apart. It was a cute little couple and it made the show that much better. Zuko and Mai Avatar: Zuko and Mai, on the other hand, are a very fascinating couple. Both of them coming from very harsh upbringings, their relationship has a lot of history. After he returned from being banished, she rekindled an old flame. What made their relationship work was how real it felt.

The fights they had were intense! Their harsh moments were as engaging as their sympathetic moments. Plus, they actually had a very good break-up and reunion, with her desperate to understand why he left and still showing she cares, even though he hurt her. It was a nice dichotomy between two very introverted people. When Will and Lyra first met, it was a very confrontational event, with Lyra charging out of a building and attacking him.

From there came a very slow building of love that eventually explodes into a mountain of passion. They are very different people, with Lyra being a silver-tongued devil who is outgoing and Will being a quiet introvert who just happens to have a very quick mind underneath his outward frigid bravado.

She was awake and heard it all. It expanded in the third book when Will rescues her from Ms. They have a romance that feels like young children. They have so much desire but are just kids. This is one such story. What I said about Will and Lyra is especially important here.

Holland and Cece are young. But there is more than that. This story also covers what can happen when a girl comes out to her parents.

With Holland, it ends disastrously. She often wears Lelouch's own clothes, including his Zero costume whenever Lelouch required a decoy. These suits contain many means of restraint, including various straps and zippers, and a high collar capable of gagging the wearer. Not set to fully bind the wearer, the suits have rather long sleeves that flare outwards closer to the cuffs. A number of these straitjackets are seen in the Geass research laboratories.

According to the Audio Dramathe reason for C. She is seen wearing it through most of the first season and the end of the second season. The scar on C. Rather than the usual Black Knights jacket, C. The lower end of the uniform splits off into four long pieces that nearly extend to the floor.

A long, adorned red sash is also worn around the waist. Underneath her uniform C. She is often seen wearing only these undergarments. She has on some episodes worn the Ashford Academy uniform and has her hair tied in twin-tails. This is done to slightly blend in with the student body so she can move around more freely, to pass messages to Lelouch or just to simply find more pizza.

However, she does express some emotions later in the first season and at several points in the second when in the presence of Lelouch. When she locks her memories away, she regresses to how she was hundreds of years ago, fearful and open. However, when she regains her memories, her personality reverts back. Kallen suspects that C. Backing this up is that C. She also doesn't age.

Apart from her immortality, C. A Geass sigil appears on her forehead whenever she manifests this power, and she has a similar scar on her left breast. Her powers caught the interest of Britanniawho imprisoned her for experimentation purposes.

In the first season finale, C. Through this, Lelouch sees memories of her past, including repeated "deaths". This would suggest a minimum lifespan of at least five centuries. In a special feature included in the series' fifth DVD, she and Lelouch discuss Washington's Rebellion, a failed version of the American Revolution, during which she speaks of participants such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as if she had been close friends with both.

Considering all the Character Derailment and Rescued from the Scrappy Heap that we see in the living characters, it makes perfect sense that Clovis and Marianne get the exact same treatment. There's also the audio drama that shows how Clovis originally decided to take that position.

He clearly has no inclination towards war and politics, and no desire to involve himself in it, but in the Britannian royal family, if you're not a soldier, you're trash. Cornelia and Schneizel are incredibly rude to him and he just takes it. Then he tells them that he has accepted the position of viceroy of Area 11, and they're shocked and they don't think he can do it.

He tells them he wants to do it to make Lelouch's "final resting place" peaceful for him, for the younger brother who never knew how much Clovis cared for him. Euphemia tells Clovis that Lelouch sent her a letter and mentioned making friends with a boy his age in Japan. Clovis says that he thinks he should be gentle to the Elevens in that case, since Lelouch had a friend among them.

Bot Cornelia and Schneizel tell him that he can't let himself be soft, and that a viceroy should be ruthless. So he's a weak-willed person who has essentially been told that his actual skills and talents are worthless, and the only thing he could do that would be worthwhile would be to become a ruthless tyrant.

Keep in mind that he is a sheltered Britannian royal who probably has never been exposed to ideas other than what the empire wants everyone to believe. While it's true that everyone has choices in live, and no one has to order a massacre, it's also true that if every single piece of information a person receives points to one conclusion, it's incredibly unlikely that they would be able to think of an alternative on their own. The ability to think on that level is what sets people like Lelouch and Schneizel apart from the rest of humanity - and Euphie is also a lot closer to it than most people give her credit for.

But for the rest of them? If you look at how their information is being manipulated, you realize that they don't need to be condemned, they need sympathy. Nina's, ahem, "romp" with Table-kun seems extremely out of place and, when I was watching with my father, embarrassing After Lelouch accidentally geasses Euphemia into slaughtering the Japanese, we get a shot of the Emperor watching the massacre and laughing maniacallydeclaring, "You are worthy of being called my child now!

But then in R2 we find out that the Emperor already knew quite a bit about Geass and what Lelouch was up to. Meaning he probably guessed that Lelouch geassed Euphie, but thought it was done intentionally in order to stir up anti-Brittanian sentiment.

That's when you realize, the Emperor wasn't cheering on Euphemia's Ax-Crazy rampage, he was cheering on Lelouch's ruthless manipulation of his sister and the Japanese population. He still comes off as a bastard, but a very different kind of bastard.

Plus, in the original Japanese episode, the subtitles show "He did it! He really did it! Not likely; Japanese does not differentiate pronouns by gender.

There are no specific words for "he" or "she". Actually, there are "kare" and "kanojo", respectivelyit's just that they are not used very often. However, in that case if I heard correctly Charles used the word "yatsu", which is gender-neutral. On the other hand, given the context, who else is it going to refer to? Yeah, he was just waiting for her to snap and go kill-crazy all on her own What in often considered one of Lelouch's Moral Event Horizons his crossing the line into using Geass to enslave all of Britannia is actually all part of Zero Requiem.

As well as making him seem even more like a heartless tyrant who only uses people as tools, it also and this is the brilliant part completely absolves everyone in Britannia of any responsibility for the subsequent war.

Lelouch makes the world not only hate him, he also makes them feel pity for Britannia for being enslaved, not hatred for them supporting him. And since his plan was supposed to conclude with his death, the survivors would all be free again afterwards unlike Schneizel, who he quite specifically enslaved to Zero. It wasn't a Moral Event Horizon - even though he had to do it to carry out his planhe was sparing them from any reprisals!

Tell that to the love ones of all the people who died during that battle, especially those who Lelouch killed by destroying Mt.

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He enslaved hundreds of people and then killed them just so peace could be achieved with his own death. That world was in desperate need of peace, the world might have more technology than real life, but it lacked the maturity of real life earth leaders. Strangelove, had season 2 not ended the way it did. Given a world where loved ones are dead, and one where everyone is dead. Schneizel and Lelouch could have easily talked it out, figured out that no one actually wanted to fight, and simply ended the war settling into an era of peace.

Humanity isn't evil, you don't need to kill a bunch of people to make sure that the rest fall into line. The actions of the Royal Britannia Family where the actions of madmen, and they still haven't fixed the problem of the Britannia family still ruling Britannia.

The family proved that it shouldn't be in charge of a Dairy Queen let alone the largest country in the world. The problem with that is that Schneizel's plan had less to do with fighting Lelouch and more to do with nuking a bunch of cities to force the rest of the population in line with his idea of "peace", which in his view was a simple absence of war.

Even if Lelouch and Schneizel recognized that they had similar goals and that Lelouch wasn't truly evil incarnate, Schneizel still held incredibly cynical views about humanity - he believed they were beyond saving, which is the main problem.

Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch would have had to deal with him anyway, and Schneizel was good at convincing people to march to his beat. Not that he needed it; even if Lelouch somehow regained the Black Knights' co-operation, their trust in each other was mutually broken. There was nothing that implied that Lelouch had even tried to co-operate to begin with.

I never understood the Ragnarok plan until I watched it again today. The whole thing emphasized Charles' detachment from the human condition. He could have stopped the violence by issuing a few edicts like the abolition of the Numbers system and instead he came up with a cartoony plan that made little sense to everyone else.

Only except the fact that most of the royal family would overthrow him. Everyone says the Euphinator Incident was a Shocking Swerve. It was foreshadowed, though. Honestly I knew something very, very wrong was going to happen in that meeting.

I also knew the Geass was starting to act beyond Lelouch's will when he almost geassed someone by accident, and I knew Mao's Geass simply never stopped. But I wasn't expecting this to happen. I expected Euphie to get the Clovis treatment. And then, that's the beauty of it, the show completely distracts us from that sense of doom and even the sense of narrative logic. Eupohie's unexpected display of competence was so surprising, and she was so sweet, she talked both the viewers and Lelouch into lowering our guard, and forgetting that the story advancing from there would suck I for one was starting to imagine a Pendragon arc, with lots of Deadly Decadent Court scheming and deception and drama and And then, when our head is in the coulds and our hearts open With minimal effort, all that castle of cards tumbles down.

Slightly lazy, but brilliant nonetheless. Remember the weird branching tree diagram at the Geass temple? It's a drawing of neurons. After all, Geass works in relation to people's minds. For characters whose backstory we learn about, it appears that their Geass is a type of Personality Power by granting the character's greatest desire. Lelouch, having no control his entire life gains the ultimate control over people. Charles, after having his brothers and sisters killing each other due to ambition wants to rewrite history.

Bismark, the consummate soldier, gains the ability to see what the enemy is going to do before he does it. It's even somewhat inverted near the end when Rolo uses his power of manipulating the perception of time to make to preserve his moment of belonging.

However, the fact that his power literally revolves around lies and falsities, moreso than any other Geass, shows that in his heart, he always was a gigantic liar, to the point that it was the key trait recognised by Geass. According to supplementary materialsthe reason America lost its fight for independence in the Code Geass world is because Benjamin Franklin switched sides.

7 Times Lelouch and CC Gave Us “Collywobbles”

This might seem to be a bit hard to believe - until you realize that in other supplementary materials, CC mentions having known him personally. If Benjamin Franklin had a contract with CC, considering the effect that other Geass-weilding politicians for example, Lelouch have had on the Code Geass world, it makes a lot of sense that the outcome of the revolutionary war depended wholly on him. Given that the real Ben Franklin was largely responsible for America receiving aid from the French during the Revolutionary War, it's not that big of a stretch to believe that America would have lost the war if England had managed to turn Benjamin Franklin to their side.

It is still possible that Geass may have been involved in turning him. I was browsing at the CG wikia and looking at the map of the second part of the series and I saw the Middle Eastern Federation was painted as red and also Indonesia and the Phillipines, so I realized that the Black Rebellion was actually a heavy blow to the Britannian Empire, even if it was a failure, because the Empire lost territory because, judging by the map before the UFN, it looked like the Empire was practically a Villain Sue.

With two royals dead and one missing and if the securing of the new areas wasn't going as good as expected because they had to redirect supplies to Japan, the control over those areas was feeble. It could be said that the UFN accepted the governments in exile, but the area corresponding to Persia is not alligned with the UFN, which leads the question of why didn't they join the UFN?

Because the Britannian threat wasn't relevant. Then Britannia, after the Black Rebellion, redirected its efforts to the EU the provider of supplies and technology to guerrillas over the worldconquering most of the ill-defended Africa Unfortunate Implications for the EU? I am of the opinion that an African colonized by the EU had only a slightly better condition than a Number while advancing in Europe with Schneizel's strategy of negotiating with states directly serious, how could they conquer Russia in one year without making an accord?

As for the Toromo Agency in Cambodia, it could be argued that it's just the United States of Cambodia didn't care with their presence and the jungle would be a good cover for the research. Lelouch took Suzaku's philosophy and took over as Emperor, and Suzaku took Lelouch's philosophy and became Zero. It could have been done differently, with Lelouch being either a good emperor or continuing on as Zero, but as an agent of a more peaceful Britannia instead.

Possible, but not probable. Britannia was pretty set in its ways, and even with Nunnally it'll take years being generous estimate to fully change the course of the country and its population's worldview.

Not to mention the fact that Lelouch wanted to die, believing Nunnally to be dead and he was in too deep when he learned otherwise. Unfortunately the writers mainly presented the conflicting narrative that Lelouch fully intended to do so because he wanted to atone, yet still failed to explain the wisdom behind this. The Zero Requiem cost not only scores of lives when all was said and done a likely case given the implication that Lelouch acted the worst tyrant everbut also Lelouch himself, one of the smartest people in the world.

Leaving people in charge who got fooled by Schneizel isn't the smartest thing to do, nor is leaving a wake of destruction for them to clean up the most ethical.

Besides, suicide is never atonement; it's the easy way out. It's understandable that Lelouch wanted the latter, but the writers didn't present it as such, hence the logic failure of the ending. Many good points, although you must remember, in the Japanese cultural mindset, suicide is a perfectly acceptable atonement, which is why Suzaku was a Death Seeker for most of the show's run. As for Schneizel, Lelouch was probably banking on Suzaku keeping him in line, although I agree it's not the wisest possible choice.

Lelouch rightly or wrongly also believed that he could never truly help build a new peaceful world after the things he'd done. He saw himself as too sinful, and left that job to people like Nunnally and the UFN. What I meant was that most of the remaining cast was nowhere near a smart; may the gods have mercy on Ohgi if he performs another blunder.

While Lelouch had done various destructive albeit often necessary things, he also did many heroic things as well, and had often proved he could help in a reconstructive leadership capacity, like when he helped form the UFN, a legitimate worldwide body.

That says a lot more than many of the others who lived instead, and only gives credence to him giving up on life. All I'm denying is the narrative that Lelouch redeemed himself with his final act of playing tyrant and publically assisted suicide, which is self-contradictory given that it caused more death and destruction than his rebellion, which actually could have taken down the Britannian Empire given just a little more time, did, and that he left his work of changing the world to everyone else rather than continuing on to help.

I agree completely; Lelouch did have the capacity for good, constructive solutions, and he's essentially leaving the future of the world in the hands of some people who have been shown to be seriously misguided.

But try telling him that. He wasn't exactly in a good state of mind following Nunnally's death, and Suzaku's blame game wouldn't have helped - he pushed Zero Requiem more than anyone.

The idea that Lelouch somehow redeemed himself is a case of Japanese Values Dissonancewhich can easily be denied from a Western perspective. As for the UFN leadership, all we and Lelouch can do is keep our fingers crossed that the UFN's charter and Schneizel's continued service to Zero will be enough to keep things relatively peaceful and stable.

The main argument against building a military mecha in the real world is the vulnerability of the legs, right? Well, Code Geass brilliantly dodges the issue by making the mecha in question so friggin' nimble via Rollerblade Good that it's nigh impossible to accurately target the legs in combat.

Of course, real-world mechas wouldn't engage in close combat but still. Unfortunately, This Troper forgets the specifics but once or twice once during the R1 finale Lelouch tells Suzaku that together they can accomplish anything. As we know, he was dead on.

By the end of the second season, they conquer the entire world and then achieve world peace. This Troper feels that the countless ways in which the characters foil one another throughout the series can be considered as multiple examples of fridge brilliance.

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But, of course, it doesn't end there. Because he's suppose to be a position above the Knight of One but he's also Zero's knight. Also, he's the knight who becomes Zero. But it would make sense when you think about how he has to have direct eye contact with whoever he's using his Geass on, so what better way to make the subject look at his eyes?

While that certainly could be one explanation, this troper always felt that his hand movements were so over-the-top that they would be more likely to distract the target. A likely explanation could be that they are just intended to direct attention towards him.

Suzaku's Knightmare Frame is called Lancelot. Think for a moment - what significance did Lancelot have in the Arthurian Legend? Lancelot betrayed King Arthur and made off with his wife. Now, "betrayal" is a running theme with Suzaku. Firstly, at the outset of the series, the other Elevens accused him of being a traitor in siding with the Britannians.

Next, Lelouch finds out Suzaku's working for Britannia, and feels betrayed by this, especially seeing as he was planning on Geassing him to live his life at Nunally's side. Then, finally, in R2, he betrays the old Britannian royal family by siding with Zero Also, factor in that Suzaku fell in love with Euphemia. What was Lelouch's last words to the girl? Lancelot stole Guinevere, Arthur's wife, from him; had Lelouch found out about the relationship, he might have, even for a second, feel robbed from.