Jin kazama and julia chang relationship

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jin kazama and julia chang relationship

Julia Chang is the adopted daughter of Michelle Chang. She is an Character Relationships. Adopted daughter Julia enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to prevent Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima from crossing paths. May be trying . For Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Rate the Character Day Julia Chang". Jin Kazama - Ling Xiaoyu - Paul Phoenix - 4 years ago#6. 8 for that AZ connection. Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken fighting game series While Jin and Xiaoyu appeared to have developed a close relationship, Satō did not want to explore a romantical one in the movie. Jack; Jin Kazama; Jinpachi Mishima · Julia Chang · Jun Kazama · Kazuya Mishima · King.

Jin was raised by his mother until a few days after his 15th birthday, when Jun was attacked by Ogre and disappeared.

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Swearing revenge, Jin goes to train with his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Jin's Devil Gene then awakes, allowing him to survive Heihachi's attack and escape.

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Learning a new karate style for two years, Jin enters into a new tournament where he is about to confront his father until the Tekken Force captures him. The Tekken Forces he take him to Honmaru.

jin kazama and julia chang relationship

The tournament's host, his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishimais responsible for Jin's change. If Devil Jin defeats Jinpachi rather than the regular Jin, an alternative ending is featured showing Devil Jin absorbing Jinpachi's powers.

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It features Jin's journey to G Corporation's laboratory where he faces multiple enemies after hearing Jun's voice. Similarly, he plays as the primary antagonist in Tekken 6's "Scenario Campaign" mode and is the last story-related enemy that the player has to fight. Near the end of the Scenario Campaign, he is confronted by his half-uncle Lars Alexandersson who is rallying a faction within the Zaibatsu's Tekken Force military to take down their former leader.

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However, Lars fails to defeat Jin when the former reveals he has been using Lars' partner, Alisa, to observe his actions and Lars is unable to fight Alisa. Jin's ultimate goal in awakening such a monster is to fight it in a suicidal battle and both save the world from Azazel and free himself of the Devil Gene. Alternatively, Devil Jin also appears as a hidden boss in the scenario. Due to his weakened state while being cornered by the soldiers who pursued him, Jin's devil power is stronger than ever.

He then arrives at a marketplace and is about to be captured by the soldiers when he is saved by his half-uncle Lars and transported to another branch building of Violet System, owned by his adoptive uncle Lee Chaolanfor him to rest and regain his strength.

Beating Tag Tournament as Jin results in a sequence where he tries to kill Kazuya but his body then starts shaking. He returned in the sequel Project X Zone 2 with Kazuya as his partner. The Motion Picture as a child. I love fics got Julia on focus but all pairings are welcome as well, except Fox and King i dislike them A Kick to the Head by Yugao reviews Julia tries to coax King out of fighting, but he won't let her off that easy.

jin kazama and julia chang relationship

Heartbreak soon becomes a thing of the past--until he meets Julia Chang, who uncannily resembles his lost Alexxi. Julia learns the hard way that Valentine's Day truly is overrated. K - English - Romance - Chapters: This story covers both Tekken 3 and Tekken 4. Julia Chang vows to find her mother and enters herself in the third tournament.

Through this, she meets the mysterious Jin Kazama. But what happens when one can't be loved and protected all at once?


How will a girl survive High School in a class of almost all Tekken characters? Who and how will they be? Please read and review! K - English - Humor - Chapters: The combination of the Ogre cell and the Human cell to bind the devil cell to the human cell.

The genome of the Devil killed her mother and her only hope is to win The King of Iron Fist Tournament, for the answers she needs. Time is against both Julia and Jin, who's mother will come back to life and what is the secret of the scroll of life?

jin kazama and julia chang relationship

And by Tekken Tag 2, she has now a majority of pro wrestling moves and throws. Despite Tekken Tag 2 not being canon, it was explained that Julia was convinced by her friend to take the place of an injured female pro wrestler and Julia hesitantly did. It is important to note that this installment will run on a canon storyline. Tekken 7 will be based on the events after Tekken 6. In Tekken 3, she was trying to rescue Michelle, who was kidnapped by the Mishima Conglomerate.

In Tekken 4, she has become active in reforestation activities but her work was stolen by the Mishima conglomerate so she joins the tournament to get it back. In Tekken 5, Julia was romantically pursued by Ganryu, who gave her back her stolen work.

jin kazama and julia chang relationship