Ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

Ina Garten and Jeffrey's Love Story

ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

The Barefoot Contessa makes cooking fun and easy Garten prepare a never- ending series of mouthwatering meals for her beloved Jeffrey. Apr 28, Ina Garten's Marriage Is Argument-Proof Because of Her One Rule Television host and chef extraordinaire Ina Garten has been married to her husband, Jeffrey , for almost 50 Frito-Lay Issues Recall After Salmonella Scare. Ina Garten on Why Her Marriage Works: 'Jeffrey Always Agrees with Me' I try to ask myself these questions with my own spouse–and take a.

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The only cookbooks visible are the 11 Garten wrote herself. If you take something simple and put it in a fancy dish, she says, it instantly feels like a professional dessert. How easy is that? Left, Ina and Jeffrey Garten in the s. The couple in Paris. She was born in and raised in Stamford, Conn.

Her mother encouraged her to stay out of the kitchen and focus on her schoolwork instead. The couple married in He primarily worked for the State Department, and she analyzed nuclear energy policy for the Office of Management and Budget during the day and experimented with Julia Child recipes by night.

Her culinary leanings took over and, unsatisfied with her job, she purchased a specialty food store in the Hamptons after seeing it listed in the New York Times. The Gartens never had children, and Ina instead spent 18 years running the store with the knowledge she gained from spending time with its previous owner, Diana Stratta, to whom she says she owes everything: Garten hated the name at first but eventually embraced it for its embodiment of all things elegant and earthy.

She has a minor outburst while photographed during the clafouti-making process, announcing that she can bake only in near silence.

ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

To this day, Garten identifies primarily as a cookbook author. And now the game where people who've come a long way go a tiny bit backwards.

It's called Not My Job. So Ina Garten was looking around for something to do after leaving a job in government, and she saw a for sale ad for a food store in the Hamptons, a store with an unusual name, she bought the store. Eventually she grew that into a career, a series of cookbooks and the most popular show on the Food Network, all known by the name of that store.

ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

So let's go over the details of your origin story as if you were a superhero. Was that all true? You used to work in the White House, or at least nearby, right?

I did - no, I worked in the White House. I worked in the Office of Management and Budget on nuclear energy policy. So were you an enthusiastic cook back then?

ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

I was learning how to cook then. I would work at OMB during the day and I'd go home and cook at night. I have heard that you bought the store called The Barefoot Contessa out in the Hamptons without ever having seen it. No, I actually had seen it. I saw it once. They were baking cookies and I thought, this is where I need to be. Laughter And I made an offer on the store and went back to my office in Washington thinking, well, that'll never happen.

And the owner called me the next day and said, thank you very much, I accept your offer. And I just went, oh [expletive]. Well, tell me about the store. What was the original store like?

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It was square feet. It was so small that you couldn't get - the stove didn't fit into the kitchen, so it was actually in the store. If you wanted to put something in the oven you had to go into the store. And it was great.

I mean, it was - I always wanted it to feel like a party, and it did. We had great music and we had samples of cookies out, and everybody had a great time. They would come in just to see what was going on. And how long did you own that store?

ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

Well, I owned the first store for three years. Then I bought a bigger store. And then I moved to East Hampton to a much bigger store. So the store I owned at the end was 3, square feet. And then you started doing your cookbooks once the store became really known. No, actually, after I - I sold the store to employees and then I started doing cookbooks. You got out of the food business. Laughter And into the - out of the frying pan and into the pot or whatever it is.

Ina, I don't know how to cook. And I - this is, like, a big stain in my life. There'd be a bigger stain if you did cook. I mean, tell - what's the - tell me the number one thing I need to know to help me start or give me You know, this - I make roast chicken, and that is the simplest thing in the world to make. And I met some girls that worked at Glamour magazine, and they said, we call it engagement chicken because every time somebody in the office makes it for their boyfriend they're engaged within 24 hours.

Ina, your last name is Garten, right? Your husband's name is Jeff Garten. Jeffrey, you're so delighted by that. By the way, my wife Marla bought me that cookbook, "Cooking For Jeffrey.

And - but she cooks from it 'cause I can't do that.

ina garten and jeffrey relationship questions

I only know how to put SpaghettiOs on pizza. But by the way, your food is delicious. Young people love it. Old people love it. Mostly Jews if they're old people. But they love your cooking.

Speaking of someone who loves your cooking What is it like to be in Taylor Swift's posse? In Taylor Swift's - well, I'm not exactly in her posse. But I spent some - she came for a photo shoot and we made a pavlova together, which was wonderful.

I'm sorry, you made a what together? I just talked about this in the bluff.