Griet and pieter relationship poems

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griet and pieter relationship poems

29 quotes - Additionally, Great-Quotes has more than million other easily searchable movie, Pieter: I shall put it in the book, then: Owed by Griet: one smile. The main relationship between Griet and Vermeer is based around the different place they go to when they are lost in the paint in Vermeer's. Griet is quickly tangled in a complicated world of strange interpersonal relationships, particularly with Catharina, Vermeer's wife, who is nominally the mistress of.

griet and pieter relationship poems

Her older brother had already been placed in a Delft tile factory. She was, after all, seventeen.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Johannes Vermeer was a master painter, recognized even in his own time as one of the best, but he was a slow painter. He would only paint when he was inspired to paint. An empty purse or a rumbling stomach were never enough inspiration to make him paint faster. He averaged only two to three paintings a year. As someone who has always admired his paintings I do wish he had been more prolific with his brush, but the fact that there are so few paintings by Vermeer make them all the more precious.

Griet is thrown into this chaotic household.


The house is brimming with children, too many children even by the standards of the day. Their fortunes wane and fall based more on the property incomes of her mother than on the commissioned paintings of Vermeer. Each year the purse strings get pulled a bit tighter.

There is one patron, a man who has bought several Vermeer paintings, who they all have to curry favor with His wealth infuses him with an air of entitlement. Vermeer has found from the very beginning that Griet is different. She sees the world as a painter sees the world. He finds reasons to have her help him by grinding paints and assisting with the objects that populate his paintings.

It is only natural that a young girl would start to have feelings and dreams regarding a man such as Vermeer. He is not only talented, but he is also attractive with those gray eyes that see so much more than anyone else. I preferred to think of him alone in his studio.

Or not alone, but with only me. The soldier in The Procuress reminds me of Van Ruijven. One of the most interesting things about this painting is the precariously perched pitcher.

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It makes me so nervous that I want to reach into the painting and move it to somewhere safer. Van Ruijven, like odious men always seem to be, is adept at finding young women alone. He is not wanting to gossip with her or exchange thoughts about the weather or to woo her or to cajole her into parting with her charms.

Was he quiet or a talker? Did he prefer to be around men or women? Did he spend a lot of time at home or go out drinking every night? Was he a gossip or loyal to his friends? Which was more important to him: All these questions I had to answer myself.

In the end I based his character on what I saw as a contradiction in his life: How could he have managed that, other than to feel ruthless about his paintings to the point of separating out his working life from his daily life. Hence he cut off his studio from his wife and family, and that caused the problems I wrote about.

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How long did it take you to write it? It took me eight months to research and write the book. I also wanted the book to feel as if it were written in one sitting so that you would want to read it in one sittingand in order to do that I really needed to write the book in one chunk of time rather than divided up pre-baby and post-baby.

So I had just eight months. It meant that I made some practical aesthetic decisions: How did you research the book?

griet and pieter relationship poems

There was a fashion then for paintings of everyday life, and looking at them built up a kind of visual reference for me. Then I began to read — about Vermeer, about painting, about the history of the time. It helped that there had been a major Vermeer exhibition a few years back and a number of books about this sort of thing had just come out.

griet and pieter relationship poems

Then of course I went to Delft, also to Amsterdam, to see for myself. Finally I wrote the book, going back to sources to answer questions along the way. Do you paint, or have you ever modeled for a painting?

I took a painting class while I was researching the book.

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I was really terrible at it. I have never modeled for a painting but I did talk to a friend who is a portrait painter about the relationship that can develop between painter and model. Do you have any training as an art historian? How did you decide on names for your characters?

How are they pronounced? Many of the names are of known people: One day I wrote down Griet and knew that was it: Does Griet love Vermeer?