Kate and william history relationship

Why William and Kate Broke Up in —and Why They Got Back Together

kate and william history relationship

and Duchess of Cambridge? Some details about their relationship may surprise you. July 12, You may think you know everything about Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship. . Their cake will go down in history. | Giphy. Prince William and Kate Middleton have had a fairy-tale romance since meeting as students over a decade ago, but they've had some challenges along the way. As came to an end, William and Kate's four-year relationship she use her art history degree and go into a related field, should she.

A Biography by Marcia Moody. William had originally intended to come, but then changed his mind, which upset Kate.

kate and william history relationship

Although certain things were changing with the times within the royal family, Christmas at Sandringham was still strictly a royal affair. It meant they would not be able to spend Christmas Day together unless they were married. Unfortunately, the trend of their spending time apart continued into the new year.

kate and william history relationship

Inmany had been predicting a royal wedding, and Woolworths were already stocking wedding paraphernalia. When Kate went to work on the morning of her birthday, she was swarmed with more aggressive paparazzi than ever before.

Miss Middleton should, like any other private individual, be able to go about her everyday business without this kind of intrusion. The situation is proving unbearable for all those concerned. William was stationed outside London and they spent significant amounts of time apart over the next few months.

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They were also still young, and both figuring out what they wanted from life, but Kate felt like she had less of a say in their relationship and their future. William had to fulfill his duties — that was his destiny — but where did that leave her? Or would all of it be moot? If they ended up getting married, she would be required to submerge herself fully in royal life, and this would take some time and preparation. His quarters in his barracks were small, like those of the other men, fitted with just a single bed and not conducive to a couple staying for the weekend.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Relationship Timeline

So if they wanted to see each other, it would mean his making the effort to go to London or Berkshire. He started spending a lot of time with the rest of his barracks, going out drinking and dancing. Then when he did make it back to London, on one occasion, he went out clubbing to Boujis with friends and flirted with another girl, which was in the papers the next day.

Kate grew increasingly fed up, and felt his behaviour was disrespectful. They attended the Cheltenham Festival together, but whereas the previous year it seemed that Kate could do no wrong as she hung out in the royal box with Charles and Camilla, this year she and William looked unhappy and out of sorts.

Their matching decades-older tweed outfits were indicative of the rot that had set into their relationship. A few days later, William was back in his barracks and went out to nearby Elements nightclub in Bournemouth. The normally cautious prince was drunk and enjoying himself, surrounded by glamorous half-naked girls. In one picture he appeared to be holding the breast of Brazilian Ana Ferreira.

kate and william history relationship

Another clubber on the same night, Lisa Agar, said William was flirty — dancing and making suggestive comments. The pictures and quotes were in the papers the next day, and Kate and William were both embarrassed. However, there was no disguising the fact that William was unsure of their future together. When Charles was in a relationship with Diana and it reached a crossroads, Prince Philip said to him that he needed to take action one way or another and Charles proposed.

When William was faced with a similar dilemma he went the other way.

kate and william history relationship

The last time Kate and William went out together before they split was with their friends Hugh and Rose van Cutsem, whose wedding they had attended two years earlier. By the time Kate flew to Ireland with her mum on 3 April, the relationship of four years was over. Kate was devastated, but instead of just weeping at home in a darkened room, she got busy.

The two families, especially their adult children, seem to be on good terms. Zara Tindall Kate Middleton and Zara have no feuds between them. The important relationship Kate maintains — outside her marriage. She and her royal grandmother have only grown closer since then.

kate and william history relationship

Prince Charles She makes a great daughter-in-law. But in the beginning, Camilla and Kate were reportedly at odds. Everyone can see the tension between Kate and this royal. So much so that it created tension between her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, and the rest of the royal family.

Many believe this rift translated to the girls not liking Kate — although Eugenie seems to have warmed up to her cousin-in-law.

Revealing Insights Into Kate Middleton’s Relationship With the Royal Family

The feud between the two women regularly steals headlines. Any talk of disdain between these two is just gossip. Princess Sophie, Countess of Wessex Could there be an air of competition between these two?

Autumn Phillips Their kids must really get along. As a mother of two and former commoner, she and Kate have a lot in common. How Kate gets along with other ladies across the globe … Does Kate play into the race for the throne? Plus, Prince Andrew fears his daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, will be further nudged out of the royal circle if Charles becomes king. Kate keeps her distance from this fight.