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Nov 20, Unwelcome Advice. By: vulnera- Fitz and Skye looked to Agent Coulson for confirmation, and he nodded. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Jemma Simmons." . Had Tony Stark just given him relationship advice?. Jan 5, So Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?" RELATED: Gregg Fitz and Simmons have had a rather complicated relationship. Fitz spent some. Feb 23, Future fic; established BioSpecialist relationship; borderline crack. There's something about Jemma and Grant that just grabs a girl and does not let go. He went to Fitz for advice, forgetting that whenever Fitz went, Skye.

But I'm sure it was a nice thing for the audience out there who might be wondering where she is during this time or for those who might be dying to see Bobbi Morse return. Check out this preview from "Rewind" How is it do you think that Hunter and Fitz fit together? Why do they work so well as a team? Well, firstly I think there's this shared background element.

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You know, they're two Brits and I think they're also open to each others' advice. But obviously, Fitz is more intense and Hunter is a bit more relaxed so there's also kind a buddy cop movie vibe to them. Also, it feels like Hunter sometimes takes on the role of an older brother to Fitz and he's been watching him grow up, over time, from a boy into a man.

Beyond that too, Ian and I are actually friends and we enjoy working together so I think there's a lot of that that comes through. We relish the chance to have some fun on set together. Is there a path back to the show for Hunter? He tried to make a great impression, he really did.

He went with Skye's fashion advice with the dark blue suit. He did not do the Ward thing, per Fitz's suggestion. He arrived at the agreed-upon coffee shop early, andgave Evelyn his most disarming smile and made sure not to overdo it. These, however, were not enough for the overly discerning mother. Evelyn Simmons looked formidable. She was dressed in clothes that looked as if it costed a year of Ward's salary.

Her honey blond hair was pulled back in a severe bun. She did not look old enough to have a teenaged daughter, much less someone of Jemma's age. In her six-inch high heels, she towered over her petite daughter. And Evelyn Simmons looked at Ward as if he was the scum beneath her thousand-dollar heels. This evening would not end well. We never—" "And maybe that is the problem! Beneath the table, he reached for her hand in reassurance.

He could and would stand her mother. He would withstand anything for her. To make matters worse, Jemma was suddenly called out for a consulting emergency. However, the way things were proceeding, jumping off an airplane without a parachute was easier compared with dealing with Jemma's mother.

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How Jemma came out of her childhood unscathed was a mystery to Ward. Of course, the voices in his ears were not helping at all. He was going to kill her and Fitz. This was against protocol.

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The two of them knew better than to whisper dating advice into his earpiece. One never knew who was listening. Ask her about the family business.

Simmons," Ward started awkwardly. And now she's hooking up or whatever it is kids all it this days with an And it's also not outside the realm of possibility that he'd invent something that would earn him billions. Evelyn's teacup wavered in midair. Before he could speak, however, there was a loud crash followed by a million pieces of glass showering from above. Ward's training took over. He had slid down the table, grabbed Evelyn's arm and shoved her underneath.

Ward looked up and saw about half a dozen men rappelling down. Jemma struggles with her feelings toward Fitz and what they mean.

However, the topic of their discussion at the bottom of the ocean remains unaddressed. While Fitz prepares for a mission during the season finale, Jemma says she wants to talk about it when he gets back. After the success of the mission, Fitz asks Simmons out to dinner.

He finds a way to rescue Simmons, who fights to survive on an alien planet lightyears away. Fitz endlessly searches for answers, resists authority, and refuses to give up. Fitz finally opens a portal to the alien world and dives through to rescue Simmons. After all of this, Fitz worries that their relationship is cursed, that the cosmos are forcing them apart.