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WWE decided to end the love rectangle between Rusev, Lana, Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler on The former has included Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella's marriage be and briefly with Summer in her split from Fandango last year. How about the famous Stephanie McMahon-Test-Triple H story?. Summer Rae's date with Fandango gets off to a promising start. Watch Summer Rae on WWE Network: Total. Rae as Fandango's dance partner during a WWE Raw event in April . manager Lana and Ziggler, in which Rae formed an on-screen relationship with Rusev. .. Rusev test match, NXT champ in action, Neville/PAC; Overall Reax".

WWE Must End Love Storylines After Rusev and Lana Debacle

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Summer Rae and Fandango go on a date: Total Divas, May 4, 2014