Kensi and deeks relationship fanfiction fifty

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kensi and deeks relationship fanfiction fifty

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS: LA or any of the characters. Prompt # Kiss - The first time it happened, it had been to sell a cover, but after all. Rated: Fiction T - English - Crime/Romance - Kensi B., M. Deeks - Chapters: 20 - Words: 63, - Reviews: 62 - Favs: 50 - Follows: Disclaimer: NCIS:LA isn't mine. I'm just having some Densi fun. Prompt #4: Undercover - Their cover was usually as a couple, so when some.

This was not supposed to happen. They were partners in the field, trying to take down a dangerous Russian arms dealer selling nukes. She left him to do her job. She needed to do what she needed to do. And he needed to do what he needed to do. Sadly when Sam's cover got blown, Deeks needed to step in in order to rescue him from drowning.

Even though all that resulted from this was both of them getting captured and brutally tortured.

kensi and deeks relationship fanfiction fifty

Sidorov had his thug use a dental drill on Deeks. As the device harshly reduced his mouth to oozing, bleeding chunks, Deeks retreated to a place inside his head that became his safe haven.

Kensi and Deeks: Fifty Things Chapter 5: Undercover, a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

His thoughts of Kensi. Little reminders of her bright beautiful smile, her goofy endearing laugh, even her piglet snores as she slept helped him live through the most excruciating pain of his life. After all, he'd promised not long ago he would never die on her in the line of duty. She was all he needed to keep going. Kensi of course found him and ultimately rescued him. Even though he lived through that horrid ordeal and hadn't betrayed Sam or Michelle, Deeks turned away from everyone. He did manage to relay to Kensi that it was her that helped him survive his torture.

But he still couldn't bear to be around her. He shied away in reclusion, locked in his dark apartment. He was haunted by the storm of his tortured and abusive childhood, and hopelessly confused by his jumbled feelings for Kensi. His days and nights were restless and sleep refused to come and grant him any relief. Not even Hetty's dire warning of losing his job or even being replaced as Kensi's partner slapped him out of his trauma.

He did muster up the energy to have a impromptu therapy session with Dr. Nate Getz on the beach, where he couldn't even follow through with his true passion; surfing. He had a nice chat with Nate, though. The good doctor turned out to be correct in his assumption.

That very evening, Kensi dropped by his apartment unexpectedly. Deeks still didn't want to face her, but something compelled him to open his door. The instant Kensi crossed his threshold, Deeks' personal storm finally subsided.

His partner came with yummy tidings of greasy junk food that routinely failed health inspections. But society's mores couldn't weigh down all this deliciousness. What more, Deeks discovered Kensi had also brought him his favorite pastry, the culinary phenomenon known as the cronut. But Deeks' heart fluttered at the fact that Kensi actually thought of buying him his very favorite treat. She did that just for him. It didn't matter that it had gone stale. She'd won him over.

Kensi clearly had no intention of having a short visit. She took off her boots and settled herself quite comfortably on his couch. She tried to convince her broken partner to watch a late-night horror movie with her. Deeks simply rested his head on a frilly pillow and listened to her drone on about the movie's plot.

The sound of her voice became soothing and comforting. It helped Deeks gently drift into slumber, surrendering to a vague dream about a love story. Words unknowingly slipped past his lips and reached Kensi's ears. He finally received the sleep he'd so desperately needed. Kensi stayed with him all through the night, greatly relieved he was going to be okay. It felt as though a powerful spell was cast on them right then and there.

But when morning sunshine faintly streamed through his thick curtains, it was time for Kensi to resume her job as an NCIS agent. Once Deeks managed to catch up on his sleep and place the pieces of his shattered life back together, he found himself returning to OSP and resumed his role as LAPD liaison. Kensi loyally continued on in her role as his partner and friend. She grew deeply concerned when Deeks began displaying unnecessary reckless behavior, a pattern that was deeply reminiscent of Jack when he'd suffered from PTSD.

Kensi strongly felt Deeks suffered from the same kind of problems post-torture. But the difference was that Deeks wasn't her lover.

For a while the spell that was cast between them that special night seemed to have broken. Even though they now shared a special, unspoken bond, they were nothing more than friends and partners.

But Deeks secretly or not so secretly wanted something more with Kensi. So after working a case in which he posed as a sex addict and she a nutritionist, Deeks - with his ever characteristic impulsiveness, casually invited Kensi out for tacos.

Only tacos turned out to be an expensive, intimately lit restaurant. All the glaring signs of a romantic date. Frustrated, Kensi accused her partner of still having poor communication skills. Out of options, Deeks switched to total honesty mode.

So was the smoldering stare she threw at him for saying that. Kensi could no longer ignore her feelings. Feelings that had grown more important than her personal vow to never become intimately involved with a partner. Before they made love on his bed, he gently revealed that he'd fallen in love with her. Even though Kensi wasn't able to vocalize her own feelings, she longingly welcomed him in.

But after a night of ignited passion, the seething tension unsurprisingly grew awkward by the next morning. Their dynamic at work changed overnight. Not long after this, some random bad guy held a gun to Kensi's head, causing Deeks to completely freeze up.

She harshly lashed out as this seemed to confirm that a relationship with Deeks was hopeless. She described her troubled confliction to him with a metaphor she learned in Sayoc.

You want it so bad, that you'll do anything to get it. Then your heart takes over. But because of that it destroys you in the end. It's right there just sitting in the middle of this frozen lake. And you think your fast enough to go out there and grab it before the ice cracks. Kensi ceremoniously gifted Deeks with her Sayoc knife. Even though she nonchalantly insisted that a knife was just a knife, it was a sacred blade that once belonged to her father.

A daddy's girl such as Kensi would never dream of giving this weapon to just any boy. Deeks was eventually fortunate enough to befriend a Gurkha soldier named Jemadar Thapa, a man who was connected to their latest case.

Not only was he good at stylishly slicing off the heads of his adversaries, he was also knowledgeable about how to cross metaphorical frozen lakes. In turn, Thapa was amazed Deeks found something truly redeeming in him, something he couldn't recognize in himself. Deeks managed to salvage the investigation by going undercover and regained his shooting mojo by flying a bullet right passed Kensi's own head to hit his mark. Poor Thapa wound up brutally tortured and shot in the process, but fortunately, he would recover and return home to his family.

Seemingly, Deeks and Kensi would recover, also. The ninja assassin finally spilled her guts as she reassured the detective they would get through this.

Deeks lightly and teasingly pressed her to verify what she was getting at. Slightly annoyed, but also obviously overjoyed, Kensi admitted to him publicly that they had "a thing. His relationship with his Kensalina was finally full steam ahead. Even though she was still admittedly fidgety over this latest relationship upgrade, he promised he would be patient with her as she crossed her frozen lake.

But they never got the chance to ride off into the sunset. While Deeks accompanied his new brother Thapa to the hospital, Hetty and Granger abruptly assigned Kensi to a classified mission overseas.

Hetty wouldn't permit the young agent to say goodbye to her partner. He was completely crushed by this heart sinking news.

Hot Zone Chapter 1: The Calm, a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

The familiar unfair reality of life struck him once again, and he was left to face the icy world alone with nothing but a handcrafted warrior blade to hold on to. Meanwhile, Kensiwith Granger by her side, was shipped to a hell here on earth: Kensi's own mission was to locate and ultimately take out a man known as the White Ghost, a Westerner who'd sold out his country to the Taliban. But Kensi suspected there was something shady about Sabatino. He was acting shifty, and it felt as though the whole task force was against her.

What more, the sniper Kensi replaced wound up brutally decapitated. Suffice to say, Kensi didn't appreciate Granger for not being forthcoming about that! At home, Deeks deeply pined for his ninja assassin. They spoke over a satellite phone on Christmas, thanks to a special arrangement from Hetty. They managed to chat occasionally on the internet whenever they could, and even sent each other selfies one time. Indulging in photos of each other and their teammates helped them pass the many lonely nights.

Kensi couldn't believe she actually found so much solace in Deeks' cheesy vacation photos. Photos she'd once mocked. Especially the one with the camel. Deeks found long distance relationships to deeply suck.

He tightly clung to her father's knife night and day, and even met the legendary assassin who crafted it and gave it to her father. Overall, Deeks honestly thought it was his fault that Kensi got shipped to Afghanistan because of their night together. Over the course of five months, Kensi began to suspect that Sabatino was the White Ghost, who in turn disabled her car and wandered off into the desert when she confronted him. He was the last man she'd expect to be a traitor, and the CIA wanted to collect his head.

With her whirlwind emotions welling up, Kensi refused to take him out. She put her own investigative skills to use by sneaking out of camp and getting herself captured by the Taliban in order to learn the truth about Jack. While she was their prisoner, she finally reunited with her ex for the first time in nine years. The Taliban held Jack prisoner along with Kensi when Jack failed to convince them to release her.

There Kensi learned Jack found inner peace in Afghanistan when he abandoned her all those Christmases ago. He converted to Islam and fell in love with and married an Afghani woman.

He was happy with her and their daughter, living the primitive tribal lifestyle. It finally gave him the peace he badly needed.

For Kensi it was heart-wrenching to hear how simply Jack had moved on, while his abandonment was a crushing blow to her for the longest time. Even though it happened nearly a decade ago, it still hurt. But there was much sadness when Jack brokenly added that his wife was killed in a drone strike, and his daughter was lost somewhere.

Furthermore, Jack wasn't some nefarious turncoat committing treason. The CIA wanted to recruit Jack, but he just wanted to be left alone with his tribe. The CIA viewed him as a liability. Kensi belatedly realized that was why she'd been deployed. Hetty wanted her to protect an old friend from Sabatino and the CIA.

But considering they'd both got captured by the Taliban, it seemed more likely that both their lives would come to a bloody end. The Taliban themselves tortured Kensi relentlessly. Taunting her, threatening to slowly slice off her head with a blood-stained machete.

For Deeks, things got increasingly worse when Kensi stopped contacting him, and even Technical Operator Eric Beale and Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones didn't seem to know how her op was going. It was now their mission to rescue her. It was a wonder to Deeks that his heart didn't stop beating right then and there.

The only thing that mattered was rescuing Kensi from the Taliban. He just kept telling himself she was still alive. She was too badass to die. Upon arriving at the dustball of a country, Deeks was tremendously offended when he was ordered to interrogate a blind Muslim cleric to collect theoretically crucial information about Kensi's whereabouts.

He'd much rather search for his girl himself, but he reluctantly did as he was told. Callen, Sam and Granger went out to search for Kensi in the mountains. It was the most frantic and devastating fifty-six hours in Deeks' life.

His Afganhi guide kept warning him that Afghanistan was a place that truly tried mens' souls. With the elderly cleric stubbornly uncooperative, and the team receiving a horrific photo of Kensi's throat slit and covered in blood, Deeks practically jumped over the edge.

Hetty's comment that the photo was highly suspect didn't give Deeks much assurance. Completely crazed and defying his own moral code, Deeks lashed out at the viciously sexist Muslim, water boarding him ruthlessly. Upon realizing what he was doing, he pulled himself back from the brink and calmed himself.

Collecting his shaky emotions and horrified by his own actions, Deeks, with the help of his interpreter, logically realized he needed a prisoner exchange. Deducing that the blind cleric was in fact the father of a influential Taliban leader in the region, Deeks immediately contacted Eric and Nell. Grabbing the nearest available chopper, and loosely forming his own plans on the fly, he rushed across the Afghan deserts as quickly as possible.

To his tremendous relief and astonishment the exchange actually worked. As Kensi and Jack were being traded at gunpoint, Deeks finally saw Kensi for the first time in five months.

He would never forget the sight of her beaten face and haunted eyes. Miraculously for Kensi, her team came through for her, especially her partner. She was shattered to pieces when she finally reunited with them. She and Jack went their separate ways.

As it turned out, Sabatino wanted to safely get Jack back to the US all along. Deeks was a little choked up by the sight of the two exes together, but he was finally reunited with his partner.

They shared an emotional reunion. She found herself breaking down in his arms. It was so unlike her to be this broken and vulnerable, but Deeks loyally soothed her. He tenderly whispered they were going home.

She was finally going home with him. Upon returning to LA, they didn't exactly pick up where they left off. He more than understood she needed some personal space. Just like he did after his torture from Sidorov. He'd been where she was.

They slowly returned to their usual work ethics as partners. But their personal relationship was in doubt. When they had to investigate an unscrupulous NCIS agent named Paul Angelo, for betraying the agency by falling in love with a woman who happened to be the wife of the smuggler he was investigating, it hit pretty close to home. Falling in love with the wrong woman ruined that agent's life and career. His relationship with her was over, and she was going to be shipped off to prison where he would likely never see her again.

This forced Kensi and Deeks to face the harsh possibility that their "thing" could bring down disastrous consequences. Or at least cost them their jobs. And not only their jobs, but their lives and even their precious friendship. They found themselves engrossed with a deep metaphor about three hearts, something the disgraced agent purposefully tried to brain-tease them with. The second heart, only your family gets to see that. Your family and the person put on this earth to walk by your side.

But that third heart is the thing. Never let anyone see it. There's too much truth inside. She saw yours didn't she? This is not going to end well.

Truthfully, his third heart had been heavy for quite some time. He decided to finally listen to it and consciously returned her father's knife. They both knew this step back was the right decision for the sake of their jobs and partnership. But it didn't make it any less hurtful. There was yet another metaphor they'd heard that day in regards to the supposedly confounding mating rituals of raccoons. Through that, Deeks wanted Kensi to know how he viewed her.

She used her father's knife to slice open the top of the mystery box she'd given him the previous year. The box he was so afraid to open. She left him alone to see what was inside. He opened it and found - yet another cardboard box. But despite reversing their partnership back to where it was before their desirable night together, which felt so impossibly long ago Kensi's "thing" with Deeks still longingly lingered.

It was tough having to pose as lovers when it was required by their jobs. A catty woman whose blunt statement of the obvious and tendency to go for the jugular didn't make things simple on Kensi's warring feelings for Deeks. But they'd reached an understanding after Kensi roughly headbutted Talia, and she in turn gave Kensi a bloody lip. But somehow, Talia helped Kensi to straighten out her relationship with Deeks.

They found themselves growing closer than ever and were now practically inseparable. They still had their TV and movie nights, and falling asleep on either her couch or his had become a natural occurrence. They'd become so close that the word "partners" felt somehow wrong to describe their relationship. They'd both survived so much anguish, and it seemed merely by thinking about each other they could emotionally and psychically overcome anything.

For Kensi, she could no longer deny wanting the man who'd tenderly gave her a shoulder to cry on when she was forced to relive the trauma of Afghanistan. He knew an embarrassing plethora of her secrets. Little things ranging from her desire to grow homegrown oregano, despite her penchant for killing the most simple of house plants to her top-secret hiding places for her precious Twinkies.

As well as her abhorrence for liver. He knew that her childhood crush was Joey McIntyre, and that Titanic was her absolute favorite movie. He even somehow knew her favorite color was cornflower blue. He also knew where she kept her secret bridal magazine collection.

Kensi was embarrassed that her most overt feminine aspects were this openly transparent to him. But Deeks adored this softer, lacy, lady side of his kickass Kensalina. He wasn't even scared to admit he loved it.

But most of all he knew something that the rest of the team didn't.

kensi and deeks relationship fanfiction fifty

Hetty'd informed him about it a couple of years back when Kensi was dealing with her issues regarding the troubled manic pixie dream girl Astrid. Deeks knew that once Kensi was a homeless teenager on the unforgiving streets of LA after her beloved father died. It was the most horrible time of her life. He didn't know all of the heartbreaking details, but someday Kensi badly wanted to muster up the courage to open that part of her life to him.

She felt she could trust him. As she once said, she'd trust him with everything. But she wanted to take her time. With Christmas fast approaching, Deeks and Kensi were glad they weren't literally worlds apart like the previous year.

Like any good field agents with ambiguous romantic sparks, they agreed to spend Christmas up at Mammoth to go snowboarding. The partners sealed the deal with a high-five. But being dragged through a case involving Callen's girlfriend Joelle Taylor, and the bothersome lingering question of how work and a love story could fit together left the partners rather restless. Finally while skating with Deeks on the city ice rink, a frozen lake Kensi decided what she wanted their relationship to be.

Warmly reaching out for his hand, she revealed to him she wanted to be bold. She specifically wanted to be bold with him, and agreed to put all the chips on the table. She wanted to be all in. G Callen would be a dead man. The death glare isn't coming from Deeks, however - it's his girlfriend that has taken aim upon the senior agent.

She knew it would only take a short amount of time for him to get over the trauma of their undercover assignment and start making light of the situation. What she didn't realize until after the case was closed was that he noticed her hesitation. That word alone makes her shudder. It can be the difference between life and death for them if it happens at the wrong time. God, she hates how he can read her mind. I did not hesitate, for one thing.

And secondly, shouldn't you be happy that I didn't want to kiss him? Tossing her bag in her chair, Kensi ignores her own stack of paperwork that goes flying from the sudden gust of air.

She turns to face Sam and Callen, her eyes indignant and her mouth tight. How would you react? Long before you were together," Sam continues his heckling.

The air around him had changed as soon as Callen mentioned the op she hesitated, no A thought crossed my mind and I paused for maybe two seconds. It was pretty bad. He says they're too closely related to vegetables. I leaned in and somehow it felt wrong because all I could think about was," she flails her hand in the direction of Deeks, "him!

Are you happy now? Without uttering a word, he shoves his hands in his pockets and storms away from the bullpen. She watches him walk away, a little confused but mostly angry at herself. That is certainly not the way she should have made that declaration Callen pinches his thumb and forefinger together. I told you it was because of Deeks. I shouldn't have called her out about lying. But it was just so obvious," Sam says, disgusted with himself. She'll give them a piece of her mind later.

Sure enough, when she peeks through the armory door, he's standing at the far right stall with a Sig in his hand and a Smith and Wesson on the counter in front of him. It's odd, she thinks, for him to practice with both.

Perhaps he's just better preparing himself for the next time someone gives his spare away. She watches as he takes his frustration out on the paper body target, releases the magazine from the Sig, and places them down gently in front of him. She takes that as his cue that he's ready to talk.