Hashirama and madara relationship trust

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hashirama and madara relationship trust

So in an effort to keep Madara grounded Hashirama uses a jutsu-scroll The fact of the matter was that while he trusted Madara, he knew the village there, ready to give him an ear full about his relationship with Madara. Well, both Naruto and Hashirama Senju are reincarnations of Asura. from, but in relation to the actual question, yes Naruto is technically - if. Naruto wanted to become Hokage and achieved it. This way, Hashirama would remain a trusted member of the tribe but Madara could show.

hashirama and madara relationship trust

He began cruel experiments on other people, which led to many of them perishing. He has been a malevolent force against the hidden leaf village. Hashirama Senju, who was tired of losing loved ones, longed for peace. When the boys grew up, they ended the war together. Hashirama then founded Konoha to unite the people and protect the country from unrest.

He also wanted to name a Hokage, someone to lead and protect. When he became that leader, it marked an uphill climb towards a calmer era. He feared that the system would rely on favoritism. Hashirama chose his brother, Tobirama, as his successor. Hashirama taught Hiruzen, and Tobirama often worked with him. Minato was the protege of one of Hiruzen's favorite students. Tsunade was Hiruzen's student and the granddaughter of Hashirama and Kakashi was a beloved student of the Fourth Hokage, Minato.

Also, of course, Naruto was the son of the Fourth Hokage and the student of the Sixth. So much so that the people of his time considered him a god of his craft. It also helps that he set precedence over how to build and manage a shinobi village. He created the first village, first creed, first Hokage.

After his village was built, each land built a ninja village of their own, with their own Kages. In a world of chaos and feuds, Hashirama brought a certain sense of order. Between his unmatched powers and his impeccable leadership, Hashirama was a revolutionary man. This threesome included Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru.

One became the Fifth Hokage, one became a famed writer and ninja, and the third became a malevolent scientist. When they were young, Hiruzen considered Orochimaru the brightest of the bunch and had him in mind as the next Hokage. Hiruzen waited for him to grow out of it, but alas, Orochimaru did not. Hiruzen instead chose Minato Namikaze to be the next Hokage, a decision that led Orochimaru to leave Konoha.

One of the most prominent female ninja was Kushina, wife of the Fourth Hokage, Minato.

Kushina wanted to be the next Hokage herself when she was younger. Tsunade more than earned her position, though, as she's a strong, protective, powerful ninja in her own right. Otherwise, Kages and their respective hidden villages keep to themselves. She was stunning, beauty and intelligence and strength radiating from her like the sun. Her wit and wisdom made her enjoyable company.

Stories of Uzushiogakure were weaved to bright eyed children easily, effortlessly. Before he could stop it if it could be stopped at allshe became part of his world, his universe, standing proudly and equally next to Hashirama. He fell in love with Uzumaki Mito, while still loving his brother.

There was a point where Tobirama and Izuna worried about how she would affect the relationship between Madara and Hashirama. The older Uchiha and the Uzumaki had an easy, respectful relationship, any roughness smoothed away long before the trio arrived back to Konahagakure.

Izuna lost his virginity to Tobirama, and vise verse, on the night of Uzumaki- now Senju- Mito's and Senju Hashirama's wedding. It was bright and glorious event- singing and dancing and lights spilling into the night sky. The two of them did not drink; weary from the crowd, tired from their heart ache. The day that Tobirama told him about his love for Mito that burned just as bright as his love for Hashirama was the first day that they were looped arms around each other's shoulders in the closest thing to a hug.

Hashirama Senju

All the other times they had done it, the other was injured and bleeding. It was sight of Madara, Mito, and Hashirama standing in a close circle, smiles on all their faces, that made Izuna's heart squeeze painfully in his chest. They were perfect, mystical, the things that legends are made out of.

And what was Izuna? His brother's shadow, a man who loved his brother more than he should. A hand on his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts. He looked at Tobirama, red eyes staring at the trio enviously, before he turned and walked away. Izuna followed; there were no need for words. The crowds, the lights, the sounds- they swallowed the two of them until they made it to a training clearing, far enough away that it would take a little bit for their loves to find them.

Pent up emotions finally spilled out of the two men. Kisses and touches were traded roughly. Clothes and armor and weapons were dropped gracelessly to the grass. Their bodies met in a desperate, primal dance, their voices low as they fucked outside like animals were they animals? What kind of human would fall for a sibling? They fucked long and hard, into the night that was still lit by the festival, until they just couldn't pretend anymore and stopped.

They dressed themselves in silence and walked back to the wedding, never speaking about what just occurred. What was there to be said? They both knew who the other was imagining on that field. Aren't they just sick men? Hashirama and Mito were expected to have children, and the Uchiha clan heads have been vocal as of late about Madara's lack of interest in finding a wife.

Koharu, Homura, and Hiruzen were brilliant, good children. Their teamwork was shaky as times as to be expected of their age group but they never failed to watch out for each other. That applied to their teachers too- whenever someone usually clan heads were making sly, disrespectful remarks about them, it wouldn't be long after when they would be screaming because of something the trio whipped up, and they couldn't claim that the older men did it because they were off training with their students.

They claimed innocence; Izuna and Tobirama knew better- they could be vicious if they wanted. Though, it was surprising that no one has caught on yet since it was clockwork. It was one of the older Uchihas, long since banished from the clan for reasons unrelated to their desire for blood.

They, controlling the Nine Tail Fox, attacked the village one night suddenly.

hashirama and madara relationship trust

Madara and Hashirama, sparing a moment to bark out orders to get everyone to safety, rushed to face the beast and madman on. As Tobirama passed an elderly woman to Hiruzen to take, Izuna shoved him and pointed to a streak of red that was hopping across the top of buildings; only one person could possibly have that shade of red. It didn't take long to catch up with Mito. Her plan was insane- sealing the beast inside of herself- but she refused to back down, claiming that it had to be done.

Izuna was impressed by her stubbornness- Madara and Hashirama picked a good woman. But that didn't mean he and Tobirama would leave her alone. So as Madara and Hashirama, having long since killed the crazed Uchiha he could already hear the whispers of distrust that would come from the civiliansbattled the Fox, Izuna distracted the beast away from the men and to him.

With Madara's screams "what the Hell are you doing here?! And with a swirl of orange and red, roars shaking the earth like thunder, the beast was gone, sucked into the seal on Mito's belly. Madara came running up, fear in his eyes. Seeing that he was still breathing, he tightly embraced Izuna, murmuring "idiot. From the corner of his eye, the younger brother watched the exact same scene be played out with Hashirama, Tobirama, and Mito.

Tobirama and Izuna were sent on a mission that Hashirama, Madara, and Mito had concerns about. They faced the concerns with "it has to be done for the good of the village" and "we'll be alright". That only made the concerns not as vocal- much to Tobirama's and Izuna's embarrassment and to their little trio of hellions' amusementthe trio waved them off from the front gate, completely ignoring their protests.

Now, he just wanted to tell him what he really thought. This has all gone on far enough. You care about everyone else except yourself so I think I've chosen a permanent path. It took Hashirama a while to understand what Madara was leading up to, but when he did, he didn't waste any time standing there. He then grabbed both of Madara's hand's and pulled. You have a life here Madara! I know after all we've been through things are going to be hard, and no one said it was going to be easy!

But I'm here with you, and I don't no I will not continue this dream without you. However, this only prompted him to continue. He reached out for Madara's hand and grabbed it, gently rubbing it with his thumb. Silence went by, as the two held each other for a while. Hashirama finally broke the embrace by tugging Madara and bringing him into his office.

Don't worry, I'll pay. I'll go home and get an Uchiha kimono! Ugh, and you expected me to wear white! I'd never be caught dead wearing white! White will compliment you, it'll make you look much Sitting there, idly on the surface was the scroll from earlier. He took it quickly and opened it while Madara was turned around.

By using this scroll and casting the jutsu on Madara, it would assure that Hashirama knew where Madara was at any time he pleased, and that worked to his advantage. Madara was still rambling in the doorway, and didn't see Hashirama open the scroll. If he played his cards right, he could execute the jutsu without Madara ever figuring out.

Hashirama performed the hand seals and instantly, the writing on the scroll lit up. This caused Madara to turn around in surprise. He too grabbed the scroll, and with his sharingan was quickly able to decipher the inscription.

The light from the scroll was becoming an annoyance, as Hashirama could barely make out Madara's face. Hashirama hit the wall, and fell to the ground with a thud, but that didn't stop him from quickly rushing over to Madara.

But there was something else Hashirama discovered as he reached for him? There was black hair, pale skin and dark eyes There was a slender neck and waist, and slightly rosy cheeks. In addition, there was a much more kinder face. But the most distinguishing feature or features were the two large items on Madara's chest. As far as Hashirama could tell, those had to be breast. He scooted back a few feet, as Madara slowly sat up. He groaned, or she groaned. The voice was undoubtedly a female one as well as the body.

As she sat up, Hashirama realized that the loose clothing began to slip off of her body, prompting him to look away to hide his blush. Her once manly voice was now a somewhat nasally yet peaceful female voice.

Hashirama expected it sooner or later and as soon as Madara stood up, she emitted the loudest, high pitched scream Hashirama had ever heard.

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She ran over to Hashirama's desk, nearly tripping over her own clothes. Quickly, she rummaged through his desk drawers and withdrew a mirror. That only angered her more. Instantly, she felt something she didn't want to. This only prompted her to push him to the ground and angrily, pull locks of his hair from his head. Hashirama could no longer deny his mistake. Somehow, he turned Madara into a girl and had no idea how to fix it. And what a sexy girl he made.

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