Ji hyo and gary relationship poems

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ji hyo and gary relationship poems

During the fan meeting, Gary opened up. Song Ji Hyo And TWICE's Jihyo To Melt Hearts With Their Sisterly Chemistry On “Running. TV/Film. In the early days of the show, relative newcomer Gary seemed almost in awe of beautiful actress Song Ji Hyo. It was in episode 10 that the two. They watch closely at ever interaction of Gary and Ji Hyo and interpret Couple mimics the development or stages of an actual relationship.

This seems so awkward and difficult.

“Running Man”‘s Gary Sheds Light on His Relationship With Song Ji Hyo at Fan Meeting

With time, the two stars seemed to regain their easy friendship and find new footing concerning the relationship between their characters on the show. This time however, things appeared slightly different.

ji hyo and gary relationship poems

Previously, Gary had almost always been the one to initiate things on the show or was the first to bring up the Monday couple. Ji Hyo, on the other hand, primarily laughed it off and just found amusement at the jokes and comments.

With time, the actress began initiating things as well, being the first one to make a Monday couple comment and allowing her easy friendship with Gary to develop even more. With this new and seemingly more authentic relationship, the rumors once more began to rise rapidly.

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It seemed as if fans were primarily divided into two categories- ones who totally believed that the Monday couple was real and others who felt it was an act but secretly wished they were really dating.

As their relationship progressed, it was easy to notice that Gary and Ji Hyo seemed different than before. The awkwardness was gone and in its place there appeared to be something bordering on genuine affection.

Usually, at least one of the people involved will start developing feelings for the other. To many fans, it seemed like Gary genuinely had some feelings for Ji Hyo or at least had a crush on her in a star-struck kind of way.

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However, the difference in real life is that when a person who is supposed to be in a platonic relationship begins to develop feelings for the other person, it causes a lot of awkwardness.

Whereas most friends would take a step back and start seeing less of each other, Ji Hyo and Gary still saw each other on a weekly basis as coworkers. Meanwhile, they believed Gary still harbored feelings for her or, at least, a sentimental crush over what might have been. Whatever the fans believed though, things truly did seem different as their onscreen relationship started moving forward after the th episode or so. So, did that mean that it was just an act before, while later it had become real?

Fans continued to debate the issue, and rumors spread that the two were secretly dating. Apart from fans though, even other stars were somewhat confused by their relationship. What makes the Monday couple so believable is their natural chemistry. Somewhere along the way, the producers realized that the Monday couple was pure gold and began to purposefully make situations for them to shine.

Even with the contrived and scripted situations, however, there seemed to be something real and genuine in the actions of our Monday couple. People see it in their looks, their behavior, their natural skinship and even in their conversation. All of this aside though, the question still remains today. They are, so far, happy with each other.

Song Ji Hyo, being the only woman, receives a lot of special attention from the production team and the members.

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In fact, she has more episodes where she is the center in the storyline than Yoo Jae Suk. In that kingdom, she has one devoted knight, Kang Gary, The Monday Couple has thousands of fanart devoted to them. He wards off men that try to make their move on Song Ji Hyo.

ji hyo and gary relationship poems

He protects her when others want to attach her on the show. He is the epitome of the knight in shining armor. Although a minority, there are lots of bashers too.

ji hyo and gary relationship poems

I could understand where they are coming from. It was apparent that in the beginning, prior to Song Ji Hyo being caught on a date with her some say ex boyfriend, Baek Chang Joo, she was uncomfortable with the loveline most of the time. There were times when she cooperated but it was few and far between.

Most of the time, she resisted it. Eventually, Song Ji Hyo did say on Strong Heart that she will bring back the loveline because her relationship with Kang Gary has gotten better. It was followed by an episode in Running Man where she said she is sitting beside Kang Gary because it was Monday.