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Apr 4, really triggered you, eh? philippa, saskia and iorveth are infinitely more prove that Triss and Geralt were in a relationship at that time, prove. Do they make *any* appearance in Witcher 3? I'm a decent bit into the game, but haven't heard anything about them; hell, I haven't even heard. May 11, You can see it on Steam page of HoS. It's got Saskia on the front page but does not show what the comic is called.

Her legs tightened about him even more, surrounding him in the heat of her body, in which he was happily lost. Her breathing was becoming erratic, her fingers curling into the sheets with no small amount of force.

He groaned softly in answer, his hands returning to her hips to hold her in place as he felt her body poised to surrender. Her back arched sharply and held there. He continued, though more slowly, mimicking the waves that swept through her with gentle strokes of his tongue. He followed her down from her the pinnacle she had reached until at last she fell still.

He released her with one last kiss, for which he was awarded a gentle, satisfied moan. Her fingers curled around his arms, urging him upwards to her chest. Iorveth gladly lay with her, his face pressed to her warm skin. She ran her fingers through his hair, and he closed his, at peace, though the moment was shorter than he wished it to be. At last, they went their separate ways for the day, Saskia to share her ideas and to review outstanding matters with Cecil, and Iorveth to see if he could catch the witcher before he left Vergen.

Within just a couple of days of announcing the event, the city had changed dramatically. Someone had illustrated a handful of brightly-colored flyers detailing the event and had posted them throughout everywhere they were able to. The chattering bard, Dandelion, talked up the event wherever he went, his unmistakable timbre loud and chirruping, even by his standards. There were rumors that the usually drab and underlit inn was being transformed into a suitable venue by the hands of numerous volunteers.

Throughout the streets, streamers were being hung, windows were being decorated, and the sharp, raised voices of bickering neighbors had mostly been transformed into laughter and excited whispering as people discussed dishes they were cooking to share, the outfits they were planning to wear, and the dances they had been practising.

She sat very still, only her hands trembling with anticipation, as one she-elf carefully traced the upper lids of her eyes with dark kohl.

In the shade of one of the tall, stone buildings carved into the side of the hill, Eislenir sat with Brenswyck, shaking her head as he presented a series of doublets he had scrounged from about the city. The color clashes with your complexion. Eislenir scowled and rummaged through the pile he had brought her, finally pulling out a patterned black doublet trimmed in a subtle shade of gold and studying it intensely for a moment. Eislenir raised her eyes as Iorveth approached and nodded in greetings.

Eislenir raised her brow in genuine surprise. You really ought to go. To relax, certainly, but to represent the Aen Seidhe. On that note, what are you going to wear? She held the two up against his outline, one at a time, then held the blue doublet up confidently, tossing the rejected doublet aside with a flick of her wrist.

Will you also be dressed up in this idiotic attire? When Iorveth did not join in her amusement, she scowled, irritated that he would even make such a suggestion. At that moment, Brenswyck burst from the house, arms outstretched in triumph as he stepped forward, chest puffed out and beaming widely in his new doublet.

Iorveth and Saskia [Spoilers]

Even so, there was something alluring about how vastly different it was from the clothing they wore day in and day out. Exhaling in defeat, Iorveth crumpled the doublet up to stuff into the crook of his arm.

Eislenir burst out in laughter, and Iorveth cursed them both, all too happy to depart their company and dreading the challenge he now faced: The air was thick with the scent of food, the streets crowded with people wandering restlessly, frittering away the remaining hours until evening. Iorveth had remained largely confined to his house, content to sit in peace away from the prying questions and awkward, idle chatter he would undoubtedly be forced to face out in the streets and all throughout the evening.

He sat, half-dressed, staring pensively at the pile of clothing that would make up his outfit for the night. In truth, he had no idea if the clothes were appropriate for such an event, but after spending what felt to be a shameful amount of time searching for the right items, Iorveth had decided to settle for what he had found, for better or for worse. It was getting late.

A swell of noise outside signaled the start of the activities, which Iorveth could only imagine meant some sort of dramatic poem or reenactment or a hideous combination of the two led by Dandelion. Massaging the thick scar at his shoulder, Iorveth exhaled through his teeth and stood, reluctantly beginning to dress.

He began with the doublet, an odd garment made with a strangely-shiny cloth, steely-blue in color and fitted.

Despite searching, Iorveth had found no suitable trousers to match, so he kept on his usual forest green leggings. After some deliberation, he pulled a fitted shirt of chainmail over the doublet, unable to leave his home without it.

To this he added a simple, stitched, armless brown vest with a dark green collar. The final touches were a pair of short, leather gloves and his own boots. Fully dressed, Iorveth shifted uncomfortably, the layers of unfamiliar clothing feeling strange against his skin.

He had no idea if his outfit was sufficient, no reference of what colors were meant to go with what. It had been many decades since trivial thoughts of fashion had crossed his mind, and even in his youth, he had cared little for such things.

Regardless, the festivities outside were already well underway judging by the noise - it was time to join in the celebrations. Iorveth stepped outside and was instantly greeted by by the raucous din of a town most ready for relaxation and celebration. People were milling about the streets, chattering excitedly and laughing, many already holding drinks in their hands.

A small stage had been constructed upon which the colorful bard was now reciting bawdy poetry to a sizable crowd. This seemed to be drawing the most attention, so Iorveth gladly walked in the opposite direction, instead making his way towards the inn. As with the streets, the inn was busier than he had ever seen, and the doorway was crowded with people moving in and out.

Distracted by their own excitement, his fellow Vergeni had seemed to have forgotten who he was, and the crowds jostled against him as they jostled against anyone else. He finally made his way into the inn and blinked, his eyes adjusting to the dim light. The place was filled with people, most crowded at tables and many moving about in search of familiar faces or worthy entertainment. Towards the edge of the room, he spotted a table of Aen Seidhe and made his way towards it.

Most lifted their heads in greetings before immediately resuming their chatter amongst themselves. Eislenir looked him over, her face stern, her brow raised skeptically.

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After a moment, she dropped her gaze back to the mug on the table in front of her and took a long drink. Iorveth wrinkled his nose as he caught the scent wafting from her mug. Generally unfond of alcoholic drinks, Iorveth studied the mug warily. He sat for a moment in silence, content to listen to the idle chatter of his companions and to observe the activities of the already-drunk patrons of the inn.

It seemed that the arm wrestling contest was already well-underway, though judging by how many dwarves were currently facing off, it was difficult to tell which contest was authentic. In the far corner, a fistfight was taking place between a human and an elf, but judging from the cries of the onlookers, the fight was purely for sport. Somewhere near the middle of the room, a group broke out in bawdy song, and a dwarf clambered up on the table, staggering from his intoxication and spilling beer on those seated below.

Feeling a stab of reckless pity, Iorveth found another board and engaged her in a game. Several rounds later, he learned that his pity was sorely misplaced, as he found himself out no small amount of coin. Cursing avidly, he shoved the board away while Eislenir grinned, took a smug drink, and pocketed her winnings.

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Ever smiling, she began placing necklaces over the heads of everyone at the table. When she reached Iorveth, the icy look of warning he gave her chased the grin from her face and the song from her lips. She paused, arm extended, a floral loop hanging delicately from her fingers. Thoroughly delighted, the others laughed and hooted shamelessly. Iorveth snatched another drink from the tray of a passing server and glowered into it.

The dicing continued and was beginning to draw quite a crowd. Eislenir and Cyprius methodically beat challenger after challenger, fending off dwarves, humans, and other elves alike. At last, Eislenir lost to Cecil Burdon who, though grim as ever, seemed to be enjoying himself more than Iorveth had ever seen.

Frowning deeply, Eislenir snatched two more drinks, keeping one for herself and sliding one to Iorveth, an unspoken apology for losing all of the money she had taken from him to Cecil.

Unaccustomed to drinking, Iorveth was beginning to feel a bit light-headed. He looked about the room, the loud laughter and conversations all blurring together as his thoughts wandered.

A hard thump across his back snapped him back to the present, and he turned his head to find the distinctly dwarven face of Yarpen Zigrin beaming at him. Instead, he chose to offer a rude gesture, which to his great annoyance only made the dwarf grin broadly before wandering off to greet the rest of the table. Iorveth shut his eye and tried to focus, the commotion and the alcohol making his head ache. As if in response, the door of the inn swung open, and a great cheer filled the room with noise.

Regardless of his choice Geralt ended up being tasked by Foltest with killing the crazed Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose, Jacques de Aldersberg, whom which had secretly been behind the conspiracy and used the alchemy tools to create mutant knights that were slaughtering all. The witcher was brought into a strange vision of a barren frozen world by Jacques whom which was a powerful Source, though eventually Geralt managed to overcome his visions and kill the Grand Master.

As the man's blood drained onto the snow the King of the Wild Hunt appeared to claim his soul. After returning to Foltest, King of Temeria, Geralt was handsomely rewarded for his work but his celebration was cut short as he barely managed to rescue the ruler from an assassin.

This assassin had yellow cat-like eyes and turned out to be a witcher. The Witcher 2 Due to his actions in Vizima Geralt had attained a level of respect within Temeria, Foltest wished to keep the man around as a powerful ally and guard. He was charged with aiding the king in regaining his children, afterwards he would be allowed to leave with the sorceress Triss Merigold. Both Foltest and Geralt saw each other as allies, though their loose friendship ended after the battle at La Valette Castle.

While Geralt stayed back to allow Foltest to pray with a blind monk, the monk turned out to be a bulky witcher in disguise whom which assassinated the king then fled before Geralt could catch him. Soldiers arrived just then and it was believed that Geralt had committed the regicide, he was then thrown into the Temerian dungeons and sentenced to be executed.

Vernon Roche, leader of the special forces of Temeria, staged Geralt's escape and both went on a hunt to discover who the real assassin of kings is. Their first stop is the town of Flotsam where Geralt deals with a number of issues involving monsters in the woods and the Scoiat'tael attacks upon the settlement. Through his inverstigation he discovers that the assassin has been working with the elves, he faces off against the other witcher and is beaten.

Letho is his name, and he has a past with Geralt that is lost due to his amnesia. After defeating a large mutated swamp monster, the Kayran with the help of Sile de Tansarville, so that they can leave the port Geralt learns of something horrible. The town of Flotsam has become a battleground with the guards killing non-humans, during the ruckus it is discovered that Letho has kidnapped Triss Merigold and teleported away with her.

Geralt then sides with either Iorveth or Roche and heads to the Aedern in the hopes of finding her. The witcher either sides with Saskia the Dragon Slayer or King Henselt, all the while solving numerous other issues that the people face. Geralt either removes the curse from Henselt or cures Saskia of her curse that ails her depending upon his choices. He learns more of the assassins and that they are all witchers, and that likely Letho will be at Loc Muinne along with various other important figures.

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His arrival is not well accepted but non-the-less Geralt ends up helping to resolve various events surrounding Loc Muinne. A plot by the Lodge of Sorceresses is discovered and foiled by the witcher, then a dragon attacks the city as many flee and others begin a blood bath. There is a great deal of strife, the severity of deaths depends upon Geralt's actions, with it culminating in Geralt defeating the dragon and either killing it or leaving it to regenerate and live on.

Afterwards he meets with Letho and has everything explained to him. He learns how Yennefer had been taken by the Wild Hunt, and that Geralt had stumbled across the witchers of the Viper School one of which being Letho. He rescued them and in turn they swore to aid him in his search for the Wild Hunt, eventually they came upon the riders whom which had Yennefer.

The witchers assaulted them and in this battle they slew many of the wraiths discovering they were in actuality elves from another world, however a stalemate was reached. Surprisingly, what that particular elder race found exotic were uneven teeth, tangy smell of sweat and, especially, hairy just about everything on a body that resembled elven built.

Elves were so jealous of human body hair just as passionately as the latter hated it and tried to get rid of it with blades, wax, ointments and, even, magic. To sum things up what elves really wanted was imperfection. Well… the grass was always greener on the other side of the fence. Vergen was a challenge for them - eventually elves had to get out of their timeless comfort zones to compete with all those hairy monkeys and disgusting cockroaches that constantly tried to woo to bed pretty much everyone no matter of size, race and age.

In exchange they were not that impressed by long, metaphorical poems and hand holding that non-humans had in store for them. So we, as species, smell and pheromone all right. The point is that at the climax of our meetings we just take care that… ehmmm… sword match the sheath and there are four pointy ears in a pair… that's all, m'lady" "Elves don't mind" someone from the crowd added hurriedly. The human representatives looked embarrassed.

Ah yes, for her citizens she was still the virgin of Aedirn. So we came with that idea, because you know the mages claim that the smell and pheromones affect elven femal-…" "ok, I- I get it now" Truth to be told, the Dragonslayer didn't know how to respond to this trend: But hoping for a change of heart was like expecting erotic stories to have a multithreaded plots and well developed characters. However Saskia did appreciate human's resourcefulness in lovemaking. Elves never had so many pure-blooded newborns at the same time and place for centuries, so maybe she should put a blind eye for all those orgies and shirt swapping.