Hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship questions

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hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship questions

When Grouplove first started performing live, vocalist Hannah Hooper name had been drawn from some sort of intimate relationship situation. Hannah Hooper met Christian Zucconi late one evening on the lower east Their relationship became apparent through the music they were making Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. You guys know about Grouplove right? There have been a few articles on them introducing the band and their music. They have one of the.

We got to half of it in Seattle, with Phil Ek. We did the other half in L. Also getting out of L.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship questions

A little bit, we did. We were just on a flow. We were on a tour, we moved into a house together, for Spreading Rumors QRO reviewso this album, Big Mess, was the first time — I got pregnant, so we almost had to take the time off? It gave us the ability to really — we wrote forty songs.

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Our approach to recording, we just had all this time off. It was really fun. I was losing my breath a lot. Her vocal chords were all swollen because she was pregnant. It was good, though. It was a lot to do. Our baby was three months old when we started living in Seattle. Honestly, for those who want to know, being pregnant, for me at least, was a huge creative catalyst.

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Or maybe it was just being off tour, you never know. Was it easier, this being your third record, since it was neither your debut, nor your follow-up?

The Love Story Behind The Band Grouplove

I think that that is the curse that people who want to be on top, want to be a big band. This was the most relaxed album, though. I think we have more experience in the studio now, challenging ourselves, working with somebody else. It was very chill, and we were all very calm. We believed in the songs.

We had more time with the songs, before going into the studio, so we were more confident, because we had been rehearsing them a lot more. The curse of having that much time, I must say, because of how many songs we had, we had the ability to make so many different albums.

So it was really in the song selection that was the hardest was.

Hannah Hooper & Christian Zucconi of Grouplove

We have a really sad side to us, we have a really jammy side to us, and we like to reveal that on stage more, when you actually can physically see us, and you can see the passion. I think once we went through the cycle — there was a point when I think we were gonna have a darker album. Towards the end of the album… CZ: We wrote like three pop songs.

We wrote three right after Willow was born. We just wrote these really fun pop songs. I think a happy song is a much harder song to write than a sad song. And she has just enhanced our lives so much. Haha, thanks for the acknowledgement. Is she back to fighting fit now? Well, we are an entitled bunch Laughs Yeah So we do kind of feel like you guys did kind of owe us for Falls Festival?

I think we were the test for you guys last time. Because I did catch your show at the Oxford Art Factory last time you were here. And I saw you at Coachella earlier this year as well.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship questions

Well, I actually got a couple of mates onto your music after bringing them to watch your set with me at Coachella. Haha but seriously, how integral do you guys think your live show is for winning over new fans? Definitely and your live show looks like that too. Just back to Mountain Sounds Festival for a sec… Can you give us any hints as to who the secret headliner is going to be? Ummm is this a trick question? Fair enough it was worth a shot!

With this one, you guys have kind of gone in a bit of a new direction with your sound for a single, though it is getting vastly positive reviews. Some to a weird level if you read YouTube comments.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship questions

But there are people vocal about wanting more… of the old… if you can put it that way. But we just like writing good songs. I know this song is different because Hannah sings lead the whole time. Does the honesty of her writing scare you at all? Having someone so talented as her to carry the weight, you know, in the band.

There are some nights too, like last night we were… ummm where were we last night? So we just play 40 minutes a night and have like hours after that so we completely vibe out our room every day. And get it done.

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Do you guys have this increasingly in the back of your mind as you take the stage or has it changed the way you do things at all? We were there the night before, so we left at like 3 that morning, which is fucking insane. But you know, what do you do? But like, we think about it all the time because these arenas have bomb dogs coming in all the rooms every day and security is super tight.

It really is but no one can stop music from being written and performed. What kind of person are you, when someone asks you a Google-able question? Do you Google it and then tell them the answer or do you politely point out that Google exists? Me too man, teach a man to fish.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship questions