Enjolras and marius relationship goals

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enjolras and marius relationship goals

Marius. As with Valjean and Fantine, it's easy to assume that the screen . and from eagerness to fight for that goal the same way she fights to survive daily. . A stage Enjolras might also want to develop his relationships with. Relationships: Combeferre & Courfeyrac & Enjolras, Minor or Background It was a grand name, a grand goal, a grand purpose. When Marius had thrown off his grandfather's oppressive hold he'd been destitute, not. Victor Hugo choose to describe the relationship of Grantaire and Enjolras . we strive towards a larger goal"--but then doesn't at all treat Marius.

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Cosette had a horrible childhood, but her life improved after Jean Valjean rescued her. The rescue of Cosette is one place where you begin to understand that Cosette is supposed to represent hope. In the case of Eponine, she starts out by being spoiled by her parents and appears to be loved by her parents however that is not always going to be the case. After Cosette is rescued by Jean Valjean, Eponine gets the same treatment that Cosette got and her parents teach her the ways of being a criminal and her family falls into extreme poverty.

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So due to the switch, it makes perfect sense why Cosette ends up with Marius and why Eponine ends up with unrequited love for Marius.

Les Mis is played out so nicely that it truly works that Marius and Cosette get together. True, when Marius fall in love with Cosette, he was conflicted between his passion for the rebellion and his passion for Cosette. He does decide to fight in the rebellion after believing that Cosette is leaving. As a matter of fact, if Marius never loved Cosette, he most likely would have died during the rebellion because Valjean would not have come to the barricade to protect him.

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During the rebellion, Valjean learned that Cosette loves Marius and due to that, he heads over to the barricades to protect Marius. Marius faced a lot of trauma at the barricades.

enjolras and marius relationship goals

First, Eponine was fatally wounded and that left him quite upset. But he still showed compassion by being with her till she died. In an odd way, it even makes sense that Eponine died because it makes perfect sense why Marius would be the only survivor.

After Marius fall unconscious, Valjean carried Marius to safety. Cosette did care for Marius while he was recovering so Cosette does show that she loves him even if it is hard to notice. Waving the flag In the musical, Enjolras is killed valiantly waving the red flag of rebellion on top of the barricade in the final battle.

Is Marius and Cosette a Wonderful Couple?

In the book, this is what happens to Father Mabeuf, the older botanist, after the first volleys. Enjolras's reverence for the sacrifice of the old man in the novel shows such a compassionate side of him outside of his tough, sending-women-running-with-a-single-glance exterior. For the poor that are wretched from society, Enjolras fights. I don't think that anyone can justify making Enjolras die in that way.

It says several times in the novel that he protected his body with the barricade, fighting with his mind more than his spirit.

They are told of the lack of fervor by one of the officers in the army. In the novel, however, Paris does show some signs of rebellion--women shooting out windows and people throwing trash off their roofs onto the army below. However, this quickly dies out.

enjolras and marius relationship goals

Enjolras returns from spying and tells the men that there is no hope. Leadership Enjolras leading the people in rebellion. He is unequivocally the leader of the Friends of the ABC and on the barricade; what he says is obeyed. But one of the things that is missing from adaptations is the leadership of other members of the Friends of the ABC. They often advise Enjolras or take their own leadership initiative.

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Enjolras encourages Marius to step into a leadership position in the barricade. In adaptations, I always get a sense that Enjolras is much more cocksure and self-sufficient leader, wheras in the book, he is the leader of a Republic, bowing to the will of the people He also looses his ability to stratigize in adaptations, making him a weaker leader.

Part of his leadership is the fact that he knows who to send where, when to conserve bullets, when to build up the fortress in the Corinth also, for some reason, adaptations tend to favor the Cafe de Musainwhen to close off the last exit with another barricade, when to send those with wives and children home.

Adaptations don't have him do any stratigizing besides shouting "Fire! His only family is democracy, republicanism, France and humanity. His sole and only focus in on liberty, and by not expressing his virginity, the adaptations are loosing that aspect of him. Death Aaron Tveit as Enjolras in the screen adaptation.