Greece and russia relationship

Explained: Why does Greece accuse Russia of meddling over FYR Macedonia? | Euronews

greece and russia relationship

In a sign that bilateral relations are taking a turn for the worse, Greece's ambassador in Moscow was summoned on Friday by the Russian. Greece and Russia have traditionally had friendly ties. ATHENS — Russia's foreign minister has reportedly canceled a trip to Greece. Greece and Russia trade barbs in worsening war of words he was concerned about the abrupt souring in relations between the two countries.

Europe Russian meddling in Greece divides traditional Orthodox allies As Orthodox Christian nations on the frontiers of Europe, Russia and Greece have long enjoyed close ties. The recent name dispute with Macedonia, however, has led to a falling out between the two countries.

Greek-Russia ties tested | News |

It sounds like a plotline straight out of a James Bond film, but in reality, it's fueled a diplomatic row between former friends. Russian diplomats in Greece were caught last month attempting to bribe local politicians, businessmen and powerful Orthodox priests from the Athos monastery to influence the outcome of the name dispute between Greece and its northern neighbor, Macedonia. In an escalation of tensions, Greece responded by denouncing the four Russian diplomats involved in the scheme.

All eyes on the Balkans Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his dissatisfaction with the agreement reached over the Macedonia name dispute.

greece and russia relationship

His opposition comes as part of the long political tug of war that the European Union and Russia have been playing for control in the Balkans. The move paves the way for Macedonia to become the latest Balkan state to align with the West.

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Meet the Greek-German millionaire investing in democracy As an economic bridge between Western Europe and Asia, the Balkans are seen as a key trade route, even more so now that Piraeus, the largest port in Greece, is under Chinese ownership.

China's new Silk Road stretches to the port of Piraeus Greece's strategic role Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been pushing for better ties with his country's Balkan neighbors for some time, but Athens' interest in uniting the region predates his term in office.

Explained: Why does Greece accuse Russia of meddling over FYR Macedonia?

The fact that the Greek government has now found partners in Macedonia is an immense step for the region," Angeloudis said, calling the rapprochement between the two countries "a ray of hope. According to Lavrov, he and Kotzias share common views on the crises in the Middle East, North Africa, and Syria and also agree on the necessity of improving the dialogue between Europe and Russia.

greece and russia relationship

The press release at his latest visit to Russia, for instance, said that apart from Lavrov and other Russian officials, he would also meet with representatives of various think tanks. His Ministry did not provide any further information on these think tanks, or even that such meetings even took place.

Around the same time that Tsipras first took office, German newspaper Die Zeit ran a story on the leaked e-mails of a Russian Embassy employee.

Greece and Russia trade barbs in worsening war of words

Alexis Tsipras himself was considered a probable influencer, while then-members of his party seem to have met with Dugin to exchange their views with one another. The intermediate for these relations seemed to include a shipping magnate Yiannis Karagiorgis, a close friend of Russian oligarch and Putin supporter, Konstantin Malofeev.

Karagiorgis is now facing charges for fraud regarding his business activities. His team featured prominent journalists affiliated with SYRIZA and was substantially assisted by a new law that increased syndicated content limits from three to five hours per day. They both adhere to a soft pro-government agenda and do not stray far from the mainstream journalistic standards of Greece — whose overall declining press is a painful, albeit a separate story.

greece and russia relationship

It is a strange contradiction: This task is only performed by small media on a fringe far-right spectrum. But this may be about to change. On June 4th, Russian news agency Sputnik officially announced the opening of a Greek branch. At best, it makes it prophetic. I want to everybody see it.

greece and russia relationship

After all, a state-sponsored campaign against fake news in Greece is already in the works for almost a year and since it voluntarily follows an EU initiative, it hardly seems like the kind of policy that someone tolerant or permissive against Russian fake news would actively promote. In fact, all the signs that point towards a Greek attachment to the Kremlin have a flip side that practically negates them.