Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quiz

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quiz

1 (light novel): Kuroyukihime's Return” as Want to Read: The story is a bit predictable and Haru's relationship to Kuroyukihime seems somewhat force. The anime character Kuroyukihime is a teen with past waist length black hair and brown eyes. Relations | Edit. in love with Haruyuki Arita. Haruyuki soon gets the attention of Kuroyukihime, the Student Council explains to some curious students about her and Haruyuki's relationship, claiming she Sega/Wow Entertainment Inc./Kodansha, May , Adventure/Quiz) Quiz Ah!.

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However in the real world he is a short and chubby middle schooler who was constantly bullied and has a significant inferiority complex when it comes to Kuroyukihime and his friends, who are all beautiful or spectacular in what they do.

By making his character so very different from everyone else in the series this juxtaposition between sleek, brilliant and unique as opposed to short and chubby becomes even more marked.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quiz

His normal inferiority complex and attitudes become even more powerful in the real world, with Haruyuki constantly worrying about what others would think if they saw him with Kuroyukihime. He cannot accept that someone as beautiful and strong as Kuroyukihime loves him, and thus seems to feel that in order to justify her love he has to become as strong, and perhaps as merciless as she once was. Furthermore, in recent episodes when we see Haruyuki apparently lose his flying ability for good, he automatically believes that this now makes him useless and less than the dirt of the floor.

The amount of faith that he has placed upon his Silver Crow avatar is ultimately one of his weaknesses, since without this power and uniqueness he believes that his existence means absolutely nothing. For her part, Kuroyukihime seems to want to get close to Haruyuki, using every opportunity to use a direct link and eat lunch together. And yet, despite being so close there is also a significant distance between them. This gap is in part artificially created by both characters using terms such as parent and child, legionmaster and her subordinate that are used to skirt around the issue of their relationship.

The Accel World constantly invades their personal space, and even during a lunch break when they are using a short and intimate cable to talk we consistently have conversations regarding the status of the Accel World and their legion within it.

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They are handy tags used to denote a place and a rank, leaving out the idea of any other sort of relationship or feelings. They are therefore used to skirt around the issue, deliberately avoiding the questions that they must answer, but wish to ignore. We have seen Kuroyukihime declare her love with Haruyuki and even save him from an oncoming car almost at the cost of her life, but she also sometimes appears incapable of truly expressing her emotions. She loves Haruyuki, and yet the Accel World takes up such a significant place within her heart and mind that she cannot move away from it and focus on Haruyuki.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quiz

They are both guilty of putting barriers in the way of their relationship, and yet it appears that Kuroyukihime is the one who ultimately seems to stay out of reach. She is clearly a little awkward around him, although this is perhaps in part due to her having no experience with being in love.

Within the Accel World and her life before meeting Haruyuki we see a character he is cold, calm and collected, capable of rationalising everything, and consumed by the desire to learn all the hidden truths about the world.


When she interacts with Haruyuki, we see a completely different character, one that gets jealous easily, is thrown off by the simplest of things, and is almost incapable of actually asking if he wants anything from her school trip. She is almost the classic innocent school girl, well, perhaps a little more extreme in her inability to talk about normal things due to the all-consuming nature of her relationship with the Accel World.

We therefore have characters that despite their intimacy are also utterly controlled by what on the face of it is a simple fighting game. Kuroyukihime has only ever had the Accel World, and despite her beautiful appearance seems to be socially inept when it comes to Haruyuki, even though she does flirt with him on a regular basis. But, because of her fascinating and addiction to Accel World there is little else for her to talk to Haruyuki about.

For his part Haruyuki perhaps views the Accel World as a way of getting closer to her, and finding out what she is like. Furthermore it is the only way he can realistically see himself standing next to her and helping her, since in the real world he considers himself to be incompetent and perhaps ugly.

Furthermore we know almost nothing about Kuroyukihime, she is a mystery and an enigma. This then is a very real barrier between her and Haruyuki, while she clearly knows an awful lot about him, he knows next to nothing about her, as if she is either afraid of what he might say were he to know the truth, to she is unwilling to tell him anything for a different reason. The ending sequence, and in particular the second ending perfectly encapsulates their relationship.

They are so very close to each other, but are being torn apart by their own obsession with getting stronger at all costs, viewing it as the ultimate goal that they can strive for.

This virtual world has a particularly strong grip over Kuroyukihime, pushing her forward, becoming this all-consuming drive that forces her to keep moving regardless of the casualties, both physical, but also emotional that she leaves in her wake.

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In a very real way her salvation is Haruyuki, however, his inferiority complex and attitude that he does not deserve to have such a beautiful girl confessing to him means that he constantly pushes away. They are further apart due to the ties that they share in the Accel World than they would be without it. Haruyuki must therefore come to the realisation that he is capable of standing beside her already, and that it was the person he is in real life that she fell in love with.

Ultimately however, it must be up to Kuroyukihime to exorcise her demons and leave the Accel World behind, realising that finding out what it means to be level ten is not worth jeopardising her relationship with Haruyuki and that of her real life.

The reason for this is that she wanted her daughter to have the chance to grow up rich, a chance she did not have. However, Kyouko Yuuki denies the fact that she made such a fatal mistake and pins the blame on her husband. Because of this event, she might have been against Asuna dating Kirito. The reason I'm stating this is that maybe Asuna's mother couldn't accept Asuna's relationship. So they must of had a delay in Marriage and making a baby.

Now for Kuroyukihime's real name. Black Lotus was called Sacchan by Sky Raker.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship quiz

Sachi from Sword Art Online sound similar. Maybe Kirito named her after Sachi? If you split her name into 3, It's stated as Kuro-Yuki-Hime. Princess may have come from what her family is. As you may know, Asuna is in a rich family.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World

We could nickname her as a Queen since she may have a child. Seeing how Kuroyukihime is speculated to be their daughter, She just thought that Princess would be a great way to justify her. If you guys find any mistakes or anything, Please inform me.