Jesus and muhammad relationship counseling

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jesus and muhammad relationship counseling

My face grew hot when one of my religion professors proclaimed that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a prophet who waged war and showed. In Islam, the hadith literature (sayings of the prophet) is considered The Islamophobic depiction of Muhammad's marriage to Aisha as. In Islam, ʿĪsā ibn Maryam or Jesus, is understood to be the penultimate prophet and In Islam, Jesus is believed to have been the precursor to Muhammad, .. consider me to be better than you, do not be haughty in relation to each other but .. Such depictions also include advice and sermons which are attributed to him.

In this sense, their function was to deliver the message from God that God is one without partner. There is no god but He, the Living, the Everlasting […] Quran 2: Same Messages, Different Circumstances Even though each messenger was tasked with delivering the same massage and providing an example to his or her people, each prophet was faced with unique challenges and circumstances in their place and time. Shabir Ally explains in his YouTube video: But at the same time, there are some circumstances in which war is thrust upon you, and you have no way out but to defend yourself in a reasonable way.

And that is what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had to do. He struggled for many years preaching Islam in a very peaceful manner. He was persecuted, so were his followers as well. But still the non-Muslims, wanting to wipe out this new religion and its followers, came battling with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in one army after another.

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The Prophet Muhammad PBUH sought peace until his enemies gave him and his companions no other option but to defend themselves or be obliterated. While Jesus PBUH was also met with intense opposition for spreading the message of God, he did not have a large enough following to resist his enemies.

His disciples were very few in numbers, and held no political weight. It would have been impossible for them to withstand any kind of conflict in the same way that Muhammad PBUH and his followers did. To compare these prophets and say that one was quick to wage war and one promoted peace is a product of not taking circumstances each prophet faced into consideration.

It does not even take the actual life of Jesus into consideration nor does it consider what Christianity teaches about conflict. Righteous Indignation And so, having an authentic comparison of Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon themdemands that we also understand what Christianity teaches about war, anger, and defending justice.

There are many instances of war in the Bible: And these instances are seen as righteous wars waged for justice. With all the beautiful features listed above, it is no wonder that he won the heart of Khadijah as he won the hearts of all his followers and companions.

The Qur'an teaches us that goodness would convert enemy to friend: Repel evil with what is better, then the one who was your enemy becomes as he were your best friend and intimate Mutual Support and Counseling This simple but true fact is commonly ignored by many marriage partners. They take the relationship between them for granted. They may express their kind feelings to outsiders and show their best behaviour to strangers, but when they deal with each other, each assumes that the other already knows his or her feelings.

They take each other's feelings for granted. Prophet Muhammad pbuh gave us the best example in this respect. He always showed his best side to his family. He always asked the believers to be good to their families, and when it comes to good deeds, own should start with those he is in charge of. Another clue to the realization of an ideal family relationship such as the one which existed between the Prophet pbuh and his wife, Khadijah, was the mutual counseling and support.

A single incident will be quoted to make a point. I was the time when the Prophet pbuh received the first revelation. The magnitude and the impact of this incident was so great that it literally shook him up. Whom did he go to for counsel and support in such a difficult time? Did he go this best friend? Or to his lawyer? Or to his professor or advisor? Or to the elder of the community or tribe?

He went to his wife Khadijah. He asked her for support and for her opinion, and apparently he knew what he was doing. She responded in the most appropriate manner.

The Kindness of Prophet Muhammad (s) - IslamiCity

She did not faint or panic. She ated in the most comforting and supportive way, and filled him with confidence. She was quoted to say: By the one who has khadijah's soul in His hand, I wish you become the Prophet of the this nation. By God, God will never let you down.

The Kindness of Prophet Muhammad (s)

You are kind to the kin, you are truthful in your word, you carry the weak, you host your guest, and you support the afflicted. It means quite a lot. This type of mutual trust and confidence does not develop instantly. It is rather the result of long years of exposure, testing and practice.

Jesus in Islam

In such a challenging and difficult situation, the Prophet pbuh would not seek counsel and support from someone he had not trusted and tried before. The point to be made is that the mutual counseling and support between marriage partners is an essential ingredient for a successful family life. IT serves two purposes: One is that a very useful source of counsel and support must be utilized rather than wasted. Second, the consulted partner will develop confidence, in addition to a sense of participation and appreciation, which will further strengthen family ties.

Helping Around the House Another clue was the Prophet's participation in the activities of his family, giving a helping hand whenever he could. When Ayeshah was asked: It is true that the home and housekeeping are usually the domain and responsibility of the wife, but a helping hand by a husband can be of great value.

On the one hand, it will help the husband to undertstand and appreciate the duties and problems of his wife. On the other hand, it will signal to the wife his interest and caring attitude.

Besides, his behaviour will be an example to the children, who might feel that housework is for mothers only. Sometimes the services of the husband are not needed, or not feasible. Here, gestures of goodwill and willingness to help are all that is needed. At other times, his service at home may be badly needed.

In such a case, any time he can spare to serve his family is time well-spent.

jesus and muhammad relationship counseling

Of course, the service provided could be physical, spiritual, or intellectual. Respect for the family Another clue was the Prophet's pbuh respect for his family.

The normal treatment of mature individuals should be based mainly on logic, reason and sound understanding. The main miracle of Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the Qur'an, which is a message to the minds of all people. IT is the Islamic approach to utilize mainly the mind and reasoning rather than to paralyze and overpower the person by physical means. When it comes to corrective action, a serious word or look or gesture could be more effective and even more painful than beating with a whip.

Physical means are saved for the ones who do not have enough mind to understand. When beating has to be used along these lines, the Prophet pbuh teaches us that one should not hurt and that one should avoid the face. The Prophet pbuhhowever, gives us a marvelous reminder: Stability in Face of Hardships Another clue to the successful marriage was the stability and good faith of the partners when facing difficulties and afflictions.

Many husbands and wives are taken by frustration and despair when they face difficult problems. Some lose control and completely break down.

Many families fall apart after loss of money, failure of business, or any other type of trauma.

jesus and muhammad relationship counseling