Gohan and pan relationship memes

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gohan and pan relationship memes

A wife like Videl AND n Lord Destructor N BEERUS A Daughter like Pan db dbz dragonballz dragonball dbsuper dbs ssj meme videl gohan. These hilarious memes will make every single Dragon Ball fan laugh hysterically. It is always a good day when Goku and Vegeta decide to fuse to . Pan's relationship with her grandfather has always been rather cute. Read Gohan and Pan from the story DBZ Memes 3 by Golene57 (Ereri is love, Ereri is life) with reads. dbs, dbz, goku. He doesn't want Pan to see what he.

We got to see Gohan grow up, so what's stopping these three? Goku won't be going to college any time soon, but he has shown the ability to solve complex problems and has an aptitude for various forms of intelligence besides academics.

Dragon Ball Super's Goku, on the other hand, is portrayed as being incredibly dumb, to the point of it being annoying and ridiculous.


To start, when they come across Goku and Bulma, nobody seems to recognize each other. Bulma doesn't recognize the people who attacked her as a teenager to get her dragon balls?

And Pilaf doesn't recognize the kid and his nearly identical son that foiled his plans so many years ago? A lot of stuff went wrong with Dragon Ball GT, but it's kind of eclectic, and weird, and that's kind of cool in it's own way. Still, if you can't watch GT then no worries.

gohan and pan relationship memes

Dragon Ball Super has been getting good reviews ever since it started back in We're sure they'll also be new Dragon Ball series in the future, because if there's one thing we've learned is that Goku, no matter his age and look, is eternal. If you don't recognize him, that's Krillin at the top image.

gohan and pan relationship memes

Why is Krillin so old if everyone else still looks kind of the same? No one has any answers. Krillin looks like an accountant, which is probably the job he was meant to do, since he dies all the time and is the worst fighter.


We still love you, Krillin. Actually, believe it or not, but Akria Toriyama himself is the one who designed these facial-hair versions of the characters — I guess he was bored with the typical look. The good thing is that there's some sort of role reversal here, different than most shows; it's refreshing to see a male character get ended for the progression of a female character, especially in Dragon Ball, a show that's extremely male centric. Thanks to Krillin's end, Android 18 realizes herself, protects her daughter, and snaps out of Android 17's mind control.

It's an important moment, we still can't get over the whole Krillin's life thing. Did he steal his daughter? Doubtful, unless she just could not resist his swagger. You know what, we need a sequel to this meme!

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Maybe they could be — you know never know with things these days. Who has not imagined themselves going Super Saiyan? This meme might not show Vegeta going gold, but its practically the same thing. There's always room for more Vegeta in every situtation. Anyway, if the worst were to happen and Gohan died, there would be no point in Goku returning to Earth, as Chi-Chi would have him for dinner.

gohan and pan relationship memes

Honestly, this might just have been self-preservation. Goku is still nice to a fault.

gohan and pan relationship memes

Knowing full well his strength could not begin to compare to the Androids, the former bandit continuously put himself in danger for mankind's sake. At the same time, Goku's frustration is easy to understand, as the team spends half their free-time trying to summon Shenron to bring Yamcha back to life. Why not use a wish to make him stronger or immortal? It still might not help Goku is still awesome, but just in a different way. Dragon Ball Z is often described as the Goku show.

Looking at the above picture, a more accurate description would be the Son-family show, as Gohan and Bardock are no slouches. While Goku's father is not much of a force in the anime, Bardock often shows up in video-games. Although they share similar fighting styles, all three Saiyans exhibit opposing personality traits. Bardock actually seems to care about his family and prioritizes teamwork, characteristics rarely shown by his son.

Honestly, Gohan has more in common with his grandfather than Goku.