Conan and haibara relationship

Detective Conan: Ai Haibara Relationship analysis

conan and haibara relationship

Absolutely. I mean if I did, anyone can fall in love with Ai Haibara. But it is HIGHLY (I can't emphasise enough on this) improbable because Gosho Aoyama, the. Conan and Ai share an interesting relationship that is unclear to define. While they are not a romantic main pair, some fans think that Ai is in love with Conan. Haibara has since defrosted by embracing her new child life and has established strong relationships with Conan, the Detective Boys, Agasa, and Ran.

Ayumi Yoshida Haibara has tried to keep an emotional distance away from the rest of the Detective Boys since the beginning. However, over time, she can't resist their friendliness anymore and gradually warms up to them.

This is especially true in the case of Ayumi. At one time, Ayumi noticed that she called everyone by their first names except for Haibara and decided to try and call her Ai-chan, but without success. At the end of a case which involved a shattered friendship, Haibara told Ayumi that it was ok for her to call her Ai-chan.

When Mitsuhiko and Genta tried to call her that, however, she told them that only Ayumi was allowed to call her by her first name. On the whole, Ai seems to see Ayumi as a little sister, even going so far as to physically shield her from danger. Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko develops heavy romantic feelings for Ai, and Ai is aware of this. Ai uses his feelings to her advantage when she needs him to do something, but she also does admire his courage during missions the Detective Boys must perform and respects his feelings enough as not to be truly exploitative.

Despite what their actual ages are, Ai often times acts more like a mother to the professor, constantly reminding him to watch what he eats. On several occassions, she has removed fattening foods from his reach, and is attempting to help get him into better shape. There's also been instances where she'll automatically step in front of Agasa in cases of danger. Out of all the people she's met, Ai seems most comfortable about acting herself with the Professor; which might be attributed to the fact that he was the one who found her after she escaped the BO, and took her in.

After Vermouth puts Conan to sleep, Ai bravely confronted Vermouth. She attempted to make a deal with Vermouth that if she kills her, she will not harm anyone else. This goes to show that Ai is willing to risk her life for Conan. Episode Edit As Conan traces the Black Organization's whereabouts, he asked Agasa to come with his car, only to be annoyed that Ai tagged along because he told Agasa to not let her know.

Ai, however, was insistent. Conan noticed that Ai was not her usual behaviour, as she would usually discourage him from investigating them. Conan proceeds to mimic her usual phrases "it's too dangerous", "run away"showing that Conan knows her well.

Ai remembers about Ayumi saying that she "doesn't want to run away" and wants to catch the culprit, because she'll "never win" if she escapes.

conan and haibara relationship

This is similar to Conan's words "Don't run away from your fate"hinting that this might be the reason why she's supporting him. It is also hinted that Ai expresses fear that the Black Organization might harm Conan, which is why she doesn't want to escape, now that they know their whereabouts.

Jodie notices her behaviour, watching Conan and Ai's interaction. Jodie gave a "thumbs-up" to Ai with a smile, hinting that Jodie senses Ai's feelings for Conan and gives her encouragement to express it. Throughout the case, Conan constantly tells Ai and Agasa not to get out of the car, worried that they might endanger themselves. He offers her his cap to ease her mind. Ai comments that even an "ugly cap" will look good on a "cute girl".

Conan replied by saying "give it back" for saying that the cap is ugly. Later, the Detective Boys questioned why Ai is wearing Conan's cap. Episode Edit Noticing that their teacher, Kobayashi, sees Conan being too serious, Ai advices Conan to be childish in order not to draw out suspicion. She mimics him with his "ah-le-le" and "okashi-yo" phrases, showing that she knows him well.

Conan did as he was told, getting scolded by the Detective Boys that he was being too childish. Ai is seen giggling at him. Episode Edit Haibara touching Conan's cheek. Conan and the rest of Detective Boys are shopping for books in a bookstore. Conan walking while turning around and then suddenly Haibara finger-cupped his cheek and turned him. You're looking for mysteries, right? Conan says back, touching her on her shoulder, "It's not like a case jiken happened or something An affair between Conan-kun and Ai-chan!?

They stared at Ayumi with bewildered and surprised faces. Feeling the presence of a Black Organization member, Ai clutches on to Conan's shoulder tightly as she is afraid of them.

Episode Haibara repeatedly stayed behind Conan and grabbed his shoulder out of fear of Subaru. Expecting Ai not to be afraid, he turned to her, only finding her afraid as well. She suddenly grabbed Conan's arm and screamed, shocking Conan. He tells her that it's just CGI effects, but she ignored him and continued to hold onto him. Episode Edit Conan is knocked out by Kaito Kid with a stun gun. Wearing a skirt on, Ai crouched in front of a seemingly unconscious Conan, only to be surprised to hear him say, "White".

After explaining why he feigned being knocked out, Conan complains, "This posture is really starting to hurt," to which Haibara replies, "That's right Conan replied with "Ah, no She calls him a pervert instead. Conan argued that he would have kept quiet if he were truly a pervert. Episode Edit Haibara and Ayumi blushing and angry that Conan might have peeked at them. Having burst into the women's onsen after hearing Ayumi and Haibara's screams, Conan ran past Ai and Ayumi's naked body, just to discover a dead body.

Genta and Mitsuhiko proceed to interrogate Conan, resulting in the following comical misunderstanding: Haibara still irritated says, "Don't sweat it. I won't let them peek at things they shouldn't, unlike you".

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Conan assures her, "If it's about that, don't worry. I didn't see anything besides your butt", causing Haibara to blush. During the deduction, Conan states in Agasa's voice that it's naturally alright to see a young child naked, but not an adult referring to the case. This caused Ai to glare at him angrily, because it seemed like he's saying that it's okay to see her naked since she's just a child,so she she is not as appealing as ran who happens to be an adult.

At the end of the episode, Conan tells Agasa that his bottom seems itchy and asks him to check it. Agasa comments that it seems swollen, like having a rash. Ai suddenly opens the door, revealing that she placed chilly powder in his underwear. Ai deliberately stares at Conan's bottom, saying sarcastically that "it's okay" since "he's a child".

conan and haibara relationship

It was also a comeback as "an eye for an eye", as it would only be fair since Conan has seen her bottom. Conan only gave her a bored expression, proving that she had "outsmarted" him with her scheme. He asked Haibara for some antidotes "just in case", but Haibara declined.

conan and haibara relationship

Conan then grabbed her arm insisting for the antidote, causing Haibara to scream "Pervert! Episode Edit "What's 'dere' about her? Despite hearing Conan and Professor Agasa's explanations, Haibara continues to be annoyed, saying, "Anyway, if you do something like that behind my back again, I won't forgive you! I don't like feeling like I'm being played with.

Haibara blushes, saying, "Are you stupid? Professor Agasa comments that Haibara is a tsundere, prompting Conan to ask what's "dere" about her. Episode Edit Ayumi called up Ai, saying that they can't seem to figure out the case. Ai asked Ayumi if Conan has that "smile" on his face, the trademark smirk he has when he figures out the mystery behind the case. This indicates that Ai knows him well. Ai reassures Ayumi that it'll be alright since Conan has already figured it out because he has "that smile".

On the next part of the case, Ai once again notices Conan's usual "smile", knowing that he has already figured out the case. Episode Edit Ai is seen listening happily to a song, but does not reveal what is it. Conan devises a plan, using his phone to record Ai's song to reveal its identity. The Detective Boys comment about the schemish aura he is emitting, afraid that it is "not a detective work" and more of a crime.

Ayumi couldn't bring herself to betray Ai and record the song Conan instructed her to do soand told Ai that Conan intends to figure out the song she has been listening to.

Annoyed, Ai confronts Conan and teases him that "he deserves it" when his phone got misplaced.

Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara

After the case, Conan is still pondering the identity of the song that made Ai hum happily, having to figure it out only at the end of the episode. Movie 4 Edit Ai admitted that she wanted to forget about everything and always be with Conan "forever, just like this" and "only [Conan]", shocking him.

Conan was about to say "Haibara, are you.? However, she immediately said she was joking. Sonoko arrives, noticing them. She asked Conan whether Ai is his girlfriend. Movie 5 Edit Gin notices that someone has been dialling Akemi's number, and Conan finds out that it was Ai's doing. Ai wants to miss call Akemi's phone just to hear her voice in the voicemail as she misses her. Conan tells her that it's dangerous to do this, saying that "although [he] does not understand what [she] feels".

Ai yelled at him that "no one knows what [she] feels", brushing past him and running to her room, crying. Conan attempts to run after her, but was stopped by Agasa as it's best to "leave her alone for now".

Ai apologizes the next day for her actions, lamenting to Conan that she doesn't have "a place where she belongs". The Detective Boys overheard her, saying that they have a "place" indicating to their seats in class and Ai has.

Being surprised, Ai looked at Conan.

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Smiling, Conan reassured her that she has a place and isn't alone, winking at her. Sonoko decided to have a new look and got a haircut that is similar to Ai's.

When Sonoko arrives, she asked the Detective Boys and Ran "how does she look". Conan immediately fantasized Ai in her adult form having the image of her from the Haido Hotel. He was rendered speechless, causing him to blush when the rest of them teased him. Movie 6 Edit Conan, Ran and the Detective Boys where stuck in a virtual game, where if someone gets elimated, they will not return to reality unless one finishes the game.

Set in old time London where Sherlock Holmes is, Conan and the rest tried to solve the mystery. In the process, they met up with the virtual Irene Adler and their mission was to protect her.

When the theatre had bombs, causing the place to collapse, a boulder was about to fall on Conan. However, Ai lunged forward, screaming Conan's first name, and pushed Conan away from the impact of the boulder.

As Ai disappears, Conan puts his hand on her shoulder. Ai stated that she believes he can win this game as Conan is "Holmes" to them. When Conan asked to take photographs of a scene from Ai, she asked if she was "his assistant now".

Conan insisted that she was not his assistant, but "partner". Ai was impressed, commenting that he is a "smooth talker". Movie 12 Edit Agasa asked Ai how Conan deciphered her code for him to "shoot" using a recorder instrument.

conan and haibara relationship

After Ai explained the code and that he trusts Conan's perfect pitch hearing, she states that she "believes in him as her partner", refering to the previous movie.

Movie 15 Edit "Aren't you being a little too forward for a kid? Ai is holding onto Conan as they move on the skateboard. In the movie, Conan and Ai are seen on the skateboard again and was being chased by the culprit with a gun. Conan, protecting Ai, embraced her to avoid her from getting hurt.

Ai asked if he was "being a little too forward for a kid". Conan could only reply with a "yeah. Being a fan of Higo, Ai, seemingly jealous, ruffles Conan's hair roughly. While watching the match, Conan notices that Ai switched caps, implying that she is a supported of "Big Osaka".

Conan gave a sideway glance, stating that she's not being honest. When Ai spotted Conan moving with his skateboard on top of the stadium, Ai becomes afraid for his safety. Later on, Ai assisted Conan in his investigation throughout the movie. Only using a soccer ball to deactivate the bomb, Ai commented that she has "to take care of him after all" before kicking the ball to Conan.

Ai stares at him, causing an old woman nearby to comment that "something else besides the sunflowers has attracted her eyes", referring to Conan. Ai blushes at the comment.

The old woman proceeds that Ai reminded her of her old self, revealing that she used to be in love with a man. Conan later informs Ai about the case and before he finishes his sentence, Ai stated that she already knew what he was going to ask, a favour to "not let the kids know about this".

Conan gratefully thanked her, as she watched him run off to investigate the case. The old woman commented that they seemed to be reliant on one another. Ai tried to deny, stating that Conan and her do not have a relationship that the old woman is trying to imply. The old woman does not buy her denial, saying that Ai has the "same look in her eyes" like she did 70 years ago.

if you were conan, who would you choose..ran?haibara?ayumi?

The old woman proceeds to tell Ai that "if you only stare at it, you'll only end up with regrets", implying that Ai should do something about her feelings instead of just gazing at Conan. Ai assisted Conan throughout the movie and constantly stared at him. As the exhibition site collapse, Ai noticed that Conan might still be there, expressing great worry. Ai immediately dashed to the nearby forest.

The image of the past story of the old woman in her youth and her lover as the man engulfs in flames. This parallels to Ai's situation as Conan is in a near-death circumstance. Ai panics, implying that she might truly regret should something bad happens to Conan.

At the end of the movie, Ai looks away after she talks to Conan. Noticing this, Conan asked about her new attitude. Ai stated that "if she keeps staring at him, she'll end up regretting it". Conan was clueless, asking where she got the idea from. Ai answered that she got the advice from a friend. As Agasa was kidnapped, Conan spoke to him using the detective badge. Ai, fearing for him, grabbed the badge while Conan's hand was still on it, making them hold hands.

The pair watched the Detective Boys, being proud of how they were growing up. Conan commented to Ai that "they are growing up before we know it", a statement of how a parent will say to their spouse about their children. When he saw Haibara, he grabbed her hand, dragged her outside and pushes her against a tree just like how a guy would kiss a girl roughly for questions.

OVA 12 Edit While reading a horoscope, it said on Ai's that she should wear something different and tease the object of her affection.

She then wears glasses something that she does not normally wear and makes the case more difficult for him. Ai remarks that people in love often disguise it by being mean to the object of their affections.

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She then proceeds to emotionally torture Conan throughout the episode.