Eren and mikasa relationship questions

Mikasa's character development - "Eren! Wake up!"

eren and mikasa relationship questions

Here is my attempt to analyze the relationship and friendship between Eren and Mikasa as depicted an. When it comes to Attack on Titan, the most popular coupling lies with Eren Yeager and Mikasa, but it doesn't look like the series' creator is. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Share . Eren is full of hate right now it's blocking his feelings for mikasa. Read more Eren And Mikasa's relationship is complicated. Read more.

But as soon as Eren got into a fight with Jean, Mikasa intervened: In ch50 she finally wanted to portray that to Eren. So she gave up on life, and wanted to use what she thought was her last chance to tell Eren how she feels.

She thanked him for wrapping his scarf around her, and it seemed that she leaned in for a kiss, though Eren avoided it, and instead said that he can wrap her in a scarf as many times as he needs to. Mikasa showed both familial, and romantic love to Eren. For Eren, scarf represent familial love, as it was after Eren gave Mikasa his scarf that Mikasa joined the Yeager family.

eren and mikasa relationship questions

However, a kiss represents romantic love. Eren avoided the kiss, and focused on the part about the scarf, showing her that he loves her as a family. After all, he understood very well that Franz and Hannah were a couple: By this point we already knew that Eren is someone who never gives up.

"Eren! Wake up!"

Hannes-san reminded us of that a few chapters earlier. He took this mantra in his own way, Armin never ran away from the bullies, and Eren never gave up. And at the end, he avoided her kiss. Because, the person that she imagined Eren to be, and the person that Eren actually is, are quite different.

Mikasa always thought that the special thing between Eren and her, was the fact that he saved her when they were kids. Because he was her saviour, she convinced herself that they are meant to stay together forever. Eren proceeded to save other people as well. He saved Armin in Trost, and later on, other th squad members started seeing him as their saviour too: In ch67, Sasha fell down on her knees and thanked Eren in tears. She already accepted that she was about to die, but thanks to Eren, she was still alive.

Mikasa was no longer the only person Eren saved, and other people saw him as their saviour just like Mikasa did.


Mikasa could see that Eren being her saviour was no longer a special thing just between Eren and her. Before this, during the military training, she got jealous at Annie, when Annie and Eren were training, and tossed Reiner on her in order to separate them. Later on during the FT arc, she even asked Eren whether he has some special feelings for her. Later on during the dinner, Eren started talking about the time when he ate his father, and Mikasa stopped him.

She reminded him that Grisha was like a father to her as well: For the first time, Eren not only agreed with Mikasa, but also apologized to her. Eren said that he was caught up in pointless worrying, and that he was jealous at Mikasa: To Mikasa, this was surprising, as you can see by her reaction. Instead of being annoying to Eren, she started being supportive to him. Mikasa used to ignore who Eren is, and instead created her own image of who she wants Eren to be, but she realized that Eren from her mind, and the real Eren, are different.

Attack On Titan Creator Reveals Eren's Feelings Towards Mikasa

Even Hange freaked out in ch89, and Armin had an explanation to what was happening to Eren. However, to Mikasa, Eren seemed fine: The idea that you should spend the rest of your life with someone, just because that person has saved you when you were kids is childish, and Mikasa was a child when she thought like that.

That kind of thinking slowly changed as Mikasa grew older, and developed as a person. After Carla died, Mikasa became overly-protective towards Eren, especially since the last thing Carla said to her, was to help Eren if he gets into trouble: As long as they live.

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She also said during the CoT arc that all she wants is to be close to Eren. However, even though she spoke how Eren is everything to her, that she just wants to protect him, and be together with him, her actions sometimes spoke otherwise.

Levi was beating Eren, and Mikasa was about to interfere, only to be stopped by Armin. Even though her interfering and attacking Levi, would put Eren in an even worse position, and could end up very bad for him, she still wanted to hurt Levi. In the FT arc, we learned more about this. Levi told her to give up on killing the Female titan, and just prioritize on getting Eren back.

During the fight, she thought she had an opening for a kill, and she went for it: Instead of just focusing on saving Eren, she prioritized killing the female titan.

Afterwards, Levi scolded her for that himself: She convinced herself that Eren is everything to her, and that she would do anything for him, but instead, she tried to satisfy her own desires, and kill the female titan. In other words, the mission should simply be to get Eren back from them, and not try to kill them, but Mikasa was making the same mistake she did when her and Levi were fighting the FT.

She wanted to kill them. Erwin specifically said that the mission is to take Eren back and retreat immediately: Still, once more, Mikasa went for a kill against Bertolt, instead of just focusing on cutting the rope that tied Eren to Bertolt like Erwin did later on: There are many things that could have gone wrong for Eren if she actually cut Bertolt in this situation, cause Eren would still be tied to him.

But luckily, before things got worse, Jean intervened, and helped her. It is Armin and Erwin who managed to free Eren from Bertolt, Armin by distracting him, and Erwin by cutting the rope that tied Eren to him, something that Mikasa should have done when she had the chance.

eren and mikasa relationship questions

Because of her blunders, there were some drastic changes in her behavior after chapter 50, and she never made another blunder like that again.

In the Uprising arc, Mikasa allowed Levi to give Eren to the Reeves company, and even after Eren was captured by the Reiss family, she still proceeded to trust Levi, and continued to follow him: Eren relied on Armin to protect him, instead of Mikasa, when the stationary troops surrounded them, and Armin did. She failed to protect him when fighting against the FT, and it was thanks to Levi that Eren was saved.

eren and mikasa relationship questions

She failed to save Eren when he was kidnapped by Bertolt and Reiner. It was only thanks to Armin and Erwin that Eren was released granted, Mikasa caught him afterwards.

And she failed to protect him from the smiling titan, so Hannes-san intervened, and protected them. At this point, Mikasa slowly started to understand, that she may not be the right person to entrust Eren to. When they finally found Historia and Eren in the cave, Mikasa actually attended to Historia first: And she gave the keys to Levi, entrusting him and others in saving Eren from the rubble.

After Eren closed the hole in the wall in Shiganshina, Mikasa said to him something that surprised Eren: For the first time Mikasa actually said to Eren to trust himself. He already saved people in the walls many times over, and he saved everyone in the cave from heat and rocks. In ch75, Erwin decided to use Eren as a bait in order to protect the horses, and Mikasa reacted fairly well: She was even worried that Reiner would still go for the horses.

This time, she actually trusted Eren in fighting Reiner. In ch81, Armin came up with a plan to defeat the CT. But this time, Mikasa had full trust in Armin, and entrusted Eren to him. But that does not mean that he never will. Hence, why in my eyes Eren still goes through the development phase that will hopefully end with him actually realizing his feelings if dormant or actually developing these feelings for Mikasa in the first place. Let's just take a short look back at some of Eren's development, and his character over the course of the story: The 9 year old Eren was the one closest to Mikasa.

The sometimes bratty and annoying but still lovable little boy that stood up for his friends and made her smile. He is the one she cherishes and came to love, he is the one who saved herhe is the one she wants back. And I don't know if that's possible. After his mother's death and all the other bad developments in his life the series starts out with a teenage boy with PTSD who is consumed by anger and has already estranged himself from the ones closest to him, namely Mikasa.

Post military training we are greeted with an over confident, self assured teenage boy that thinks he can take on the world alone. While further emotional detaching himself from Mikasa due to the inferiority complex he has developed towards her. And while he obviously still cares about Mikasa he acts often downright like an complete asshole towards her.

It is worth mentioning that this is at least 10 times as bad in the Anime compared to the manga. This Eren also falsely thinks that: Fast forward to chapter Eren is confronted with a lot of shocking events all at once; Hannes death, being rescued again, people dying for him, his friends getting hurt, him only being able to watch helplessly and lastly Mikasa thanking him as they are about to die.

For being there for her, for rescuing her and showing her how to live. Thanking him for wrapping the muffler around her neck. It may be worth mentioning that I contrary to the popular belief in the fanbase do not think that Mikasa tried to kiss him. Yes, I really want to die today, lol. This kickstarted one of the biggest changes in Eren's behavior and how he perceives thingsMikasa especially, since the start of the Manga.

And even if the Manga does not dwell on it too often and does not shove it in your face every single minute of the day after this.

eren and mikasa relationship questions

It is still always present. He finally came to understand that Mikasa does not think about him as helpless or useless when she acts overprotective, or frets over him. And that she does not simply follow him because she thinks she needs to but rather that she instead wants to follow him to the end of the world of her own volition.

That's why If you read the available chapters after that you will notice that he not once reacts with scorn or annoyance when Mikasa tries to help him or 'mothers' him as he called it.

He instead silently accepts or even thanks her for it. Furthermore, he for the first time in years seems to pay more attention to the things he says or that are happening and how they affect Mikasa.