Fushimi and yata relationship test

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fushimi and yata relationship test

Fushimi is a creepy, underhanded douchebag, and Yata's an overly violent, chimerical asshole. The only really likable thing about either is their relationships to. Yata had attempted to make up to Fushimi who wasn't willing to the extent of Yata's P.O.V. A story about friends and the possible relationship in the future. . Yata is called to Mikoto suoh's room, Mikoto decides to test his vanguards loyalty. Misaki x Saruhiko, sarumi baby, and smut. That had been the tenth test she tried, and all the tests she tried Now all that was left was to seal the deal with marriage and he was quite confident that she wouldn't deny.

He is described as being rather depressing, showing dislike of many things with little interest in activities that he does enjoy, or even his own future. Furthermore, Fushimi has shown that he is a pessimist, believing that "heroes" do not exist; rather, he believes that surviving in the world would only come from an individual's own power. He is quite intelligent, being able to solve complex mathematical problems within moments, simply by knowing the equation.

He appears to enjoy playing video games and shows a prominent distaste for vegetables or other compliments to his food's side dishes. Fushimi can often be far more twisted than he leads others to believe. He can be cruel, bloodthirsty, and occasionally sadistic.

During battle, Fushimi often sports a wide grin and a tendency to laugh giddily about dangerous events. He also displays more evident signs of arrogance and superiority towards his opponents. Fushimi often boasts about his strength and speaks to his opponents in a mocking tone.

Nevertheless, Fushimi retains a somewhat carefree attitude during battle. However, this is only really the case when facing Yata. He does so in order to reflect his deceased father, copying a few of his mannerisms to make Yata hate him.

Other than Yata, Fushimi has not shown any signs of toying with other enemies he comes into contact with. Fushimi dislikes most of his work's duties and a handful of the people that he is forced to work with, preferring not to spend time socializing with coworkers. As such, he also prefers not to participate in most of his Clan's special events or social activities that are not strictly work-related. However, he will cooperate if necessary with little actual argument, save for perhaps a few muttered complaints.

At the same time, he will often disregard his associates and act on his own. While focused on an objective, Fushimi is willing to use some fairly ruthless methods to make his work go more quickly and smoothly, such as drugging an innocent civilian to use her biological computer access.

He will even attack former allies without hesitation in order to accomplish his goals. Although he displays a pessimistic character, lacking enthusiasm for most things, he still, deep in his heart respects his previous King, Mikoto Suoh, as he says his name with honorifics, which he seldom uses with others.

However, it is noted in Side: RED and one of the short stories that he is also considerably afraid and intimidated by Mikoto. This fear was clearly evident when Mikoto broke out of the Scepter 4 Jail. Fushimi raised his saber but couldn't use it against his former king and was instead shaking at the thought of facing Mikoto head on. Whenever Fushimi is alone with Munakata, it is noticeable how Munakata often speaks almost casually to him, even taking the time to tease him once in a while, much to his annoyance; he is most likely the Blue King's favorite because he doesn't hesitate to say what is on his mind, although he has a great amount of respect for him, and although he won't admit it, he views Munakata as the father he never had.

Even with different clans and different paths in life, he still hasn't really given up on his best friend Yata Misaki.

fushimi and yata relationship test

Referred to In the Radio Drama 'Izumo's Room' he indicated that if he had been in Yata's place he would have followed his best friend to Scepter 4. Much of his taunting of Yata in the series is a childish attempt to regain Yata's attention. He cannot tolerate fading into the background of Yata's life and would rather have the negative attention given an enemy than none at all. In the drama cd, he attempted to help her get out from between two vending machines when he noticed that she was stuck, and in K: Days of Blue, he helped her and Tatara Totsuka escape a deluded strain who had his eyes on her after he found them visiting the strain horse Anna had befriended.

Although he seems awkward around children, and seems to want nothing to do with them, he often ends up indulging them; they seem to enjoy his company, and animals also seem to be quite fond of him. All in all, even though he tries to deny it, and not many people see it, he is a kindhearted person, but just doesn't know how to go about it since no one ever really taught him to be.

Relationship As it goes through the first season K. Misaki and Saruhiko have a very horrible relationship, even when you consider their middle school friendship.

fushimi and yata relationship test

Misaki wishes that he could just 'have his best friend back' in only a certain way and shows a lot of hatred towards Saruhiko. Where Saruhiko, he wants to grab Misakis attention. He doesn't care what KIND of attention, any attention is fine by him. Even if it has to be hatred, it's better then nothing at all. All of this goes throughout till the last season. Though in the movie K: Saruhiko actually helps Misaki find Anna so he can save her. Showing that he still thinks about him.

Isn't that a good enough clue!? The crow let out a big yawn as he opened his eyes. When his vision began to focus on his surroundings, Misaki jumped a bit, almost forgetting that he and the younger Saru slept together last night. The man looked down to his waist and saw the blue-eyed boy's arms around him. Yata began to recall the many times he had woken up to find Fushimi's arms wrapped around his body, hugging the Red clansman close: You know, since you are a single-celled idiot, you should sell yourself as a personal space heater because you won't be able to find someone who will hire you for any real job.

How many years has it been since he saw such a vulnerable, defenseless expression? The only face that the vanguard ever saw from Saruhiko was his annoying smirk or a look of anger.

Misaki couldn't help but to smile as he gazed upon the monkey's long eyelashes, the pale, smooth skin that used to rub affectionately against him, and his thin, but moist lips he used to kiss every day… The little crow felt his heart jump as he quickly shook himself out of his deep thoughts.

I'm supposed to be focusing on getting myself the fuck out of here," he muttered as he crawled out of bed. He knew that Fushimi was not a morning person, and it would probably take a few times to get him up.

Yata decided that he would make breakfast for the two of them first, and then he would drag the shitty monkey out of bed literally by his feet. As the Red clansman peered inside his fridge, he immediately cringed.

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Not learning how to cook until he had entered HOMRA, Misaki could see he only had boxes of leftovers or half-eaten convenience store bentos. And the food is a hell of a lot better than the convenience store food we always ate," Misaki said as he began to slurp his white miso soup. The little crow was as messy as always when he ate breakfast. His table manners were also as bad as ever, and Saruhiko could see food strewn all over the table in front of them.

Yata even had a bit of rice stuck to his cheek. Suddenly, an idea popped into the Blue clansman's head. With a devious smile, he said, "Misaki. What is it Sa—" Misaki stopped speaking as he could feel a warm tongue against his cheek.

The chestnut-haired boy shot up out of his chair as he began to stutter, "W-w-what the fuck are you doing out in public, Saru! If you're going to do something like that, at least tell me ahead of time, you stupid monkey.

He figured that the crow had come from the time when the two had actually become intimate with each other. The blue-eyed man could feel joy surging through his body. However, the flames of happiness were quickly extinguished when he heard a certain annoying female voice behind him. Why is this person here at our headquarters? Awashima Seri was actually a bit surprised by this action. She knew that her intimidating look would occasionally make people blush or avert their eyes from her direction, but she never had straight-out made someone hide away from her in fear.

The blue-haired man clicked his tongue and scowled. I don't know how, but he suddenly appeared before me yesterday. Are you seriously expecting me to believe such a story? You've sunk to a new low even for you, Fushimi. What the hell are you doing, Saru!

His symbol isn't th—" The third-in-command's eyes widened in shock as he saw the flame symbol on the boy in front of him. Why do you have that man's mark on you? The crow looked down at his left shoulder. What do you mean 'that man's mark? I don't think I've ever seen him around before. Is he a new member of the Red clan or something? Back in the blue-haired man's room, the two sat in silence on the bed together.

Fushimi was the first to break the silence. No, that's not possible. The chestnut-haired boy had always been the worst liar, as the boy wore his heart on his sleeve. He couldn't find an explanation for this. It's best I keep him away from that trash for now," he thought. When Fushimi looked beside him, he could see the little crow leaning forward on his hands and knees, looking at the Blue clansman. Yata Misaki was too adorable back then. His pink, soft lips…his curious gaze coming from his beautiful amber eyes…his firm and round ass… The Blue clansman quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts.

Would it be corrupting a minor if he did anything to Misaki? There would be no harm in just hugging and kissing Misaki occasionally. Besides, Misaki was the one who so willingly wanted to stay with me since he came to this time period.

With a gentle smile, the Scepter 4 officer gently kissed Misaki on the forehead and embraced him closely. Maybe having this version of Misaki wouldn't be bad at all.

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I know that you are stupid, but why the fuck are you getting even worse scores on your exams than you did when you were fifteen? The crow's cheeks turned a rosy pink color. It's been a while since I've done any of this kind of stuff! Their math teacher had given a pop quiz first thing in the morning. It was just simple algebra, yet to the chestnut-haired man, it might as well have been rocket science.

Saruhiko clicked his tongue as he stood up, grabbed his bag, and gripped onto Misaki by his arm, dragging him out of the classroom.

fushimi and yata relationship test

What the fuck do you think you're doing!? The blue-eyed boy sighed and glared at the man in front of him. You're still just the same single-celled moron that you were four years ago.

Instead of rising to the challenge, Fushimi opened his bag and handed Misaki a bento box. He had grown so accustomed to fighting with the monkey that he didn't even think about solving the issue without violence. Saruhiko was always rough and abrupt in his way of speaking, but then he made up for it by being kind and helping Yata out whenever he needed someone to calm him down or to help him.

The two sat side-by-side, eating their lunches peacefully. You are picking out your vegetables again!

You know, you never quit that bad habit of yours even when you're older. No wonder you grow up to be so lanky and sickly looking. He quickly grabbed a piece of green pepper with his chopsticks and turned to his friend beside him.

Grinning mischievously, Yata said, "Hey…Saru…I'm going to make you learn how to eat your vegetables now. I refuse to eat any of those shitty, revolting vegetables.

Well, I'm older and stronger than you now, so I'll force them into your mouth if you don't do it willingly! The blue-haired boy began to thrash about as Yata put his entire weight against his body.

Although he didn't physically increase in size, the Red clansman had become a lot stronger than when he was younger. Misaki managed to get the vegetable past his lips and into the boy's mouth before Fushimi managed to push the vanguard off of him.

Saruhiko grabbed his milk and took a chug, trying to wash away the terrible taste in his mouth. Then, a plot for vengeance appeared in the blue-haired boy's mind. With a chuckle, he began to bring the bottle closer and closer to his lips. However, to Saruhiko's surprise, Misaki propped himself up with one arm, and he grabbed onto the boy's hand, moving the milk right against his mouth.

With a smirk, Yata replied smugly, "Unlike you Saru, I've grown up and learned how to drink my milk. You're the only one still stuck on avoiding vegetables.

Misaki had this new level of confidence and pride within him, and somehow it was strangely enticing. The boy could feel his heart beat faster as he continued to stare down at the man below him. The crow gave out a loud yawn and relaxed back onto the floor of the roof.

Do you still have that music player that we used to listen to during lunch every day? Get it out and play some music. I want to listen until I fall asleep. He grabbed the player and returned to Misaki's side.

Giving the left ear bud to the amber-eyed man, Fushimi laid down next to him. Placing the bud into his right ear, Misaki closed his eyes and smiled. As the music played softly in their ears, the older man couldn't help but to feel relaxed and content.

It was just like how it used to be—two best friends side-by-side, connected to each other by the two ear buds. The crow felt a desire within him, secretly wishing that the two could continue to remain like this together. Before drifting off to sleep, Yata thought, "I wouldn't mind staying like this forever. Didn't I tell you to just leave everything to me?

fushimi and yata relationship test

Do I look like a Scepter 4 member? Misaki really wanted to try on one of the Blue clan's uniforms, so the blue-haired man snuck into the uniform storage room, and he grabbed the smallest sizes he could possibly find. Even with the smallest sizes, it was quite baggy on the amber-eyed boy. However, with a few pins here and there, the Scepter 4 officer managed to make it fit the petite figure in front of him. I'm probably too dumb to pass it…" the smaller boy had a look of disappointment on his face.

Fushimi placed his hands upon the chestnut-haired boy's shoulders. I'll teach you all that you need to know. And then we can be together! I want to see what kind of games they have now at the arcade! He felt himself become light-headed for a moment.

As the dizziness subsided, Fushimi reached over to the chestnut-haired boy to help him remove the uniform. To his surprise, as he reached for the body, he felt his heart begin to pound furiously.

fushimi and yata relationship test

Before his fingers could touch Yata's body, he saw them begin to fade away and become transparent. His hand seemed to have past right through the little crow's body. It can't be real…" the Blue clansman thought to himself.

When he looked back at his fingers again, he saw them completely normal. You have a funny look on your face," asked the smaller boy beside him. After Yata changed back into his school uniform, the two walked towards the door. Despite the conclusion made in his mind, Saruhiko couldn't help but to feel apprehension still lingering in his heart.

Why are you still better than me at video games even when you're older!? You want to fight, you shitty monkey? Who the fuck would cry over something like that! Stand still Saru, and let me smack you around a little bit! With a laugh, the Scepter 4 officer ran out the door, letting the smaller boy chase after him.

He didn't take more than ten steps beyond the game center's entrance when he ran into a portly, blonde-haired man in front of him. Saru, is that you? Fuck, it was the pig man. It was too late for the Blue to hide the boy. Kanamoto had already seen him. To the blue-haired man's surprise, Kanamoto inquired about something that he would have never expected. Are you so lonely now that you're hanging out with middle schoolers?

Hey kid, what's your name? You probably shouldn't be hanging around a guy like this for your own good. The name is Yata. You better watch what you say about Saruhiko, or I'll kick your fucking fat, lardy ass," the chestnut-haired boy growled. Fushimi was completely and utterly confused. Why did the pig man not know who Misaki was? Furthermore, why was the boy wearing the Red clan's mark if no one could recognize him? Could it be that some parts of Yata didn't switch when his fifteen year old self appeared?

Ever since there was a swap between the older and younger Misaki, things had made less and less sense. Logic had pretty much got up and walked out the door. For the first time since the Red clansman disappeared, Saruhiko began to truly think about Yata. Where did he go? Although the two now had such a bitter relationship, he couldn't help but to still care for the man.

He was a part of his life that could ever be erased. Lost in his thoughts again, the blue-eyed man felt a small hand squeeze onto his. The sweet and gentle Misaki was here beside him. This Misaki didn't detest or avoid him. The boy looked at him and stayed by his side. It was everything that Saruhiko would have ever wanted in life. But still, the Blue clansman was unable to stop the visions of the older man from appearing in his mind. Fushimi couldn't understand the void that was growing in his heart.

Misaki's Side — The World that Crumbles "What the fuck is going on here…" Yata stood upon the street in front of the Red clan's home base. Yet, instead of seeing the bar in front of him, there was just an empty lot. There was no sign—or building for that matter.

Fushimi Saruhiko

It was as if it never existed in the first place. Misaki clenched his fist and shouted out, "WHY? It's the group that took us in after we were finished with middle school! There's no way that the bar wasn't already here at this point. Kusanagi-san and Mikoto-san had already owned the property since they were younger! I need some fucking answers, and there's only one place that I can think of.

He is unable to see you at the moment. If you would like to discuss something with our department, please go to the front desk in the lobby and submit a request form. Shut the fuck up and let me see the god damned Monkey King. We would rather not have to use force to remove you from the premises. The crow refused to budge from his spot. Yata quickly spun around and saw the Blue King, Munakata Reisi, standing ten feet away from him.

We're just handling a disturbance here. Please don't worry, we have it under control. I need some fucking answers.

Where the hell are the Red clansmen?

As in Suoh Mikoto? I need to talk to him right now. I am—well will be, the vanguard for the Red clan under Suoh Mikoto one day in the future. The friend managed to get out alive, but a wooden beam from the ceiling above collapsed and fell onto Suoh. There were too many flames around him, and he couldn't be saved. His chest was so tight that he couldn't even breathe.

His brain still could not understand all of the news he had just received. You are fucking lying, Blue King! I must go attend a meeting now, but please inform my subordinate if there is anything that we can do for you.

About an hour later, both Misaki and Saruhiko were back in the crow's apartment. The two sat in silence, side-by-side on top of the bed covers. The blue-haired boy couldn't quite understand what exactly was going on in Yata's life, but it hurt for him to see his best friend so torn into pieces like this. Yata felt like his heart had died. After coming to this place, he had lost everyone.

He lost his clan, his leader, and his friends…except for one. Misaki's blood began to rush so rapidly throughout his body, that he could feel his arteries pulsing all over.

Saruhiko was the only thing he had in this world. If he disappeared as well, the amber-eyed man would probably self-destruct. Fear began to take over him. Was the boy going to vanish mysteriously from his life as well? He would rather die than to let that happen. Whether it was young Saru or his bastard older self, he refused to let the boy out of his grasp. Misaki grabbed onto the younger boy's arm and held him close against his body.

He hugged on so tightly that Fushimi thought his bones would crack. He needed to make sure that this boy would stay with him always. This Saruhiko would be by his side and never betray him. Misaki would make sure of that. With teary eyes, the crow managed to sob out, "Saruhiko, please don't leave me too. I need you…please Saru…" The blue-haired boy's eyes widened in shock as he suddenly felt Yata's lips against his.

From what he could recall, Fushimi remembered the older man saying that the two were now on bad terms with each other. But Misaki was currently holding onto him and kissing him.

He wouldn't do that if he didn't truly love him and care for him…right? Saruhiko figured he could take the chance anyway as he kissed the chestnut-haired man back. Fushimi slowly laid Misaki onto the bed, as they continued to kiss and hold each other tenderly.

Saruhiko Fushimi

Yet, the more intense the two got, the stranger Yata began to feel. His mind was becoming cloudy, and he felt dizzy. He became so discombobulated that he didn't even notice his hand slowly begin to phase out and become transparent, as he ran his fingers down the taller boy's back.

Fushimi's Side — Pieces Coming Together Fushimi turned to his side and gazed at the small body resting beside him. The Blue clansman knew he should be happy with the younger Misaki beside him. The boy would never leave his side and the two would spend the rest of their lives together without any annoying outsiders to butt in and split them apart. Yet happiness wasn't the emotion that was in his heart. As time progressed onward, his mind began to fill with thoughts of the monkey-hating Red clansman instead.

He laid on the bed trying to figure out why he couldn't let go of the older man. The two were constantly at each other's throats, and the vanguard never understood how Fushimi was really feeling. But at the same time, that very person continued to ignite the flames of his soul. Every encounter he had with the amber-eyed man was a thrill that gave life to his otherwise grey and boring world. It wasn't just the ups between the two that made him feel this way, but the downs as well.

It truly made him feel alive and have something to pursue in his life. He could be considered a masochist in a sense, but Saruhiko realized that the pain was just another emotion that the crow had given to his otherwise blank, empty personality. Misaki was like the sun—always brightly burning with passion and overflowing emotion. Saruhiko felt that he was more like the moon—a reflection of the sun's light.

Without the sun, the moon would never be able to glow and show off its beauty. Even if the moon were to stray from the sun and phase into darkness, the sun would always come back and return to give the moon light again. The Blue clansman had finally pieced together what he felt was missing in his life. No matter what happened between the two, he knew that they had a special, unbreakable bond with each other. The little crow began to stir beside Fushimi, as he could feel the heat of his emotion radiating from the Blue's body.

Saru, are you up? He couldn't believe what he had done with the younger boy sleeping beside him. In a moment of weakness, he let his selfish emotions take over as he desperately searched for comfort and security from his best friend. Saruhiko had always been good at making Yata feel safe. Although this Saruhiko was the one who didn't betray him and always stayed beside him, the Red clansman couldn't help but to think about the older Fushimi.

Even though the two argued and went their separate ways, Misaki could never forget all those moments they did spend together.

Whether it was battling against each other or standing back-to-back in a combat together, Saruhiko still managed to put a spell on the chestnut-haired man and captivate him.