Jim and dwight relationship quiz

The Office: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jim And Pam's Relationship

jim and dwight relationship quiz

Dwight refers to Michael as "the one person I have been hired to protect." Because of his authoritative Michael-Dwight Relationship. Edit The Office Fan Quiz. Can you pick these events involving Dwight and Angela's relationship (as seen on The Office) in the order in which they happened? Test your. Of course, the biggest relationship in The Office was between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Jim was the forlorn paper salesman constantly.

He did this of course, because his coworkers were not taking the fire awareness meeting seriously. When it came time to put his plan in motion, Dwight never hesitated to unleash his wrath. Do you know how he spread fire awareness? By pretending that there was a fire in the office. By causing an office fire. By giving a 50 minute speech on fire safety.

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By pretending that his house burned down. Jim has had feelings for Pam from the get go, however, he couldn't act on them because Pam was engaged to Roy.

Fact: 30% Of Office Fans Will Fail This Dwight Schrute Quiz

Despite knowing that his feelings were misplaced, Jim couldn't help the way he felt, so instead of staying away from Pam, he tried to win her over. All this led to Jim and Pam sharing a kiss. While this kiss was kept secret for a long time, it eventually came out and Roy reacted quite strongly to the news.

He punched him in the face. He pepper sprayed him. He kicked him in the shin. It isn't everyday that Dwight tells the audience how he really feels, so when he comes clean, it's important for us to listen.

Sometimes, however, his confessions can be quite strange, which is why he's prone to shocking his audience. Do you remember when Dwight confessed his love for whipping open doors?

If so, you probably remember his reasoning behind this act. If you know Dwight as well as you say you do, why don't you choose the appropriate answer. To catch objects moving. To catch people in the act. To make an entrance. To make people feel afraid. Question by author dynagirl Had sex with a supplier for discounts on paper It is Michael who gets addicted to YouTube.

Although Meredith likes to drink, she never admitted to keeping booze in her drawer - she keeps it under the seat of her van.


In "Business Ethics", Meredith admits to having sex once a month with the paper supplier for discounts and steak coupons. I'm in a band, but I don't have the greatest luck with the ladies. Question by author cmarshall Kevin Kevin originally applied to be a warehouse worker, but he was hired as an accountant.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

As an accountant he makes many mistakes, so Angela is constantly yelling at him. The Joy of Dwight Schrute click to play it. Question by author AsheyPooh. Question by author ladymacb Green While at a Party Planning Committee meeting, Angela vetoed green for the color of streamers because she thought the color was whore-ish.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

In a later episode, however, Angela said that orange was whore-ish. For what movie did she earn her first Academy Award nomination? Guest Stars on "The Office" click to play it.

Question by author kstyle Junebug The talented Adams has appeared in all these films, but her first Oscar nomination came in "Junebug" for her role as the quirky and pregnant sister-in-law of Ben McKenzie's character.

She also received an Oscar nomination for her role in the movie "Doubt" three years after her first nomination.

jim and dwight relationship quiz

She is forced to go by "Erin" to avoid confusion with Kelly Kapoor. Who is the comedian who plays Erin?

jim and dwight relationship quiz

Guest and Intermittent Stars from "The Office" click to play it. Question by author ArlingtonVA. Ellie Kemper Ellie is best known as a comedy writer and comedian, including improv and internet-based sketches. She achieved some notoriety for a hilarious but off-color internet video in as this is a family-oriented site, I won't go into details! She is engaged to Roy at the time, of course, so they pretend it's a platonic kiss.

After she orders a couple margaritas, what does she then order that gets her so drunk? A History click to play it.

Jim & Pam: Real Love - The Office US

Question by author fab4lover. Nothing; she steals leftover drinks Pam got herself banned from Chili's after that incident! In the words of Jim, though, 'Totally worth it. He lives on a beet farm, has a cousin named Mose, and once froze his girlfriend's sick cat out of mercy.

jim and dwight relationship quiz