Consumer behavior and marketing concept relationship

What Is the Relationship between Marketing and Consumer Behavior?

consumer behavior and marketing concept relationship

Major corporations, from Ford to Apple, have spent billions (if not trillions) of dollars studying consumer behavior. They want to know how. In relation to consumer behavior, selling concept tells whether consumers purchase products through aggressive marketing strategies. 7. Identify and explain the. Consumer Behavior Relationship Marketing - Learn Consumer Behavior in Developing Marketing Concepts, Marketing Strategies, Market Segmentation.

Here, in this stage, it fulfills all the promises or the commitments regarding the after service or anything related to the product made to the customers. The main point here is that, the quality in which the marketer pays the utmost attention. To retain the customers for a long run the marketer should give the customers the desired quality with all the required features and characteristics and of course, the marketer should be readily available for the customers to provide effective service or products.

Factors affecting Business and Relationship Marketing As we, all know consumer needs tend to change gradually with time. The likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences of consumers change with time. For example, a girl who liked a dress when she was 15 might not like the same dress when she is Marketers too need to study the market and acquaint these changing factors to survive in the market and retain customers. In a consumer market, there are many suppliers and consumers, so the marketer needs to work accordingly to motivate the consumer and retain him.

What Is the Relationship between Marketing and Consumer Behavior?

Whereas in a business market, the competition is even tougher, where there are limited or fewer customers and suppliers. Here the buyers may not always be the end users as they are focused and know about their wants and needs.

In such kind of markets, it is very difficult to change the opinions of the consumers. Track that data over weeks, months, and years to refine your knowledge about your audience. Outside Kajabi, you can also use several other strategies to get to know your audience. Following are some of the best strategies and tools for tracking and interpreting consumer behavior. While customer reviews are no-doubt beneficial for other consumers, they can also be informative for businesses.

When you read reviews of your own products or those of your competitors, you can better understand what your target audience wants.

consumer behavior and marketing concept relationship

You might notice, for instance, that lots of people complain about a particular facet of online courses in your industry. If you create a product that fixes the problem, you can convince more people to convert. Answers and Quora can offer tons of free information about consumer behavior. People ask and answer questions about products all the time.

Start by searching these sites for your brand name. From there, conduct broader search queries related to your digital products and niche. What are people interested in learning? What irritates or delights them about available solutions to their problems?

Collect as much data as you can, then find intersecting points that might help you better understand your target audience as a whole.

consumer behavior and marketing concept relationship

Surveys When you have a large enough audience, surveys can become your most powerful tool for consumer behavior research. You can ask your audience anything you want, catalog the answers, and look for connecting threads. The best surveys are generally short. Additionally, focus on very specific questions that relate to your products. Consider offering an incentive for survey participation, such as a free download or a coupon for one of your Knowledge Commerce products.

Focus Groups Traditionally, focus groups took place offline. Consumers gathered in a conference room or other meeting space, and the event was conducted by an independent third party. The Internet makes focus groups far easier and much less expensive. You can use any software program that allows you to interact with multiple people in real time.

For a small focus group, Skype can work as a free, international option. The goal of a focus group is to better understand consumer behavior. You usually compensate the people who participate with cash or with free products. Keyword Research Good old Google can be your best friend when it comes to inexpensive consumer behavior research.

Consumer Behaviour: The Marketing Concept

You can tell a lot about people based on what they search for. A free tool like Ubersuggest allows you to enter a given keyword and learn the search volume, average cost per click on paid ads, competition level, and related keywords. Figure out what the most common keywords are related to your niche and how they might influence your marketing materials. Target those keywords when you publish content online.

Relationship between consumer behavior and marketing concept

Google Analytics You can use Google Analytics to learn plenty of information about your target audience, such as which blog posts they read most on your website or how many people bounce from your sales pages. This information will tell you where your target audience spends a lot of time--on Twitter, for example, or on Google conducting searches.

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Understanding how they convert their customers can help you boost your own game. We recommend using the SWOT analysis: Do they have more social media followers? Have they produced more products? What about their weaknesses? Once you have this data, you can extrapolate information about your shared target customers. What do they have in common?

consumer behavior and marketing concept relationship

How can you beat your competitors by reaching your target audience first? Blog Comments Consider keeping a spreadsheet of blog comments. It might seem like an unnecessary bit of administrative work, but it can help you speed up your analysis of consumer behavior. Divide up comments based on their content. For instance, you might want one spreadsheet for positive responses and another for negative. Look for requests and gripes that can help you better understand what your target audience wants.

Next is the stage for selling.

Relationship Marketing

Selling involves showing the product to the targeted and willing customer the product on offer to suit his requirement and overcoming his objections to finally close the deal. Accrual concept states that expenses and incomes are recognised only for the period they relate not when the actually paid or received.

The matching concept is an extension of the accrual concept. It states that the expenses and incomes incurred in the same accounting period must to match against each other that is revenue recognize for this accounting period must be match against expense recognize for the same accounting period. What is the consumer behavior explain with suitable examples and a flow chart the concept of Marketing process? Consumer behavior is the study of the way consumers respond to or utilize a particular product.