Gale and randy relationship help

do randy harrison and gale harold have relationship in real? | Yahoo Answers

gale and randy relationship help

Sidney-Billy Relationship · Sidney-Jill Relationship · Dewey-Gale Relationship · Trevor-Jill Relationship · Stu-Tatum Relationship · Sidney-Randy Relationship. I've come to my own conclusions (having to do with Cowlip wanting the show to be taken more seriously, and perhaps Randy/Gale's personal relationship. Randy Harrison's longest relationship was with Simon Dumenco. press that Randy Harrison is in the relationship with his partner Gale Harold.

Gale did not wish to join the convention at all but if he said 'No' from beginning eg last year and refused to sign, the whole convention might not even be held and even it would, but the tickets would never be sold out so fast - unimaginable fast. Most people were attracted by "GR together on stage" and "All 9 main cast together". Probably fans are weak but fans are not fools.

Queer as Folk Fans :: Gale and Randy = LOVE

There's no way he couldn't make this convention for a day or two if he really wanted to go, new project or not. Same goes for his indie Rehab. Casting on such a short notice happens all the time. He's not one of the HW big shots able to change a schedule.

No-one would wait for him, he has to make himself available.

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Randy is in Germany already. Guess he's not the only one having planned a longer vacation.

Did Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from QAF ever date?

Hope his Brian joined him and shows him the sights of Berlin. Gossip between 'Gale and Randy German reunion' will totally destroy his effort since last year. Even there won't be anything real, but the gossip will be produced and spread everywhere. People would like to believe gossip instead of the fact that both of them have partners now. Personally I believe they had something before but also they have new partners now.

I never believe he is straight. He is trying to maintain the glory that QAF gave him so he says great thanks to QAF, simultaneously he is also trying best to draw a clear line between him and QAF so he could prove he is straight. Not attending German convention is such an action. I understand no one is easy to survive in the world but please don't tease fans this way. Fans' money is money accumulated from their salaries, fans' time is time which is precious too. We are all human beings who have emotion, wish to be respected and treasured, and not be teased that much.

Do randy harrison and gale harold have relationship in real?

Gale Harold, since you experienced difficult life in early years before, why can't think a little bit for fans? And Scott, Randy and Sharon, I do appreciate what you did for a friend - I admire your friendship and I think each of you took some risk.

gale and randy relationship help

But please treasure fans too. Fans are weak ones too. Next time you wanna make some money, think some other idea but not like this convention. Next time when you main cast have some reunion, please kindly make it private eg Scott's house again, we don't have interest to dig out each detail. We know there won't be anything real happen between Gale and Randy as some gossip girls imagined, everything past is past.

gale and randy relationship help

Do not tease fans again. It's not easy for fans to make money. So strange, it seems he is trying best to express 'I didn't forget and will never forget which series brought me fame.

gale and randy relationship help

I am not trying to get rid of QAF, really. Boyfriend Dec 23, at 2: For now, all his plans are based on his career further movement, he is expecting more and more succeed in this field, and works very hard to achieve that.

Recently, he was speaking only about his work and tend to find a perfect new location for the next holiday to take some rest out of the glamour, paparazzi and media. They were together for a six years, from until Simon is columnist known for Advertising Age.

Randy met Simon when Simon was interviewing him for a New York magazine cover story. After six years of relationship which was followed and supported from gay audience, they broke up.

Gale Harold todoroch Inthere was a rumor in the press that Randy Harrison is in the relationship with his partner Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. He also confessed in public his gay orientation.

gale and randy relationship help

After many stories and rumors in press, and since none of these too ever spoke about it, story stays non confirmed. This show was very popular and gave the main key for the further career movement to the both of them, and also a big popularity from LGBT audience.