Foreign aid and development in sino african relationship

Historical Data for Sino-African Cooperation

foreign aid and development in sino african relationship

Feb 7, Foreign Aid and Development in Sino-African Relations. Efem N. Ubi. Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos, Nigeria. ABSTRACT. Of key concern is the nature of China's aid and development on international relations, of which its African strategy represents the most. The China-Africa relations has grown into a new development era with major and health care, climate change and environmental protection, humanitarian aid, .

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  • Xi’s Visit to Boost Sino-African Relations
  • 1. Background and Introduction

With both sides facing the task of attaining modernization, Sino-African relations have entered a new period of development that promises to blossom into even more splendor. Since the millennium, China-Africa trade has been soaring at about 20 percent per year.

According to a recent McKinsey report, there are presently over 10, Chinese-owned firms operating in Africa —four times the previous estimate —and about 90 percent of them are private firms of all sizes and operating in diverse sectors. As such, foreign direct investment has grown even faster over the past decade, with a breakneck annual growth rate of 40 percent.

foreign aid and development in sino african relationship

Currently, China is funding a 1, km railway in Nigeria, a highway in Algeria, and new cities in Egypt and South Africa. Already, Chinese-built infrastructure — telecommunication networks, power stations, railways, dams, harbors, and roads — is speedily transforming the physical appearance of Africa.

Foreign investment is outpacing foreign aid in Africa

On May 29,the Mombasa Nairobi Railway connecting the Kenyan port city of Mombasa and the capital Nairobi was officially completed and opened to traffic. The crew waited for the train to leave for Nairobi. With increased influence, the country has also found geopolitical victories.

foreign aid and development in sino african relationship

Chinese leaders have always made a point of visiting African nations regularly and early during their time in power. When President Xi assumed presidency inhe also selected Africa as part of his maiden trip overseas and went on to visit Africa two or more times during his first term.

foreign aid and development in sino african relationship

This shows that Africa is in the heart of China. The West seems to look at Africa via this security and good governance lens…which is fully dissimilar from the viewpoint of China. Chinese leaders look at Africa from an economic standpoint —the West is lagging big time. We reviewed referenced publications, global support data, and extensive sources related to and other emerging epidemics and infectious diseases of poverty, programs and interventions, health systems development issues, challenges, opportunities and investments.

Our findings highlight current shared public health challenges and emphasize the need to nurture, develop and establish effective, functional and sustainable health systems capacity to detect and respond to all public health threats and epidemic burdens, evidence-based programs and quality care outcomes.

Conclusions and Global Health Implications: Strengthening China-Africa health development agenda towards collective commitment and investment in quality care delivery, effective programs coverage and efficiency, preparedness and emergency response is needed in transforming African health information systems, and local health governance structures and management in emerging epidemics.

Xi’s Visit to Boost Sino-African Relations

Furthermore, innovative evidence of operational joint solutions and strategies are critical in advancing healthcare delivery, and further enhancing Universal Health Care, and Sustainable Development Goals to attain global health improvements and economic prosperity. Background and Introduction In a rapidly globalizing world with increasing health and epidemiologic transitions, the international community and multilateralism have become highly active, coordinated and robust.

foreign aid and development in sino african relationship

The effectiveness of these initiatives depends on the effectiveness of regional and international cooperation on health challenges and issues. International bilateral or multilateral cooperation on health development has been evolving rapidly since the late twentieth century to meet the increasing needs of vulnerable populations, moving forward effective Universal Health Coverage UHC and SDGs.

There are no statistics showing declines in mortality or disease burden. Also, strengthening health systems in scaling up health and medical skills transfer to achieve universal coverage, health equity and overall long-term benefits of improved quality healthcare delivery towards sustainable national development and growth. The current political environment and commitment to address health problems has created unprecedented opportunities for bilateral health cooperation.

Foreign relations of China

However, there is a dearth of literature on the potential impact of China strategic diplomacy and policy approaches on the global health inter-dependence, focusing mainly on aspects of existing and emerging threats from disease prevention and control to elimination programs and strategies.

Primarily, how China-Africa health development will shape the global health priorities cooperation and collaboration requires further investigation. Programmatic and robust partnerships are paramount in fostering context health and sustainable public health innovations for health information for all generations.