Katara and aang vs zuko azula relationship

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katara and aang vs zuko azula relationship

(I'm not saying Zuko would necessarily be an abuser in a relationship, we don't see him act this way toward Mai. However, he's sort of similar to. This was only bolstered when Azula successfully convinced Zuko to betray their uncle, aid her against Aang and Katara, and finally conquer Ba Sing Se. Azula. Azula was named by Ozai after her grandfather, Azulon. Sokka and Azula's relationship was limited to their status as enemies, though she finds him annoying.

The two built a solid relationship, though it was not particularly affectionate.

katara and aang vs zuko azula relationship

And I'm gonna beg for his forgiveness. He's the one who's been a real father to me!

katara and aang vs zuko azula relationship

Iroh was Zuko's uncle, mentor, firebending teachercaretaker, and father figure. The tolerant and even-keeled foil to Zuko's impulsiveness, Iroh tempered Zuko's anger with practical advice and a wry sense of humor. Though Iroh was a hard instructor, his merciless drilling in firebending basics served to improve Zuko's skill.

Although he often teased Zuko, who impatiently balked at his advice, they cared deeply about each other. He even thought of Zuko as his surrogate child, his own son having died, and worried over him accordingly. Iroh was considered a traitor by the Fire Lord, blamed for the failure of the Siege of the Northern Water Tribe after he attacked Admiral Zhao for killing the mortal form of the Moon Spirit.

Zuko left, believing that they no longer had anything to gain from traveling together, stating that he needed to find his own way. Their reunion was cut short, however, when Iroh was severely injured by Azula, over which Zuko grew visibly distraught.


Once Iroh had healed significantly, he began to teach Zuko how to channel lightning through his body; however, he refused to actually execute the technique for practice due to the risks involved. While Iroh's words were harsh, Zuko ultimately seemed to respect the sentiments behind them, opting to release Appa, knowing the bison would return to Aang.

After leaving the underground base, at his uncle's suggestion, he dropped his Blue Spirit mask into the lake and watched it sink from view. During Zuko's illness, Iroh gladly took care of his nephew.

Iroh turned his head away in disappointment, signifying that he was ashamed of the choices that his nephew had made.

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Signifying that although his nephew had betrayed him, he still had faith in Zuko, Iroh gave Zuko a crown which Sozin once gave to Roku: He would ask for his uncle's forgiveness for his previous betrayal at Ba Sing Se. However, Iroh escaped from prison himself long before Zuko arrived and Zuko was forced to leave without him.

He told an Iroh-like proverb to Sokkathat apparently made "no sense at all". Zuko and Iroh reunited in the White Lotus camp for the first time since Zuko learned of his ancestry. Zuko expressed his guilt over betraying his uncle on several occasions after joining Team Avatar. Zuko reunited with his uncle before the final battle and sobbed as he begged for his uncle's forgiveness.

Iroh embraced his nephew in an emotional hug, stating that he was never angry with Zuko, just sad that he had lost his way and was now happy that Zuko found his way to him. He was proud to find that Zuko has finally found peace with himself and his destiny and the two finally made up. Iroh refused, as Zuko was the far more suitable heir: He showed great sadness when he thought Zuko had died [10] and later confessed his fatherly nature to Zuko by telling him he thought of Zuko as his own.

Despite Zuko's claims that he would be fine on his quest to capture the Avatar, Iroh still looked genuinely worried. Even though they were all each other had left, Zuko left Iroh for a short time. He went so far as to encourage Zuko to find a nice "lady friend" and prompted Zuko to go on his date with Jin.

When Zuko tried to capture AppaIroh stopped him and insisted that he had to stop letting others control his destiny, namely his father.

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This encouraged Zuko to instead free Appa and abandon his identity as the Blue Spirit, whom he was dressed as during the capture. Through his sickness, Iroh was by Zuko's side day and night to comfort him and care for him, knowing that his spirit would be cleansed as a result of his better decisions.

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The Fire Princess was instrumental in the failure of the mission by Team Avatar, not only because she obtained the plans ahead of time from the Earth King, but she fought on the front lines against Aang and his friends. By delaying them reaching Ozai until the eclipse passed, Azula almost single-handedly fended off a foreign invasion that made it all the way to the palace and the Fire Lord's secret underground bunker.

Without her, it's quite possible the Fire Nation would have met a swift end. Water not counting her shadowed appearance in the openingAzula has been involved in most of the major events of Avatar: She is present and involved in almost every plotline and subplot of the series, including becoming the main antagonist at the end of Book Two: Earth, remaining a prominent villain assisting Ozai in Book Three: Fire, and still plotting and manipulating Zuko and others in the graphic novels.

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Since her introduction, Azula has been involved in pursuing Iroh and Zuko, renaming the conquered city of Omashu to New Ozai, pursuing the Avatar's group, overseeing War Minister Qin's scheme to use a giant drill to breach the walls of Ba Sing Se, and masterminding the game-changing coup that followed and conquering the city.

She was the one who persuaded Ozai to burn the Earth Kingdom to ashes using the power of Sozin's Comet, and finally, she was essential to the Fire Nation victory at the Day of the Black Sun.

Her body of work spans animation, films, and video games. She has also voiced Daphne in Scooby-Doo cartoons since DeLisle provided the personality that made Azula a believable character, and became famous in the world of video games for voicing Catwoman in the Arkham Batman games and others, Jeanne in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, and additional voices in Minecraft, Mortal Kombat X, and Metal Gear Solid: In addition to her voice acting, DeLisle is also a successful singer-songwriter with seven albums of country music to her name.

Family doesn't count for much among the royal family of the Fire Nation, and even as child Azula was disrespectful towards her uncle, referring to him with names such as "His Royal Tea-loving Kookiness.

Azula torched the doll her uncle sent her from the Earth Kingdom and called him a "quitter and a loser" for failing to capture the city. The power-obsessed Azula saw it as a tactical error and a sign of ultimate weakness that Iroh let his feelings compel him to abandon a potential military victory for the Fire Nation.

Ironically, Iroh's own secret Order of the White Lotus would be responsible for liberating the city from the Fire Nation forces.

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The first time she tried saying her brother's name, she couldn't pronounce the hard "k" sound, so she simply called him Zuzu instead. At the time, Zuko didn't mind and likely saw it as a term of affection from his sister. But as their relationship soured he regretted not taking action to rid himself of the name. When she was younger, Azula adored her older brother and followed him everywhere, but changed her attitude when she saw Ozai look down on him. She began to look down on him too as she cultivated Ozai's favor.

Later, Azula would use "Zuzu" as a diminutive nickname for Zuko, likely because Zuko disliked being called by it. The Last Airbender the television series concluded in and its sequel, The Legend of Korra, aired from to and signaled a new era for the franchise, the story of what happened in between is ongoing.