Digangana and rishabh relationship

digangana and rishabh relationship

Bigg Boss 9 Day Rishabh reveals why he hates Digangana's parents; Kishwer & Suyyash blast Diggy, Rishabh over food! Written By. Bigg Boss 9: Digangana Suryavanshi's father REACTS on his daughter's ' husband-wife' equation with Rishabh Sinha! - jogglerwiki.info Bigg Boss Double Trouble: Love is in the air for Rishabh-Digangana told you about how these two seem to be in a love-hate relationship.

The dynamics will change from now onwards. I will be able to answer this after a couple of weeks. Who is the most competitive? Did you make friends inside the house?

Bigg Boss 9: Mandana and Kishwar fight over clothes | tv | Hindustan Times

Everyone is playing to win. They just have different ways to approach the game. I would like to say that everyone inside wants to win Bigg Boss. Whom did you bond well with? Suyyash would give me piggyback rides inside the house. I would cook with Mandana Karimi as she was a cleanliness freak and always wanted the kitchen in order.

She was really sweet and cleaned the bathroom when I was ill. Rochelle Maria Rao and I would discuss English music and fashion. We had girly fun! Prince Narula is one of the most jovial persons inside. He is a good competitor.

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Did you bond with Priya Malik? Priya Malik is a great competitor and plays the game in a fair manner. We shared the same opinion on many matters.

digangana and rishabh relationship

It was a kind of telepathy. Many felt you were unfit for the show. Comment Well, I wanted to check my fan base with this show laughs. People had told me that those who get inside disgrace themselves on the show. My aim was to come out with embarrassing myself or my family and I think I was successful. I am proud that I did not try to manipulate or put on a fake show. In short, the house is like a gurukul. Did Bigg Boss 9 teach you to value the smaller things of life?

See, I always valued everything I got from my family or work. I have never been pampered in a negative manner.

Bigg Boss 9: Mandana and Kishwar fight over clothes

I knew I would have to do certain things inside the house and that was fine by me. I would not fuss about that.

digangana and rishabh relationship

The only difference was missing my family, my support system. A cup of tea made by my mom gives me immense comfort, I missed that terribly. Do we see Rishabh Sinha and you as friends after he comes out of Bigg Boss 9 house? I am sure we will be friends. Mandana tried her best to irritate and provoke Puneet and Kishwer. Mandana Karimi in Bigg Boss 9. Colors TV Early in the evening, team B reached its first destination, Kochi, where they performed another task.

Both the teams were required to make a human chain and pass on raw fish by holding it in their mouth. After completing the task, Team B got back on the cycle rickshaw while Team A continued to pull them down.

Later, when Team B reached its second destination Surat, Mandana and Suyyash fought each other in a dhokla eating competition. Further, Mandana and Rochelle decided to target Rimi and irritate her to leave the rickshaw. Mandana was upset with Rishabh for not supporting her and decides to give up the task. Meanwhile, Team B reached the third destination, Jalandhar, where there was a kabaddi match between Suyyash, Aman and Rishabh. The task continued and both the teams kept battling each other for the upper-hand.

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