India and israel relationship documentary about scientology

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india and israel relationship documentary about scientology

Watch a clip from the documentary "My Scientology Movie," directed by John Dower, starring Louis Theroux, Rob Alter, and Tom Cruise. I do believe the way you shouted at the Public Relations Officer was just . The last word that John Sweeney used in his excellent documentary. Scientology status by country describes the status of Scientology and its recognition as a religion or otherwise in different countries. The Church of Scientology pursues an extensive public relations campaign . Israel, In January a parliamentary commission on cults, headed by MK Miriam Glazer-Ta'asa, declared.

This programme confirmed many inconsistencies between what is claimed by the church and what is done in practice and some uncorroborated testimony as to what tactics are employed to prevent members leaving. It also confirmed, beyond dispute, that the church will go to great lengths to dissuade anyone from exposing it for what it really is, a cult.

Perhaps there are many others who are unwilling to stand in front of the two sets of cameras to discuss their problems with the church and it is quite understandable that they would be reluctant.

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I would prefer that there was more substance and more people willing to expose the church's practices, as, though this programme left little doubt "cult" is an entirely appropriate term, more opposition to its advance is required.

In summary, Scientology itself seems to have something positive to offer, but the Church of Scientology, on balance, does not. The last word that John Sweeney used in his excellent documentary was the word "cult". Sums up Scientology exactly.

india and israel relationship documentary about scientology

Thank you John Sweeney and Panorama! This is why I like the Beeb so much. A thoughtful, considered and accurate portrayal of this sinister and abusive organization.

Suffice it to say, no matter how bad you think the CoS is, the truth is much worse. I was in the Church of Scientology for over 20 years. I left when I finally realised that it was a cult and that all they really wanted was my money. To get that, they tried to control who I spoke to, what I read and how I lived my life. This is the standard response of the cult when dealing with critics. The whole point of it is to intimidate and suppress free speech.

A video of part of this can be seen here: Rather hypocritical considering that we have seen the cult employing PIs to follow and film anyone who dares to criticise them. They have no hesitation in making these videos publicly available when it suits them, with no consideration for the privacy of those involved.

There are many, many truly decent, kind and caring people who are Scientologists and who have given so much of their lives to trying to make a better world. They have been betrayed and are often the biggest victims in this story.

The Church of Scientology is a sinister, brainwashing cult. You only have to look at the way they behave in order to see this. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold and John Sweeney did it in style last night. After the previous episode where the scientologists were smug about making John lose his temper, last nights episode was an exercise in cool journalism!

A member of my family did a journalistic piece for radio about scientology on 5Live and they did everything they could to discredit her! Keep up the good work! Notably, from a magician's perspective, I watched the demonstration of the 'e-meter' with genuine concern.

The auditor's left hand never leaves the unit while the 'readings' are being processed. For entertainment purposes, this could be considered amusing, but while focussing on the subjects' negative emotions while manipulating the result to one's own ends is quite unforgiveable.

In my opinion, if you genuinely want to gain control of your own life, do not hand it over to this organisation. Television is going to the dogs. This was not a documentary, let's face it. This was a self-serving brilliantly scripted and acted piece - each word carefully constructed and acted with wide eyed disbelief and exaggerated expressions.

And the defectors had their scripted part too. They are unreliable because they apparently were ousted from their positions and certainly are not going to be truthful in some payback mechanism. Sweeney feels he has to save his image and likely the BBCs. He screwed up with his last piece and now is trying to redeem himself. You have to watch both shows and the Church's footage to see that what he says simply isn't true.

There is a lot of footage of him being a downright bully and doing everything he acusses the Scientologists of. Ina number of Scientologists, including L. Ron Hubbard's wife Mary Sue Hubbard who was second in command in the organization at the timewere convicted of perpetrating what was at the time the largest incident of domestic espionage in the history of the United States, called " Operation Snow White ". This involved infiltrating, wiretapping, and stealing documents from the offices of Federal attorneys and the Internal Revenue Service.

The judge who convicted Mrs. Hubbard and ten accomplices described their attempt to plead freedom of religion in defense: It is interesting to note that the founder of their organization, unindicted co-conspirator L. The defendants rewarded criminal activities that ended in success and sternly rebuked those that failed.

The standards of human conduct embodied in such practices represent no less than the absolute perversion of any known ethical value system. In view of this, it defies the imagination that these defendants have the unmitigated audacity to seek to defend their actions in the name of religion.

That these defendants now attempt to hide behind the sacred principles of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to privacy—which principles they repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to violate with impunity—adds insult to the injuries which they have inflicted on every element of society. On January 4,more than one hundred E-meters were seized by U. Ron Hubbard Houselocated in Washington, D.

The church was accused of making false claims that the devices effectively treated some 70 percent of all physical and mental illness. The FDA also charged that the devices did not bear adequate directions for treating the conditions for which they were recommended.

india and israel relationship documentary about scientology

Lewisin Scientology. Ron Hubbard was convicted in absentia by French authorities of engaging in fraudfined 35, francsand sentenced to four years in prison. Among these documents was a plan to frame Gabe Cazaresthe mayor of Clearwater, Floridawith a staged hit-and-run accident.

india and israel relationship documentary about scientology

Also, plans were made to discredit the skeptical organization CSICOP by spreading rumors that it was a front for the CIAand a project called " Operation Freakout " which aimed at ruining the life of Paulette Cooperauthor of The Scandal of Scientology, an early book that had been critical of the movement. Scientology fought the charges in court for fourteen years, until the case was finally dismissed in Church of Scientology of Toronto, et al. The case focused on a complaint by a woman who says that after being offered a free personality test, she was pressured into paying large sums of money.

The church is regarded as a sect in France. Alain Rosenbergthe group's head in France, received a two-year suspended jail sentence. After CAN was forced into bankruptcy and taken over by Scientologists in the late s, Scientology proudly proclaimed this as one of its greatest victories. Belgian justice prosecutes Scientology In Belgium, after a judicial investigation sincea trial against the organization is due to begin in Charges include formation of a criminal organization, the unlawful exercise of medicine, and fraud.

In Victoria, Scientology was investigated by the state government. In the conclusion to his report written as part of this investigation, Kevin Victor Anderson, Q.

Scientology status by country

The case had been brought by two ex-members who said they had been pressured into spending large amounts of money on Scientology courses and other services. Commenting on the verdict, the plaintiffs' attorney said, "It's the first time in France that the entity of the Church of Scientology is condemned for fraud as an organized gang".

A Scientology spokesperson likened the judgment to "an Inquisition for modern times" and said the Church would appeal. Her parents had prevented her from seeking the psychiatric treatment she needed because of their Scientology beliefs. She claims that she was taken there against her will and forced to stay for seven weeks. The church states that she "voluntarily" participated in their program of "religious discipline". McPherson, at the time, was displaying symptoms suggesting she was struggling with mental illness ; in one case, she removed all of her clothes after being involved in a minor traffic accident, later remarking she had done so in hopes of obtaining counseling.

Records show that she was then placed in a Scientology program, the Introspection Rundownwhich was forced isolation used to handle a psychotic episode. Florida authorities filed criminal charges against the Church of Scientology, who denied any responsibility for McPherson's death and vigorously contested the charges.

The prosecuting attorneys ultimately dropped the criminal case. The suit resulted in an injunction against the distribution of a film critical of Scientology, The Profitwhich the Church claimed was meant to influence the jury. The terms of the settlement were sealed by the court. Death of Elli Perkins Another crime that received substantial news coverage involved the death of Elli Perkins.

This included an installment on the CBS investigative news program 48 Hours. When her then year-old son Jeremy began to show strange and disturbing behavior, Elli did not seek out psychiatric care but used treatment in accordance with Scientology. Scientologists believe that psychiatry "doesn't work. He returned home some months later because Sea Org hadn't helped. Found trespassing outside the University at Buffalo on August 14,Jeremy was arrested and remanded to a local hospital after a court-ordered psychiatric exam confirmed that he had a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

She also refused any treatment with anti-psychotic medications. Defense attorney John Nuchereno said that Jeremy's condition declined over the summer of He was no longer able to work in the family business. Conrad Maulfair, an osteopathic physician and Scientologist. Maulfair concluded that Jeremy needed to be purged of certain chemical toxins in his body. Maulfair said he needed to be "energized" through vitamin therapy. Jeremy became suspicious of his mother; he thought the vitamins were poisoning him.

He was to leave for Brown's on March 13,but days beforehand began to act more aggressively. On the 13th, after a shower he retrieved a steak knife and tried to slit his wrists. Unsuccessful, Jeremy found his mother in the kitchen and attacked her as she spoke to a friend on the phone. Autopsy reports showed that Elli Perkins was stabbed 77 times. Jeremy is on psychotropic medicationswhich court psychiatrists state have not cured him, but have stabilized his condition.

Noah Lottick Noah Lottick was an American student of Russian studies who committed suicide on May 11,by jumping from a 10th-floor hotel window, clutching his only remaining money in his hands. They stated to Time magazine that he told them that his Scientologist teachers were telepathicand that his father's heart attack was purely psychosomatic. Edward Lottickstated that his initial impression of Scientology was that it was similar to Dale Carnegie 's techniques.

However, after his son's death, his opinion was that the organization is a "school for psychopaths ". Dr and Mrs Lottick submitted affidavits affirming "the accuracy of each statement in the article", and stating that Dr Lottick had "concluded that Scientology therapies were manipulations".

They said that no Scientology staff members attended the funeral of their son. Petersburg Times as saying that Lottick had an argument with his parents four days before his death. I think Ed Lottick made his son's life intolerable. Parties disagree about the existence of a social process attempting coercive influence, and also disagree about the existence of the social outcome—that people become influenced against their will.

Ron Hubbard of authoring The Brainwashing Manualbut these accusations have not been confirmed. Hubbard did publish a copy of this manual on two technical bulletins, "for the benefit of the auditors who may face victims of brainwashing".

Hubbard discussed brainwashing in several of his works, but these, "expose brainwashing as something that should not be practiced", and "the practice of brainwashing could only end up in disaster". Scientology techniques are, nevertheless, a kind of brainwashing The astonishing feature of Scientology is that its techniques and propagation resemble very closely those set out in a book entitled Brain-washing, advertised and sold by the HASI ". Disconnection The Church of Scientology has been criticized for their practice of " disconnection " in which Scientologists are directed to sever all contact with family members or friends who criticize the faith.

Critics including ex-members and relatives of existing members say that this practice has divided many families. By making its members entirely dependent upon a social network entirely within the organization, critics assert that Scientologists are kept from exposure to critical perspectives on the church and are put in a situation that makes it extremely difficult for members to leave the church, since apostates will be shunned by the Church and have already been cut off from family and friends.

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However, there is a consensus of religious scholars who oppose Scientology's practice: You do everything you can to keep unity in the group. Flinn, Washington UniversitySt. The shunning was just painful. And I don't know what it was accomplishing. And the very terms they use are scary, aren't they? This left only 3 cooks at Gold [Base] to cook for people three times a day Miscavige decided to redo the meadow in beautiful flowers; Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on the project so that [Tom] Cruise and [Nicole] Kidman could romp there.

However, Miscavige inspected the project and didn't like it. So the whole meadow was plowed up, destroyed, replowed and sown with plain grass. So the project was rejected and they redid it". The nature of Scientology is hotly debated in many countries. The Church of Scientology pursues an extensive public relations campaign arguing Scientology is a bona fide religion. The organization cites a number of studies and experts who support their position.

Many countries including Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Russia, the United Kingdomwhile not prohibiting or limiting the activities of the Church of Scientology, have rejected its applications for tax-exemptcharitable status or recognition as a religious organization; it has been variously judged to be a commercial enterprise or a dangerous cult.

Scientology is legally accepted as a religion in the United States and Australia, and enjoys the constitutional protections afforded to religious practice in each country. In Octoberthe U. Internal Revenue Service recognized the Church as an "organization operated exclusively for religious and charitable purposes".

This subject is examined in the article on the Church of Scientology. Charlatanism is a necessary price of religious freedom, and if a self-proclaimed teacher persuades others to believe in a religion which he propounds, lack of sincerity or integrity on his part is not incompatible with the religious character of the beliefs, practices and observances accepted by his followers.

Ron Hubbard and starting a religion for money Further information: Scientology as a business While the oft-cited rumor Hubbard made a bar bet with Robert A.

Heinlein he could start a cult is unproven, many witnesses have reported Hubbard making statements in their presence starting a religion would be a good way to make money. These statements have led many to believe Hubbard hid his true intentions and was motivated solely by potential financial rewards. Editor Sam Merwinfor example, recalled a meeting: