Daddy long legs and judy abbott age difference in relationship

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daddy long legs and judy abbott age difference in relationship

Daddy long legs is a story of a young girl, Jerusha Abbott and her letters to her benefactor She shares a love-hate-anger-gratitude relationship with him. . Q. Despite a year age difference, Judy and Jervis get married. Watashi No Ashinaga Ojisan (My Daddy Long Legs) original run started The age gap between Judy Abbott, the main character and Jervis was around 10 to 13 . in my whole life and hopefully this relationship will end up in a marriage. DVD. In any case, to me, the age gap is not a big deal as long as the .. Similarly, when 'Daddy-Long-legs' wanted to send Judy to Europe, she refused to go. also written by Jean Webster, in which it mentioned that Judy Abbott got The book also talked about her remarkably successful marriage with Jervie.

Would you like Judy to be your roommate or classmate in college? Do you think that Judy is a good writer? Despite a year age difference, Judy and Jervis get married. If you were Judy, how big age difference could you overcome? Or guess your daughter wants to marry with a guy who is really older than your daughter. Who would like to marry with between Jervis and Jimmy? After refusing Jervis Pendleton, Judy was very unhappy.

And then she wrote a letter to confess that she actually loves Daddy long legs.

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What do you think about her confession? Do you think Judy really had no idea who Daddy long legs was? Q, What if Judy already knew who Daddy long legs was and she pretended to be innocent? Daddy long legsJervis Pendleton Q. If you were Jervis, would you order Judy to write letters to him? What would you look forward to Judy? What kind of feeling did Master Jervie feel when Judy refused his proposal for marrying her?

Do you think they will live happily ever after marriage? How many points would you give for the book? I really had fun reading the book except for this one time when Judy Abbott wrote or talked in French.

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Goodness, what do I know about French? I also learned a wealth of adjectives in the story. Judy seemed to be fond of using a number of them in her letters. Which is pretty decent knowing my vocabulary needs it. And I want to read all of those, too!

I can be a glutton for books, you know. Lastly, but never the least since I had always believed in saving the best for last, was that I learned a lot from it.

I learned a lot about literary works, love, and mostly, about life. That there were still a lot of things out there need to be discovered. And also that, life really is full of surprises. He is highly popular in Princeton University so Judy must be very lucky to have attracted a guy like him.

daddy long legs and judy abbott age difference in relationship

Judy meets him when he decides to visit and call on Julia. However, Julia begged Judy to walk him about the campus instead. He looks like a true Pendleton at fist glance, although he seems simple and unaffected. Judy speaks of him with admiration. They spend time together and become close friends.

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Master Jervie typifies those wealthy individuals who still have the kind and genuine hearts. He always makes sure that Judy is doing well with school and has everything she needs.

daddy long legs and judy abbott age difference in relationship

Just like a parent, he also commands through his secretary her on certain things and events of her life — which Judy feels obliged most of the time. Abrupt Ending Okay, I was happy with the ending. But I kind of felt like it was left hanging. So does Judy get married to Master Jervie in the end? Well, it was only mentioned that they will be reunited soon.