Djokovic and federer relationship

Novak Djokovic explains how relationship with Roger Federer changed

djokovic and federer relationship

Hidden hatred between Djokovic and Federer Whatever "friendliness" you see on the surface Who is the better tennis player: Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic? As of , how is the off-court relationship between Federer and Djokovic?. It's amazing what winning a few tennis matches can do for an individual's outlook, even if Djokovic has downplayed the correlation between. The Laver Cup was arguably the most successful event in men's tennis last year, featuring the marquee matchup of Roger Federer and Rafael.

Srdjan Djokovic pointed out that Federer's behaviour was scandalous during the match of Davis cup in when Novak was only When Serbia played against Switzerland in Geneve inNovak was only He had problems with his sinuses and could not stand long matches or long points. He showed that he was the best player in the worldbut not the best person.

The thing I do not understand is why Federer is still playing? He is already 34 years old - said Srdjan Djokovic. In this moment they cannot spend time together because they are rivals, but after their careers I believe they will become closer.

When talking about Nadal, Srdjan has a different opinion than about Federer, and he hopes that the Spaniard will overcome his problems and that he will play for several years more. They should all hang out and show respect to each other because they know how hard it is to reach the place where they are. He spends a lot of energy on the court.

djokovic and federer relationship

His style is hard to play with. But, world tennis still needs Nadal, he has to go back.

Djokovic a fanboy of Federer and Nadal? You'd better believe it

I hope that he will play for several years more. That is why we are so connected.

djokovic and federer relationship

Novak was the most beloved. Four years after we got Marko, and then Djordje. When Novak was a bit over 2 years old, we moved to Kopaonik mountain.

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We opened a restaurant and the sport goods store. The children grew up there and learned to live.

djokovic and federer relationship

He would bring them food and drinks. He established a relation with the court. I saw the love in his eyes when he would see the court and that is why I bought him a small racket and a fluffy ball. At the time, he suggested he might not even play the grass-court segment. This is not the same Serbian star who dismissed the support team that had been loyal to him for nearly the entire length of his career and embraced a Svengali-like figure who ran a "peace and love" tennis training center in Spain.

In May, Marian Vajda accepted his prodigal son's invitation to return as coach along with fitness trainer Gebhard Phil-Gritsch.

US Open - Novak Djokovic a fanboy of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal? You'd better believe it

As Djokovic's lost stability was restored, his surgically repaired elbow healed and the wins began to pile up again. Djokovic's philosophical bent turned more mainstream. Here at Flushing Meadows he has preached the joys of domestic life to all who would listen. Djokovic has also rediscovered his sense of humor.

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer FUNNY MOMENTS - AO 2017

After his second-round match, he ran with the joke when the crowd in packed Arthur Ashe Stadium misunderstood his comment about taking an ice-bath alongside an opponent -- assuming it was in the same tub. Djokovic has struggled with the heat he left the court briefly during the third set Monday, for an "off-court medical evaluation" that found no signs of dangerbut he has remained cheerful.

djokovic and federer relationship

It's amazing what winning a few tennis matches can do for an individual's outlook, even if Djokovic has downplayed the correlation between wins and contentment.